Rocket League Announces Massive $1 Million Prize Pool For Championship Series Season 6

Rocket League has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Those of us who have even an inkling of interest have already dabbled in this curious sport. But is it growing as a true eSport? Well, perhaps so, if this huge prize pool is anything to go by. They’re not kidding around with this one, friends.

Rocket League celebrated its third (PC and PS4) birthday earlier this month, July 7. It soon established itself as something totally unlike anything else the industry had to offer. After all, you just don’t get to see acrobatic vehicle-based soccer every day. For tempering its sense of wacky fun with some real strategic depth and potential, Rocket League soon became a competitive hit.

The first Rocket League pro… league hit in March 2016, and offered a healthy $55,000 prize pool. Develop Psyonix saw the game’s popularity on Twitch streams and the like, and wanted to get right in on that treacle machine. The heaping helping of revenue from in-game purchases funded all sorts of things to push the game further in this arena, with smaller local events and bigger meet-ups really starting to gain traction.

Via: Rocket League

So, how’s the game faring now, as it passes its third anniversary? Well, clearly, it’s going from strength to strength.

As the game’s official site reports, season five of the Rocket League Championship Series has only just come to a close. There’s no need to fret, though, because season six is on the way. As the game’s competitive efforts continue to expand, so too must the circuit, and the team have some super ambitious plans for season six.

The biggest news, of course, is that the prize pool for this year is the biggest it’s ever been: A cool one million dollars! Along with that, there’ll be an extra $100,000 for the Rival Series. Other confirmed details for season six include the fact that the Rival Series Qualifiers are returning, and sign-ups are available now through August 6th.

As for how this grand sum is going to be awarded, there’s no word yet, but that’s a serious statement of intent regarding the game’s continuing competitive efforts.

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