As Rick And Morty Prepare To Invade D&D, The Mortymobile Rises

For some reason, Adult Swim decided to partner with a carsharing company and make a Mazda3 with Morty screaming on the roof.


TV. Cars. D&D. Nothing is safe from the onslaught of Rick and Morty marketing. Absolutely. Nothing.

First, it was an ad for Death Stranding where Rick wanted to eat the baby in a jar that kept him safe. Then it was a Dungeons & Dragons box-set expansion where Rick plays a mad wizard while Morty and his family have to do… something? It's not all that clear since Morty’s family is typically incapable of doing anything to stop Rick’s designs.

And now it’s a car. Yes, Adult Swim has created the official Mortymobile, which bears the likeness of the loveable sap on the roof of a car. Screaming. Because what else would Morty be doing on the roof of a car but scream at the top of his lungs?

via Turo

"Introducing the Mortymobile — Adult Swim’s latest creation to provide fans of the hit show," writes Adult Swim in their press release. The car is made in collaboration with Turo, a carsharing company where you can rent out your unused ride for someone else to get groceries in. Because cars shouldn’t just sit on your driveway in 2019 — they should be making you mad bank, yo.

This monstrosity was unveiled at the Adult Swim Festival, which runs from November 15th to 16th in downtown Los Angeles. It will then go on a national tour to promote the start of Season 4 of Rick & Morty, which debuted on November 10th.

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We don't know which cities are on this tour as Adult Swim declined to say. We'll find out later in 2020. Or maybe not at all.

If you were expecting this to be a collaboration with Mazda to showcase their latest and greatest family hatchback, you'd be wrong. The Mortymobile is based on a humble 2010 Mazda3. We don't know how many miles are on this thing, but it's bound to be quite a few.

via Turo

And it will only get more miles after the national tour. Especially since folks can rent the Mortymobile and drive it themselves. All you gotta do is download the Turo app and find the Mortymobile. Then book it for your next run to the mall, or whatever.

Since the car is one-of-a-kind creation, there are a few provisos. First, you gotta be 30 years or older, which is quite a bit more than the usual age limit of 25 for renting a car. Also, you have to pass a security check and make a security deposit. Adult Swim is evidently taking no chances with the Mortymobile's safety.

Truly, we live in the darkest of timelines.

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