25 Ridiculous Mistakes In Disney Movies Only True Fans Noticed

It’s not hard to think of Disney as a perfect company. Their movies are memorable and gave us wonderful characters, music, and more. The first film that was officially released is 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Back then, it was incredible with the animation. Nowadays, the movie is outdated. With current movies like Zootopia and Moana, Disney is improving in storytelling, characters, music, and animation.

As much as we love Disney, sometimes we have to take a doubletake on what we see. Like innuendos we usually don’t get as a child, coming back to Disney movies when older shows us that even Disney makes mistakes. These mistakes can range from animation, plot inconsistencies, or adding in something that does not take place in the movies’ original timeline. Even though they might not be that noticeable, true fans can inspect every detail of any Disney movie that they probably know a lot more than casual Disney fans.

Sometimes we wonder how the animators can overlook this since we consider Disney to be a masterpiece when it comes to their movies. But hey, nobody’s perfect and as long as they are not obvious, then they can pass from their silly errors. It’s guaranteed that there will be some small errors in future movies, but it doesn’t stop us from loving Disney movies so much. For now, let’s have some laughs at discovering their funny blunders.

Here’s a look at twenty-five crazy mistakes from Disney films that only true fans noticed.

25 Where'd They Go?

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“Kiss the Girl” is an extremely popular song from The Little Mermaid. The atmosphere is romantic, and we were anticipating Eric to finally make a move on Ariel. The scene is nearly perfect, except for one teensy error.

There is a moment where the oars Eric was using disappeared.

When he was trying to guess Ariel’s name, they are nowhere to be seen. What’s scary is that they don’t come back for the rest of the song. How will they get back to the castle?

24 Architectural Change

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Aladdin is a thrilling movie with action, gorgeous scenery, and fantastically written characters. The animation is simply top notch as well. Once we saw the royal palace for the first time, it was beautifully drawn and it fits in perfectly at day or night.

Throughout the movie, the palace’s dome suddenly changed shape. Originally, the dome is round, but once the Arabian Nights song took its course, the dome changed into an oval shape. Either way you look at it, the palace is still gorgeous.

23 What Time Is It?

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One of the few Pixar films appearing on this list, Monsters, Inc. has an interesting concept of using doors to travel through different worlds where the monsters come by to scare children. Easily one of the best moments in the film is the climax, as it is exciting and thrilling to watch.

However, there were inconsistencies when the main trio and villain travel through different parts of the world. Strangely enough, Tokyo, Paris, and Hawaii took place at daytime and nighttime for Nepal and Florida.

22 Hard To Join

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Pocahontas is one of the more unique Disney movies regarding its vastly different art style and graceful animation. While this movie is not exactly a success compared to the juggernaut The Lion King, Pocahontas is not the worst Disney film of all time.

This error occurs when Pocahontas is with her friend Nakoma are holding hands. We know they are, but for some strange reason, their shadows weren’t. It is a difficult process in animation, but the blunder is noticeable for a few seconds.

21 Missing Coat

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The Rescuers is a gem released in 1977 that would get a sequel that performed miles better from animation and characters, but it was criminally underrated. The mice duo are likable characters and make the adventure thrilling but at home at the same time.

Throughout the movie, there was a moment where Bianca removed her jacket, but in the next scene, it came out of nowhere as if she never removed it to begin with.

20 Magic Telephone

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Lilo & Stitch is a heartwarming movie that has themes that are really personal and realistic regarding two sisters who lost their parents. To keep the Disney element we know and love, Lilo would not have a memorable partner if Stitch was not in the movie.

Even though the movie features a wonderful art style of using watercolor backgrounds, there are still some slipups that made their way into the film. For example, when Nani was buying Stitch at a local animal shelter, there was no sign of a telephone attached to the wall, but then it appeared a few seconds later.

19 That's Some Jewelry

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There has been a recurring theme going on with these entries, and you guessed it, it has to do with items disappearing and reappearing on a character or in a background. The Princess and the Frog is another one of those films to have this issue.

