In REZPLZ, Dying Is Part Of The Adventure!

REZPLZ is a co-op puzzle platform with a hilariously novel death mechanic.

REZPLZ is a co-op puzzle platform with a hilariously novel death mechanic. In order to traverse the five evil wizard's keeps of Dark Arcanum, pyromancer brothers Zeph and Arcan will need to kill each other, over, and over, and over again.

Zeph and Arcan or more like pyromancers-in-training when the game begins, but their training grounds are immediately overrun with bad guys before they are able to master their craft. Luckily, the brother are armed with a Resurrection scroll that allows them to bring each other back from the dead as many times as they want. Death is a part of life, but in REZPLZ, death is the key to winning.

The adorably rendered pixel-art style may at first trick you into thinking REZPLZ is sweet and innoncent, a notion you will be disuaded from as soon as Zeph points a spell at his brother Arcan and makes him explode into big bloody chucks. Death is played for laughs in REZPLZ because, like Deadpool, you know everyone's going to be fine. Every time one of the brothers blows up, gets crushed, impaled, or otherwise brutally murdered you are guaranteed to have a very confusing smile on your face.

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The game can be played single player, switching between the brothers to solve puzzles, but it's really meant for a team of two as the platforming will flow better and the deaths will be that much funnier. When one of the brothers dies, their body is left stinking and rotting even after being resurrected. Players will use their own dead bodies as a platform to cross deadly pits, as a weight to press switches, and in many other inventive ways. If you get stuck in REZPLZ, a good first thing to do is to kill yourself.

REZPLZ is being developed by a pair of real life brothers from Portland, Oregon under the development company Long Neck Games. They plan to have the game available on Steam in quarter 1 of 2020. If you join their discord, you can play a free demo of REZPLZ and get in on the action right now. REZPLZ will be featured at PAX West in Seattle later this month.

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