Risk of Rain 2: How To Unlock Every Single Character

Risk of Rain 2 might only have six playable characters at the moment, but here we tell you how to unlock all of them.

What a surprise it was to see Risk of Rain 2 entering Steam Early Access out of the blue. Fans of the original title were excited to find out that they can jump into the sequel right away, as it was announced by Gearbox along with Borderlands 3 a couple of weeks ago. In addition, the publisher gave buyers the opportunity to get a free copy to gift to a friend. Both of these are great reasons to give the highly anticipated game sequel a try.

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Although the game is still on an early build, unlocking every available character is an essential part of it. Whatever play style you like and whatever your skill cap is, there is a class to better suit your needs. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the Risk of Rain 2 character unlocks you'll want to keep an eye out for. The list is ranked according to unlock difficulty. As a result, we'll start with the starter class you get, when you first log into Risk of Rain 2. As we move on, the characters will become more advanced.

6 The Commando

As with any similar game, Risk of Rain 2 has a vanilla character with which you start your journey. This is the Commando. This class is the basic starter, much like in the original Risk of Rain. As a result, you don't have to do something specific to unlock him.

However, you do have to complete a game in order to gain access to his guide entry. Long enough, you’d want to try another class though, since Commando is as basic as the game can achieve. His range and easy skills make him an easy character to learn and "abuse" the game for farming and achievement hunting.

5 The Artificer

The Artificer requires a special approach in order to be unlocked, this isn’t a difficult process though. Throughout your every game, you’ll find Lunar Coins, which you can use at the Newt Statues. The Newt Statues are blue ones, on which you can spend a Lunar Coin in order to make them spawn a blue orb.

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Once the blue org gets spawned, you will see a Lunar Portal near it. Don't interact with the blue orb at this point. Use the portal in order to find yourself in Bazaar Between Realms. In there, you can spend 10 Lunar Coin to gain the “Pause” in-game Achievement and the Artificer. You need 11 Lunar Coins in total, so it’s more of a routine procedure than a challenge. The most you'll need to dedicate time to is farming the Lunar Coins in order to unlock the require achievement.

4 The Huntress

If you’re a veteran in Risk of Rain, you might find it easier to unlock the Huntress than the Artificer. The only thing you’ll need in order to unlock the “ranger” Risk of Rain 2 class is getting the “Warrior” in-game Achievement in a game. By now, you might have found out that all unlocks are related to achievements within Risk of Rain 2. The same goes for all entries below.

To get the "Warrior" achievement, you’ll have to clear the first three areas without dying, after completing each teleporter. For newcomers, this won’t be an easy feat but give it some time and you’ll get there. Hardcore players could unlock the Huntress as soon as after their first playthrough. The difficulty isn’t important for this unlock, so you can choose whichever you want.

3 The Mercenary

Unlocking the Mercenary is a trivial task but an important one at that. Basically, you have to finish a full playthrough in order to get him. This requires a unique approach and some hard-earned skills. After clearing all stages, you’ll find yourself at the beginning of the run. This time though, you’ll see Celestial Portals.

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Much like the Artificer, enter the portal and spot a large obelisk within it. Interact with it and sacrifice yourself to get the “True Respite” achievement and end your run. After that, Mercenary will be unlocked and ready to try out. For melee lovers, the Mercenary will become a favorite but it does need one to master the game in order to be able to use.

2 The Engineer

To unlock the Engineer, you’ll need your fair share of playtime. This is more of a time investment than a certain amount of skill. It can be done through the "Engineering Perfection" achievement. To get it, you’ll have to clear 30 stages.

To be more specific, you’ll need to clear 30 areas in total, not in a specific run. This means that whether you speed run through 10 easy stages or struggle through one single stage, it doesn’t matter. Finish 30 in total and you’ll get the Engineer in your roster. The easiest way to do that is grind on the Drizzle difficulty and end the run whenever it starts getting hard. This will help you save time for the 30 stages clear to get accomplished.

1 The MUL-T

Last but definitely not least, we have the MUL-T robot. To get it, you’ll have to earn the “Verified” in-game achievement. Much like all other unlocks, this one too is through an achievement. You’ll unlock this one during the process of unlocking the Engineer, most likely.

You’ll have to clear the first area of each run completely 5 times in order to get the MUL-T. This isn’t a hard task to complete, once you defeat the first teleporter boss 5 times, you’ll see the achievement pop on your screen and find a new character in your roster.

This marks the end of all the Risk of Rain 2 character unlocks available right now. There might be more getting added in the future, with fans wanting Bandit to be the next one joining the ranks. Nothing is set in stone yet, but we do want more when the game gets its official release.

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