This part occurs when Tiana watches her friend Charlotte dances at her party. Her golden earrings suddenly disappeared, but in the next shot, they came back as if nothing happened. Otherwise, this movie is still wonderful.

18 How'd They Get This?

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Sleeping Beauty might not be a strong fairy tale retold by Disney, but the side characters and villains are what make the movie work. While there are some errors that are worth talking about that involve animation mishaps, for this entry, we’ll be referring to inconsistencies.

What did Sleeping Beauty do wrong?

Fireworks were set off near the end of the movie, but fireworks were not made until the sixteenth century. The movie takes place around the fourteenth century, so there is something off about using inventions from the future.

17 Chameleon Shirt

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Big Hero 6 is one of the rarer Disney films to not focus on fairy tales, but instead take on the Marvel comic of the same name. It is a refreshing take on being a superhero film while dealing with loss and overcoming it.

By the time Hiro meets Callahan, he has a blue shirt on. When he asks the young teen for his robot, his shirtsleeve changed to red. We would later get a full shot of Callahan wearing a blue shirt.

16 How Can They Mess This Up?

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Wreck-It-Ralph gave us an awesome movie of video game characters, both in real life and movie-only, what they do outside their games. More so focusing on the villains, it is a lot of fun watching them interact.

However, it seems someone at Disney did not do their homework for one villain.

Kano from Mortal Kombat is featured, but he is speaking with an American accent when he should have an Australian accent. Fans of the iconic fighting game were probably puzzled when they heard his voice.

15 Clock Issues

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Peter Pan is a timeless classic originating from England and the Disney movie features whimsical moments. It was awestruck to see Wendy and her two brothers fly with the help of pixie dust from Tinker Bell and being with Peter helped them enjoy their inner childhoods.

When they made it to Big Ben, there was one part that made us scratch our heads.

Basically, they landed on the minute hand of Big Ben and forced it to the quarter past position, making the clock chime the hour when it should only chime the quarter-hour instead.

14 Traded Earlier

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One of the darkest Disney films is without a doubt 1996’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Being an adaptation from the Victor Hugo novel, the movie does a great job in showing the dark elements, but not too dark since it is Disney after all. It took risks and the film should be more appreciated.

The inconsistency in this movie takes place when Quasimodo gets hit with tomatoes.

The movie takes place way before Europeans discovered the fruit. This scene was out of place to begin with since the people randomly ganged up on the poor protagonist.

13 Present Or Past?

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Pixar’s The Incredibles is a fantastic movie brought to us by Brad Bird, who also gave us The Iron Giant in the late 90s. The film has a setting of the 1960s with some modern updates. It is rather confusing as to when exactly this movie takes place, and even the movie itself is confused.

In Mr. Incredible’s office, there was a newspaper called Newtropolis Tribune with the headline "Incredible Rescue At Sea" being dated on September 14, 2003. The film takes place around 1962, so it makes our head hurt to see confusing dates.

12 The Power of Telepathy

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Here is The Little Mermaid again, but this mistake can be missed since it takes place during the climax of the movie. Ariel got her voice back and she, along with Eric, are in the water where Ursula has taken Triton’s trident and became stronger.

Before she rose out of the water, Ariel and Eric exchanged dialogue, but their lips were not moving. It is funny to think that they were using telepathy to talk, but this error could have been easily avoided if the animators did a doubletake on editing.

11 Apparently A Time Traveler

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Being the first feature film by Walt Disney, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a strong debut for what would become one of the most recognizable animation studios of all time. This error has to do with something that did not exist in the fairy tale’s timeline.

Grumpy is seen playing the piano, but the instrument did not exist at the time. The movie arguably takes place during the thirteenth century so either the dwarfs are time travelers, or the movie crew did not do their research properly.

10 Predicting The Future

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Just like the previous entry, this is a focus on creations that did not exist in the movie’s time. Regardless, Beauty and the Beast is one of the best Disney films to date. While there are issues that are hidden, it doesn’t stop the film from being beautiful and strong.

