Remember Halo With All Rocket Launchers? Rocket Arena Is That, But Even Crazier

If you are looking for a game that oozes fast-paced, ridiculously high-flying action with all sorts of rockets, look no further than Rocket Arena. The gameplay footage makes the game look like the love child of Bionic Commando and the rocket jumping soldier from Team Fortress 2. 

Nexon America, in partnership with developer Final Strike Games, is bringing its new first-person multiplayer shooter to closed beta on PC from May 23 until May 29. Players can sign up for a chance to enter the beta here.

The gameplay focuses on a unique 3-on-3 cross-platform experience that brings a roster of vibrant characters who compete in five-minute matches in the Rocket Championship Tour. The game will first be released on PC and Xbox One, with a PlayStation 4 version being added later on. Rocket Arena's special gameplay mechanics make it distinct from other, standard shooters.

Players are equipped with a "blast meter" that increases as they are blasted by rockets. As the meter climbs towards a critical point, players can be blown out of the map. However, they can then return to the stage to stay in the action. With dedicated matchmaking functionality, servers will account for both skill level and latency when seeking out allies and opponents.

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While the beta is not yet live, there is no doubt that the game itself looks extremely fun. Fortnite was not the first game to use cartoonish, colorful environments and characters to appeal to a wide base of players, and it certainly will not be the last. Rocket Arena seems to also be using a brighter, more vibrant aesthetic for its characters and maps.

via rocketarena.nexon.net

Bionic Commando and the soldier from Team Fortress 2 were made because, at one point, we observed a character using what appeared to be a grappling hook attached to an arm to move easily up a tower. Before that, we clearly saw the animation of rocket jumping. For players not familiar with the technique of rocket jumping, it is when a player precisely flicks their control down while playing soldier, firing a rocket at their own feet while jumping and looking up. This allows them to launch themselves around the map. It is a cornerstone of some of the best, most mobile TF2 players in the world, and it absolutely looks like it will have a home here in Rocket Arena.

The closed beta features a total of six maps, four game modes, and six characters to choose from. Beta players will be able to earn cosmetic rewards that they can keep after the game's official.

Rocket Arena's beta will launch on May 23. It will be available to play on PC and Xbox One, with a PlayStation 4 version due later.

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