25 Ridiculous Mistakes In Grand Theft Auto 5 Only True Fans Noticed

Grand Theft Auto is one of, if not THE most successful game franchise of all time, becoming a household name to those who have never even picked up a video game. GTA is known for its content, as well as the hilarity and adventure that often follows its characters. Gamers of all sorts love to play the GTA series, because there is something in it for everyone. From kooky characters, to amazing car chases, to dangerous situations, this game series has it all. GTA V is an open-world game that allows players to dive into the lives of three very different citizens of Los Santos, interchanging between them on the fly! And yes, there is of course still the amazing talk radio show: West Coast Talk Radio. If you’ve never tuned in, you’re missing out!

And with all of that amazing content comes all of the amazing bugs, glitches, and mistakes left with it. You’d think that there would be enough developers and quality assurance testers to find them all, but you’d be wrong. Some of the mistakes that have made it past the GTA creative team are HUGE, while others are small but still noteworthy. We have them all in this list. Plot holes, narrative errors, animation glitches, and more. This article explores the best, weirdest, craziest, and funniest mistakes found in Grand Theft Auto 5, that many players failed to notice! Notice any crazy mistakes that we didn't include here? Let us know!

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25 Lester Forgets His Cane

Via: chaostrophic.com

During the mission Cleaning Out The Bureau, we see Lester walk up a set of cement stairs without a cane. This is quite an odd predicament, seeing as it has already been established in many scenes that Lester can’t walk without one due to a significant limp. It is unclear whether this was a minor animation glitch or if it was a continuity issue from the writers (it could definitely just be that), but either way, it certainly was a sight to see!

24 Franklin Can Teleport?

via: gta.wikia.com

While playing the mission The Bureau Raid, there is a celebration of sorts at Lester’s house. Michael leaves the party early, while Franklin and Lester are still celebrating together in the house. At this point, Michael receives a call from Dave, and the player can decide to switch characters. If you choose to switch to Franklin after the call is made, Franklin will be walking around Los Santos, even though he was never actually shown leaving the house. He should still be celebrating with Lester! Talk about having some sweet teleportation skills.

23 Not-So-Stuck In The Freezer

via: gameswhat.com

Here's a pretty interesting plot hole that passed over the heads of many players! As Trevor gets a warning call from Chef about how his lab is going to be attacked, he decides to lock Mr. Cheng and his translator into the freezer outside the house.

Here’s the thing, though: he never actually locks it.

The translator is heard banging on the steel door, but for some reason, he cannot open the freezer even though it is unlocked. Even during the gunfight, he is still heard trying to get out of his fake prison!

22 Repossessed

via: gta.wikia.com

Franklin and Lamar take a trip to Vespucci Beach in order to steal back a bike that was stolen from them. As the player, you can deal with the thief in a few different ways.

The best way to deal with the thief is to run them over with your car!

This happens after the gang members start the shootout, hop in your car and run that guy down! When you walk over to the bike, you’ll see that the body has vanished, but your bike is safe and sound…

21 The Mystery Of The Pants

via: gta.wikia.com

Good old Fame or Shame… During this mission, the host of the popular reality show gets a nice dose of both those things! After chasing Lazlow around Los Santos, you’ll finally catch him under a highway. This is when Trevor tells Lazlow to take his pants off. Lazlow does so, but only to his knees. However, in the next shot, his pants are seen inexplicably on the ground. Clearly, Lazlo didn’t take them off himself, so how did they get there?

20 Healthy Haines

via: es.gta.wikia.com

Michael, Dave, and Steve (the FIB agent) all infiltrate a government site, in order to recover a biological agent that would be used to increase government funding. During this mission, Steve stays behind and ends up having to shoot himself in the leg to make it look like he was trying to stop the theft.

In the very next mission, Steve Haines walks in completely fine!

When Steve catches up with Michael and Dave Norton, Steve has no limp whatsoever, even though he was just shot! Talk about an oversight...

19 Popping Pictures

via: grandtheftauto.net

We all know Trevor is crazy, and that he has a blatant disregard for other people’s property. This is particularly true for poor old Floyd. While inside Floyd’s apartment, Trevor takes a portrait of Floyd’s girlfriend off the wall to write out the heist plan in permanent marker. Once the heist plan drawing is complete, the next shot also contains various documents and photographs that have been taped to the wall as well… Trevor, and everyone else for that matter, didn’t have tape in their hands. Where did these pics come from?