In the “Be Our Guest” segment, the song features the Eiffel Tower and while it is a nice reference to French culture, the iconic tower did not exist until the late nineteenth century. The movie takes place around the seventeenth century, so it is rather inconsistent.

9 Appears When Convenient

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Frozen took the crown for being the highest grossing film in animation of all time and rightfully deserves it. It went back to the Disney roots, yet added in modern elements to help find an audience.

This error involves the villain Hans.

While Elsa could not control her powers due to her emotional stress, Hans tries to calm her down to make sure she lets her guard down. After telling her that she offed her sister Anna, Hans took the time to end her life as well. At first, Hans did not have a sheath as well as his sword, but when he was about to attack Elsa, they appeared out of nowhere.

8 Could Use More Spellcheck

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If there is one animation studio that was destined to adapt Alice in Wonderland, Disney was the perfect one to do so. The 1951 film is whimsical but filled with madness, which makes for an entertaining but trippy ride. There are some issues that could have been prevented and this instance is rather embarrassing.

The opening credits literally misspelled the author’s name.

Lewis Carroll’s name is, unfortunately, one letter short missing. His last name is instead spelled as “Carrol.” That is pretty embarrassing.

7 She's Fast

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Cinderella is that type of movie where we are simply aware that it’s a fairy tale. Cinderella worked so hard to make sure that her evil stepmother and two stepsisters are satisfied, but they are cruel to her. Thankfully, she gets her happy ending she rightfully deserves with Prince Charming.

One slip up occurred at the end of the movie where she gets married. We see her in a long-sleeved wedding dress, but when Cinderella arrives in the carriage, she magically got on a short-sleeved dress.

6 Wrong Country

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Next up is Mulan, and the movie is revolutionary for having an amazing female protagonist and with the live-action remake in the works, fans have adored Fa Mulan for nearly two decades. There are concerns which result in the most embarrassing overlooked errors in animation period.

There is a moment where a medic tent has a Japanese flag instead of a Chinese one. It might not have been shown for a good amount of time, but it is spooky to think that a mistake like this got glossed over.

5 Which One Is It?

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Hercules might not have been a huge hit for Disney standards, but it has catchy music and an underrated villain. One of the memorable characters is the sassy and independent Megara. She is a damsel who is in distress, but she has an interesting backstory.

Animations mistakes are pretty common in this movie, and one example is that Meg’s eyes would change from purple to blue. Her canon eye color is purple, but it is puzzling how there are times where her eye color is different in rare occurrences.

4 Where's The Reflection?

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Toy Story 2 defied expectations for being a fantastic follow-up to an already great movie. Critics and fans everywhere loved the movie when it came out and it is essentially a perfect movie.

Even a perfect movie has its small flaws.

It was pretty obvious that it shocked us how it was forgotten. You see, Ham and Rex were standing in front of a television, but their reflections are not shown. They might be toys, but wouldn’t it be scary of them to not have their mirrored images?

3 He's Free, Sort Of

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This scene in Tangled is one of the most heartbreaking since we thought that Flynn was not going to make it after Mother Gothel attacked him with a knife. Seeing Rapunzel try to sing her song to heal him added the crushing impact.

When Flynn caressed Rapunzel’s face, there was something a bit off. Just as he chopped her hair, his shackles were gone. In his defense, the scene was really sad that we were probably tearing u during the scene.

2 Another Color Changing

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As the title of this entry suggests, we have another awesome female character whose eyes tend to change color. The awesome and lovely Nala is mostly seen with blue eyes, but in some scenes, her eyes change to green.

Is there some animator that didn’t get the memo? While it blue and green are similar colors, it is strange to see a subtle change come into play. Then again, we were mostly focused on the movie to worry too much about Nala’s eye color changing.

1 Transparent Hair

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Frozen is here again with their errors subtly making their way into the final cut. What else can go wrong this time? The “Let it Go” segment is easily one of the best parts of the movie due to Elsa’s amazing vocals coming to play and finally being able to be free.

Once she built her castle and let her hair free, her hair literally went through her shoulder.

It does look normal at first glance, but when you slow down the part, you will see Disney’s most surprising and crazy mishaps in animation.

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