Rock Band Weezer Celebrates New Album With Custom Fortnite Map

Weezer is promoting their new album with a new Fortnite map.

Dubbed "Weezer World" the area is a theme-park-like stage where fans can find unreleased tracks from the band's thirteenth record, the Black Album — which just released on March 1st — by visiting a jukebox. Music isn't the only thing that celebrate's the band's legacy. In fact, their iconic winged "W" can be seen throughout the area. Actually, that's the shape of the whole map. Aside from that, there is a dance floor and slides, which really give a "party" vibe to the whole area.

The map comes with the game's eighth season and can be found in Fortnite's "Creative Mode," which means players can enjoy all the portions of the area without the worries of the traditional battle royal style gameplay.

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Interestingly enough, this isn't the first group or individual to use the power of Fortnite as a promotional tool. In fact, Marshmello, one of the biggest EDM artists around, hosted a virtual concert that lasted around 10 minutes. Aside from him, soccer club Nates announced their newest signing in June — Lucas Evangelista — using the game.

As for Weezer, this isn't really out of the ordinary for the band. In 2008, they enlisted the help of the biggest viral stars on YouTube when making the music video for "Pork and Beans" off their Red Album. It goes back further than that. In 1994, Weezer included the music video for their hit song "Buddy Holly" off the Blue Album.

So, in reality, this is just the next logical step for the band. They seem to keep their finger on the pulse of "viral" culture, and you don't get much bigger than Fortnite. With over 200 million users (acc0rding to Bloomberg), there's a huge market to cater to — it's a brilliant advertising move.

With the rise of free-to-play shooters, it will be interesting to see if other games also try to implement this community-building strategy. While Fortnite's zany style lends itself nicely to band-inspired islands and live concerts, as Apex Legends grows, we'd love to see how something like this could work there. A more serious tone may not fit as nicely, but it could be weird enough to get people talking.

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