18 Parenting 101 Ventriloquism

via: gta.wikia.com

Good ol’ dad Michael, what a great father! When Jimmy gets stolen by an online personality that he was trolling, Michael is immediately on the case! Michael finally catches up to the car that Jimmy has been taken in, and you receive a phone call. On the phone, you can hear Jimmy fighting with the captor, but in reality, you can see Jimmy yelling for his dad to help him. The developers mustn’t have matched the audio correctly, because soon after Jimmy begins to address the captor in the car later on.

17 Reappearing Blood

via: grandtheftauto.net

Another instance of Trevor being crazy is found in the mission Crystal Maze. As Trevor tries to get Cheng’s translator to tell them who they’re dealing with, he gets a bit violent.

Trevor repeatedly bangs the translator into a column!

Here’s the mistake, though: there is a blood stain that appears on the wooden column, and then it disappears in the next shot. This happens with various camera angles, so this disappearing act is pretty visible, and it really stands out.

16 Paparazzi Switcheroo

via: gta.wikia.com

Franklin gets the chance to play Paparazzi for the day, as Beverly needs him to help sneak onto Poppy Mitchell’s property. The Vinewood starlet was having intimate relations with her on and off screen boyfriend, and Franklin manages to get it all on tape. As they are fleeing the scene, Franklin enters Beverly’s car through the back seat behind the driver. At the end of the car chase, Franklin exits the car through the passenger side’s back door, even though there was never any indication of him somehow sliding over during the chase.

15 House On The Hill

via: grandtheftauto.net

In the mission Marriage Counseling, Michael chases his wife's tennis instructor and secret friend to a large mansion in Vinewood Hills. In a jealous rage, Michael decides to take revenge on his wife’s friend by tearing the house down with his car.

As it turns out, the house actually belongs to the notorious mobster Madrazo.

As Michael is escaping, he only drives 0.6 miles before Madrazo’s goons ambush him. There was no time for Michael and Franklin to be recognized or chased, leaving a plot hole in the game’s narrative.

14 Invisible Tattoos

via: dailydot.com

In GTA V, each of the three main characters can visit clubs and see dances from lovely ladies. Each character has different compliments that they can give their dancers, and this mistake is attached to Franklin. The fourth compliment that Franklin will give a dancer is about how he loves her tattoos, but this dialogue will take place even if the character whose dancing doesn’t have any. A minor glitch, to be sure, but if you’re going to compliment a lady – at least look at her first!

13 Merryweather Heist

via: grandtheftauto.net

Once Michael and Trevor are finally “reunited”, they perform a heist against the private military company, Merryweather. The mission is successful, but the cargo is actually too hot to sell. They have to return the stolen goods before it’s too late! Losing out on so much potential cash causes Trevor to hit his head on a wooden crate in anger, but if you look at him right after he bashes his head, he doesn't have a drop on his forehead.

12 Burning Man

via: gta.wikia.com

This special bug occurs when you are switching from Michael to Trevor. A random event that can occur is Trevor tying up an unknown man under a pier. You can decide to light things on fire, which will cause the glitch to happen. The man will start to burn, but suddenly pop out of the ropes, running around on fire while the rope remains on the wooden pole unburned. Suddenly the man will pop back into the ropes, gone, as if he never managed to escape at all…

11 Blow Ups In "The Big Score"

via: in.ign.com

Franklin has a pretty big part to play in the mission The Big Score. He drills down the walls and even has to blow down some cages too.

Once the cages are blown, the NOOSE team will appear to take everyone out.

If Franklin is ended by the NOOSE team, the mission is failed, and he will have to repeat the last section over again. But this time around, the cage doors will still be in the position they were in after being blown from the previous attempt, even though that hasn’t happened yet in the narrative!

10 Police Becoming Thugs

via: GTA5-Mods.com

There are highway patrolmen on highways and residential streets throughout Los Santos, watching traffic with their fancy police bikes next to them. However, if you drive by them while you have a wanted level, they won’t use their police bikes to chase you.

Instead, the police will steal civilian vehicles in order to hunt you down!

