Ring Fit Adventure Player Gets “Sacked” While Playing Pantsless

While Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure was created with good intentions to help keep players in shape with its new Ring-Con, it can also be a dangerous pastime according to one player, who found out the hard way that not every game should be played pantsless.

Redditor Feoen recently took to the platform to warn fellow players not to follow in his footsteps. According to his post, Feoen had recently bought the game at Target and tried it once before he paid the ultimate price. Like many, Feoen wanted to be comfortable while he played - and what’s more comfortable than wearing your birthday suit? Feoen also rationalized this by stating that he assumed he would likely sweat while playing, so, in order to keep cool, he set up the game to play it in the nude. However, this was a huge mistake.

Ring Fit Adventure requires players to do real-world exercises in order to defeat enemies. So, when Feoen came across his first boss, he was instructed to do ab presses in order to shield himself from the body-building shadow dragon’s attacks. Unfortunately, the Ring-Con slipped down his abs and, instead, landed on his family jewels. This wasn’t the final blow, though - the shadow dragon took this opportunity to attack, depleting half of Feoen’s health while he screamed in pain.

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Ring Fit Adventure Cover
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Though Feoen ended up paying the ultimate price, he sacrificed himself for the many; now we all know to avoid playing Ring Fit Adventure pantsless. Unfortunately, though, it seems like players are still able to injure themselves with the Ring-Con while wearing pants. Twitch user RetroGaijin recently uploaded a video in which he also gets hit in the groin by the Ring-Con.

Ring Fit Adventure was released on October 18th this year and allows players to explore a fantasy world and take down foes using a Ring-Con and Leg Strap, which read real-world movements and transfer them into the game. By doing exercises such as squats, ab presses, the plank, thigh crunches, and more, players are able to earn experience points in-game. Ring Fit Adventure is an interesting blend of Final Fantasy-like RGP meets real-life workout. It seeks to keep players entertained and motivated while they exercise.

Ring Fit Adventure is currently available for the Nintendo Switch (and probably shouldn’t be played naked).

Source: Reddit

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