If Aladdin And Lion King Can Get A Remaster, Mickey Mania (And These Other 90s Games) Should Too

The era of the remake and remaster has officially arrived in the video game world. Final Fantasy, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, all of them and more have been subject to being re-released and enjoyed incredible amounts of success. However, what some developers have proved is that a game doesn't necessarily need to be completely overhauled in order to be re-released. The reaction to news that 2D Disney classics The Lion King and Aladdin are making a comeback is proof of that.

As is demonstrated by the trailer above, very little about the games has been changed. The graphics have been slightly improved, and we will now have the opportunity to fast forward through the game if we get stuck. Why Disney didn't use that monkey level from The Lion King to demonstrate that element in the ad is a mystery.

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What fills us with more hope than anything else about the reveal of these two re-releases is that they will be bundled together when they go on sale. Not just that, but as you can see from the picture below, the double pack has been labeled "Disney Classic Games." To us, that label implies this will be the first of many remastered video games from Disney. We mean, the movie side of the studio is currently making billions (literally) from remakes, so why wouldn't it try to do the same with games?

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If we are on the cusp of a tidal wave of Disney video game remakes, we have a few requests for what we would like to see next should Aladdin and The Lion King do well.

First and foremost, Mickey Mouse should definitely be getting in on the action, and his first foray into the remaster universe needs to be Mickey Mania, without question. The game allowed players to take a tour of the world's most famous mouse's rich history, starting all the way back during his Steamboat Willie days. Those of you who played the game on PlayStation 1 will likely know Mickey Mania better as Mickey's Wild Adventure.

If the plan is to pair re-released games up as Disney has done with The Lion King and Aladdin, then surely a Pixar bundle has to have at least been discussed. Remastered versions of the original Toy Story games, the first on SNES and Sega Genesis and the second on the next generation of consoles, would have us knocking on Disney's door with a sack full of money. Alternatively, we'd also be okay with one of the two Toy Story games being paired with A Bug's Life, as that game ate away at a lot of hours during our childhood too.

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The list of Disney games we would love to see make a return on today's consoles goes on and on. Hercules, The Jungle Book, Tarzan. Bundle them up and send them our way, please. However, there are some that should remain forever in the past. Anyone remember the Beauty and the Beast video game? How about The Little Mermaid? Probably not. Plus, if you do, chances are you haven't been itching to play them again for the past two decades. Some Disney classics are better left on the big screen.

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This time last month, we never would have thought The Lion King and Aladdin would be remade and repackaged for today's gamers. We now feel as if the only thing limiting our remaster wishes is our imagination. We'd honestly like to see Nickolodeon get in on the action and remaster the classic Rugrats: Search For Reptar. Plus, if Crash and Spyro can get remakes, why can't Croc? We get that the little reptile wasn't quite as popular as his bandicoot and dragon cousins, but surely there is a place for him on the gaming scene in 2020.

We get that we're probably getting a little ahead of ourselves, but we're just excited. For now, we'll get back to eagerly awaiting the release of the Lion King and Aladdin bundle. We now have less than two months to wait. Beyond that, we now believe anything is possible on the remaster front.

Don't let us down, Disney.

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