25 Ridiculous Mistakes In Dragon Ball Super Only True Fans Noticed

Given Akira Toriyama’s history of inconsistent storytelling and writing, it’s no surprise that Dragon Ball Super has quite a few mistakes. In fact, this show may have the most inconsistencies out of all the Dragon Ball related series. This is the result of the writers forgetting certain details or lack of communication within the team. It’s also a sign that certain aspects of the show were rushed due to time constraints or deadlines. It’s something that can happen to anyone but seems to happen to Dragon Ball more often than not.

The mistakes on this list vary from minor discrepancies to total headscratchers. Some of these will make you question whether Toei Animation had any proofreaders for the scripts. At times, they contradict facts and rules set back during the original Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z shows. Not a good sign when your sequel doesn’t even consider established lore from the previous entries. If they wanted to do a retcon, then the writers should’ve been more clear about those intentions. But it seems more like an honest mistake than an actual rewrite of the older episodes.

The following is a list of twenty-five mistakes from Dragon Ball Super. This isn’t a comprehensive list as there are bound to more instances of inconsistencies not covered here. However, there are bound to be several mistakes fans wouldn’t have noticed during a casual watching of the show. Which makes sense, as we don’t watch a TV series with the intention of finding faults or issues. That being said, they become harder to ignore when looking at the show in greater detail.

25 Beerus Is A Liar

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Early in Dragon Ball Super, Beerus claims to have made the dinosaurs on Earth extinct. Of course, the reality is that there are indeed many dinosaurs present in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. It’s unclear why Beerus would make such an outrageous claim, surely he would’ve seen some dinosaurs when he came to Earth.

There are some possible explanations other than writer oversight. Beerus might have tried to exterminate the dinosaurs and missed a couple. That would suit his lazy personality. It’s also possible that the dinosaurs were regenerated Jurassic Park style. Whatever the reason, Beerus should be careful with what he says.

24 Vegeta’s Gravity Struggles

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In Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta trains at over 400 times the regular Earth gravity. In Dragon Ball Super, he trains at 150 times the normal gravity and seems to struggle with it. After training at such high levels, this should’ve been fairly easy for him.

This could be a clear case of forgetful writing. It’s possible that the writers weren’t paying attention to the specific details from Dragon Ball Z. Still, all they needed to do was turn the 150 into 450 and everything would be fine.

23 New Geography

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Initially, Dragon Ball had its own unique geography. The image above is what the Dragon Ball world is supposed to look like. One massive landmass with a few smaller islands surrounding it.

There’s nothing wrong with having a fictional world map in a fictional show, in fact, it's quite normal.

However, Dragon Ball Super seems to be based on the continents and size of the actual Earth. It’s strange that they would change how the world is shaped. There was no reason to do so as the world of Dragon Ball was fine the way it was.

22 The Hair Of Bulma And Future Trunks

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This pair had numerous hair changes throughout the show. Their hair color in the manga was purple, for the most part. However, Bulma’s hair was changed to blue in the anime. You’d expect Trunks to have to have the same color, but they gave him purple hair.

In Dragon Ball Super, they tried to fix things by giving both Bulma and Future Trunks blue hair. The only problem is that kid Trunks in the present timeline still has purple hair. Which makes no sense since he should have the same hair color as Bulma and Future Trunks.

21 Krillin’s Height

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For some reason, Krillin’s height keeps changing. Sometimes he’s almost as tall as his wife, Android 18. Other times, he’s barely taller than his 7-year-old daughter. This animation error dates back to Dragon Ball Z.

Now, it’s possible this mistake has turned into an intentional inside joke for the show. Krillin’s constantly changing height is a feat to behold and is one of the more unique powers a Dragon Ball character has.

20 Bulma’s Age

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Bulma celebrates her 38th birthday in Dragon Ball Super, but that shouldn’t be possible. That would make her younger than Goku. However, Bulma has always been older than the Saiyan. Even though Goku has spent several years in Other World (where people don’t age), he should still be younger.

It’s easy to understand why this mistake could happen. Ages aren’t often mentioned in Dragon Ball, so it’s possible the writers weren’t aware of this fact. Another theory could be that Bulma is purposefully lying about her age.

19 Characters Don’t Grow

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Goten and Trunks appear to be the same as they were in Dragon Ball Z. They are about 5 years older now, so they should age a little more. At the very least, make them a bit taller. In some scenes, they actually appear to be smaller.