This make zero sense, as the police bikes are literally right there next to them, so this needs to be a glitch. I wouldn't want the cops taking my car to chase some GTA criminals!

9 Dumb Phone

via: gtabase.com

During the mission Deep Inside, Devin Weston and Franklin are talking in the garage. Soon after, Lamar enters to observe the car, holding his cellphone in his right hand. The mistake in this scene is noticeable if you keep your eyes on Lamar’s phone. He never uses his cell while talking to Franklin and Devin, and yet the menu screen remains on for the entire scene, never changing. There is absolutely no reason for the screen to be on, because Lamar is not even using it.

8 Mistaken Identity

via: gtav.net

Here is one of the only cosmetic mistakes that we could find in Grand Theft Auto V. Have you ever been followed by the cops? In GTA V the Los Santos Police Department officers all wear hats that say Sheriff on them. This is a mistake because the Sheriff's department is an entirely separate entity from that of the police department. So why does it say otherwise on their official uniforms? This is a detail only someone with a very keen eye would notice… Did you?

7 Animation Team Blunder

Via: gta.wikia.com

During the mission Reuniting the Family, just after Michael walks into his home, he takes out a bottle of something. He’s about to pour himself a drink, but if you look closely there is already a sliver of liquid in the bottom of the glass. It appears that the bit of liquid seen in the glass was used as an animation reference, to help the animators during post production. It should have been removed once the team was done working on the scene, but obviously it was missed.

6 Mrs. Madrazo's Capture

Via: youtube.com/thegamer

Michael and Trevor manage to pull off a pretty great mission for the mobster Madrazo. Over the course of the game, Madrazo really warms up to Michael, but not so much to Trevor. After the mission is over, Madrazo wants to set up the team with a better score, rather than pay them for their work.

This sets Trevor off, and he attacks Madrazo and takes his wife.

The mistake? Franklin is a known associate of Michael, but he is somehow able to roam free while Michael and Trevor are in hiding...

5  Teleporting Boxes

Via: gosunoob.com

During the mission Casing the Jewel Store, Michael and Lester go out to take pictures of their target location. When Michael and Lester return to the garment factory, you can see that there is a shot from the side of the building, which pans from the car around to the building. As the shot is panning around to the building, there are some cardboard boxes and other objects shown next to the building. These subjects are actually only animated partway into the shot, making them suddenly pop up on the screen out of nowhere!

4 Menu Menace

Via: hardcoregamer.com

Michael has a chance to sit down in Trevor’s trailer during the mission Derailed. As he sits down, he takes his phone out of his pocket. Seems normal enough, but here’s the thing: When the cell is in his hand, the screen on the phone is displaying the menu screen. That’s technically impossible, because Michael never unlocked the phone, or even pressed any buttons to display the screen. The animators must have thought that nobody would notice, but we certainly did!

3 Mexican Standoff

Via: LCPDFR.com

In the mission The Wrap Up Michael learns that there is a massive double cross going on, as Sanchez pulls a gun on Haines and Haines pulls a gun on Michael! All of the FIB and Merryweather are involved, but the mistake has to do with Agent Haines’ gun. Haines brought an automatic pistol, but when he attacks Sanchez he has the gun set to a single shot. Nobody would bring an automatic weapon for a single shot use, especially to a situation they knew would result in a gunfight.

2 Alternate Realities

Via: grandtheftauto.net

Everyone knows that the GTA games all take place in cities with fictional names that are very similar to those of the real cities in our world. However, there are songs played on the radio like Bob Seger's Hollywood Nights, that don't change the lyrics to match the new names of the cities. This means that somehow Bob Seger's song from our world has managed to make its way into the world of GTA V, and it’s talking about a city that doesn’t even exist. Parallel universe, anyone?

1 Secret Sticky Bomb

Via: youtube.com/thegamer

An interesting bug that the QA Team clearly couldn’t find... Go to Franklin's first house, and have him throw a sticky bomb anywhere on the walls or ceiling in the hallway. It works best if you have Franklin do it from the front door. As the explosive lands, a slight glitch in the animation occurs, as the entire explosive won't actually be visible on the wall. It doesn’t matter what you angle the shot at, the beeping red light on top of the explosive will always be noticeable, but the rest of the explosive won't actually be visible!

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