Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Rick And Morty Are Coming To Rocket League

Rick, Morty, and many more characters are coming to Rocket League as decorations.

It’s not a third season, but we’ll take it: Rick and Morty is coming to Rocket League as part of the game’s 2nd anniversary update.

The announcement came today after Psyonix posted on the Rocket League webpage, announcing the two titular characters would be available as a series of after match items, thanks to a collaboration between the development studio and Adult Swim.

The popular cartoon characters, and a series of their friends and supporting characters, will be available as a series of customization items dropped after a match is completed. The set will include Rick and Morty as antennas, Cromulon, Mr. Meeseeks, and Mr. PBH as toppers, an interdimensional rocket boost, and Sanchez DC-137 wheels. The Cromulon topper can drop as a painted item as well.

Via: rocketleague.com

This is one of many new sets of items that Rocket League players can expect to be included in the 2nd Anniversary update. Psyonix has also featured a new arena, new season four rewards, and new crates that will be featured in the update, slated for release on July 5th.

It’s awesome to see Rick and Morty appearing in anything these days, but one of gaming’s most well known and competitive series featuring the duo and a few of the series favorite characters is a welcome addition. Rocket League was a smash hit when it was released on consoles and PC; it’s popularity skyrocketing as it was featured as one of July 2015’s “free” Playstation Plus offerings. The community, both for online amateurs and esports professionals, is going stronger than ever thanks to Psyonix continually updating and adding new content to the game. It’s also refreshing to see such quality content be part of an anniversary download, free of charge. One of the reasons Rocket League has become as popular as it is, is due to the amount of fresh, free content that is pumped into the game on a near constant basis. Not that all Rocket League content has been free; the game has featured numerous DLC packs in the past containing exclusive items and cars. Most likely there will still be paid DLC offerings in the future, but for now, Rick and Morty is for everyone.

Look for exclusive Rick and Morty items to drop post match come Rocket League’s 2nd Anniversary update on July 5th.

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