The worst offender is Marron, Krillin’s daughter.

She still looks similar to how she looked in Dragon Ball Z. Sometimes, she looks smaller than before because of the poor animation and art quality. It’s jarring to see, but a hilarious mistake.

18 Frieza Sensing God Ki

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It’s been stated numerous times that God Ki can’t be sensed by those who can’t use it. That’s why no one was able to sense Goku’s Ki during the Battle of Gods arc. However, Frieza seems to be able to sense such energy.

At first, Frieza wasn’t even able to sense energy, but that would’ve been easy to learn. But it doesn’t make sense for him to be able to sense God Ki when he isn’t able to use it himself. It’s a contradiction but likely arose due to plot convenience.

17 Vegito’s Clothes

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With Potara fusion, the clothes of the end product are supposed to be some combination of the people involved. That’s why Vegito’s clothes are the way they are in Dragon Ball Z. It’s a “fusion” of Goku and Vegeta’s clothes.

When they fuse in Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta is wearing is his Saiyan armor. Yet, Vegito still has the same attire as Dragon Ball Z, when Vegeta had regular clothes on. It would’ve been cool to see the designers work in the Saiyan armor into Vegeta’s design.

16 They Could’ve Used The Super Dragon Balls

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The Super Dragon Balls have the power to restore entire universes. Not just one, as Super Shenron is able to restore every single universe erased by Zeno after the Tournament of Power.

Which raises the question, why didn’t they use the Super Dragon Balls to restore Trunk’s destroyed future?

It should be child’s play for Super Shenron since he's able to revive several universes and everything in them. They could’ve avoided having Trunks go to another timeline and co-exist with another version of himself.

15 Why Stop At Frieza?

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It was a big shock when Frieza joined the Universe 7 Squad for the Tournament of Power. However, why didn’t the recruit other powerful fighters? Why was Frieza the limit? We could've had guys like Pikkon and Cell.

The Otherworld is also part of the universe, so the people living there would also be willing to fight. There were plenty of better fighters in Otherworld compared to the final team consisting of Master Roshi and Tien.

14 Android 17 Is Too Powerful

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While it’s possible for the Androids to train like the humans, there’s no way Android 17 should be as strong as he is. He was able to stop one of Jiren’s attacks where Goku and Frieza were struggling.

There’s no proper explanation for him to become so powerful. There’s a need to make characters better to make the plot interesting. But you already have great characters like Vegeta and Gohan. Why couldn’t they win the Tournament instead?

13 The Confusing Zenkai Boost

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The Zenkai Boost is a power-up for Saiyans. It activates after they have a near-demise experience and boosts their strength significantly. This ability seems to have become irrelevant after the Super Saiyan transformations.

In Dragon Ball Super, it makes a weird comeback. Goku Black states that he was able to utilize the Zenkai Boost but it didn’t really make him stronger. Instead, Zamasu uses it to become accustomed to Goku’s body. The Zenkai has never been used in such a way and is never heard of again in Dragon Ball Super.

12 The “Indestructible” Arena

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The Tournament of Power had an arena made of supposedly the strongest material in the multiverse. Clearly, it was not indestructible since it’s in pieces by the end of the tournament. That’s not an issue though.

The issue is the giant pillar in the middle used as a timer.

Why did nothing happen to the pillar? It was made from the same material, so surely it could be damaged? Anyway, why did the Grand Priest use such an inefficient method of keeping time? Just get a giant hourglass in there.

11 Goku’s Ultra Instinct

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As cool as this transformation is, it makes little sense. For starters, is it even meant to be a transformation? The way Whis described it makes it sound like an advanced technique rather than something like a Super Saiyan.

There are also issues as to how Goku attained the form. The explanation seems to be that he was pushed into this form by extreme pressure while fighting. His body simply decided to transform at that time? And if he mastered it, why can’t he use it anymore?

10 Universe 7’s Team Is Lame

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This tournament is supposed to be for the best fighters of every universe. So why do Master Roshi, Tien, and Krillin qualify? They shouldn’t be at the same level as Goku and Vegeta. Not only do they participate, but they survive a long time as well.

Some of the fighters in the Tournament are extremely powerful. It’s strange to see these weak characters somehow make a difference. How useful is combat experience if you’re not even in the same league as your opponent?

