You Can Ride A Freaking Dragon In DEEEER Simulator

If you've ever wanted to be a deer with super powers riding a fire-breathing dragon, well now you can be.

If you've ever wanted to be a deer with super powers riding a fire-breathing dragon, well now you can be. In DEEEER Simulator, (four Es) an upcoming Steam game from NASPAPA GAMES, you can live out your wildest deer fantasies in an open-world, low-poly "slow-life town destruction game."

The titular deeeer isn't your average cervid either. This hoofed ruminant mammal has some incredible abilities, including attaching to vehicles and swinging through the city like a Spider-Man with antlers (Spider-Deer?) and standing up on two legs to run fast like a freak. Watching the trailer for DEEEER Simulator is akin taking acid while under the effects of brain trauma, but like in a good way.

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During the surge of banal life-sim games that flooded the PC market a few years ago, a game called Goat Simulator came out that satirized the genre by letting players wreak havok as a mischievous wether (that's what male goats are called). DEEEER Simulator looked at Goat Simulator and said "hold my salt lick."

If you thought swinging from tree to tree with a long stretchy neck was weird wait until you see the mech-suit made out of tigers and rhinos or the cow that can fly around using milk jets from its udders to propel itself. I've watched the trailer 4 times and I'm still seeing crazy stuff my mind can't seem to comprehend. At one point a hippo with penguins for legs opened its mouth to reveal a mini-gun in its throat. A lot of games try to be edgy and out there but DEEEER Simulator seems to have something really sincere. Maybe it's the way you an run around on top of a balled up raccoon like a fever-dream Glover.

Deeeer Simulator will be exhibited to the public for the first time at PAX West next month. The game ran a successful Kickstarter campaign back in March, collecting ¥580,000 on a goal of ¥500,000 (a modest $5,000 in US dollars) and has a planned release date of December 2019. The developer, Keisuke Abe, is a 24 year old recent grad from Japan. His dream is to make a game that will be enjoyed thoroughly by 760 million people. It's a lofty goal to be certain, but by putting tanks driven by polar bears in the game, he's definitely on the right track.

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