Respawn Finally Puts Out Patch To Fix Apex Legends PC Crashing

Apex Legends got a new patch on Tuesday that should dramatically cut down on the number of crashes on PC.

Respawn Finally Puts Out Patch To Fix Apex Legends PC Crashing

Respawn has implemented a new system with the latest patch that should dramatically cut down on PC crashes.

Apex Legends has been pretty good as far as bugs are concerned, but it was far from perfect. Some PC gamers reported consistent crashes throughout their games, which can be a huge pain for teammates as it means they’re suddenly down a member due to a bug.

But hopefully, that should go away after the latest patch which dropped last Tuesday. Respawn implemented a new capture system that will write a text file with all pertinent information after Apex Legends' crashes. The file is apex_crash.txt, which gets written to your My Documents folder after every crash.

Information on the new system was posted to the Apex Legends subreddit yesterday to inform players how it works. If a player experiences a crash that kills the game, then they’re encouraged to head to the official Apex Legends forums to report the bug and post up their apex_crash.txt file. Then, a Respawn rep will take a look and compile it with other crash reports.


The system is already paying dividends, according to Respawn. "One of the issues appeared to be caused by one part of the program changing memory used by another part,” wrote Jayfresh_Respawn on Reddit. “These bugs are the most difficult to find!"

Apex Legends Crash
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While the latest patch squashes bugs and this new system will make it easier for Respawn to find more (and kill them), the developer admits there’s still work to be done. There is still a nagging “out-of-memory” issue that has yet to be solved, and there are other, non-crash related bugs that Respawn is still trying to track down.

One known issue is a bug that caps the frame rate at 144 frames per second when it should be capped at 300. This is hardly a huge issue as there are very few PC rigs that can run Apex at 144 frames per second, and even hitting that bugged cap is generally more frames that the human brain can comprehend, but some PC gamers get really upset whenever there’s a cap.

There might also be other bugs that Respawn hasn’t even identified. If you experience a crash on PC, post your crash report on the official Apex Legends forums and help Respawn get it fixed!


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