9 No One Recognises Pilaf

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Goku and Bulma should’ve recognized the Pilaf Gang, even though they are younger. They still have their most distinct features, such as Pilaf being blue. How could they forget some of their worst enemies from Dragon Ball?

There should’ve been more to the Pilaf Gang being present, other than a few gags and filler episodes. To be fair, Goku somehow couldn’t tell that Beerus was pretending to be Monaka, despite his hands clearly showing. So, the standard of intelligence is quite low.

8 Rage Boosts

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The rage boost is more powerful than it should be in Dragon Ball Super. Gohan’s rage-fuelled transformation in Dragon Ball Z was great, but it had limitations.

Vegeta’s rage attack against Beerus somehow made him significantly stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Also, there was Trunks’ rage against Zamasu and Goku Black. He was able to hold off both of them at once, by himself. Mind you, Super Saiyan Blue Goku was struggling against them. No amount of anger can close that big of a gap.

7 Shenron Does Overtime

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Once Shenron is summoned, the Dragon Balls are supposed to be inert for the next year. In Dragon Ball Super, Shenron is summoned four times over a three-year span. That shouldn’t be possible according to the rules.

It’s possible that Dende could’ve upgraded Shenron, but it’s never mentioned. That would just be speculation at this point. The reality is, it was an oversight that needed to happen for plot convenience. That seems to be a trend for Dragon Ball Super.

6 Gohan Shouldn’t Be This Weak

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Seeing Gohan faint from trying to power-up was quite sad. But that’s not how it should’ve been. Let’s look back to Dragon Ball Z. Gohan neglects his training for seven years. Yet, he has no problem turning into a Super Saiyan. He even uses Super Saiyan 2 after minimal training with Goten.

So, why does Gohan struggle so much after a 3-4 year gap in Dragon Ball Super? This is also after having his potential unlocked by the Elder Kai. It doesn’t make sense for Gohan to be so out of touch, especially since it’s not the first time.

5 The “Tingling” Super Saiyan

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The worst description of a Super Saiyan. Cabba tried to teach this legendary transformation to Caulifla by telling her it’s a “tingling” feeling. And somehow, it works! Caulifla becomes a Super Saiyan without any sort of emotional stress.

Even with Goten, he activated the form when sparring with Chi-Chi. He was afraid of getting hit and it happened. Yes, it’s not a compelling reason, but it’s better than not having a reason. The initial transformation should have more to it than a “tingling” feeling.

4 Rehashing Recent Movies

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The first two arcs of Dragon Ball Super were a mistake. There was no need to retell the same stories from the movies, but done worse.

Why would they bother wasting time and resources by doing the same thing twice?

All it did was ensure Dragon Ball Super got off to a poor start and fans would lose interest from day one. This could’ve been avoided had the show been given the required time and money to make the best Dragon Ball show possible.

3 Captain Ginyu’s Return

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So, why was Captain Ginyu around in Dragon Ball Super? He was supposed to have been caught in the Namek explosion. When the heroes wished for people to come back to life, they wanted the “good” guys only.

Captain Ginyu could hardly be called a “good” guy. He spent most of his time trying to destroy everyone. Not only that, but he’s also able to do a body swap with another one of Frieza’s soldiers. After which he proceeded to partake in more sinister acts against the Z-Fighters. Great job Shenron.

2 Belmod Doesn’t Know His Age

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This one comes from the Dragon Ball Super manga. We find out that Belmod was about 300,000 years old. A key fact to note is that he participated in a hide-and-seek competition between the 12 Gods of Destruction.

The Supreme Kai for Universe 7, was not alive during this time. Yet, if he is to be believed, he was alive for a few million years, since the creation of Majin Buu. But that would mean Belmod should be more than 5 million years old since he participated in a game before the Supreme Kai was born. Either of the two must be lying about their age or the writers simply forgot.

1 Characters Aren’t Done Justice

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Dragon Ball Super does not maintain the essence of the characters. Goku seems to have been hit the hardest. His actions have become more exaggerated and idiotic. There’s no logic or sense in the way he behaves, a far cry from what he used to be in the past.

The others feel different too and not in a good way. Piccolo has been relegated to such a low level which is a shame. He has the potential to be one of the standout fighters. And he should be stronger than Android 17!

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