Rocket League Kicks Off Season 10 With Cross-Platform Support

Rocket League has gone cross-platform following an announcement that promised as much last month.

The new Friends Update V1.58 has seen the feature emerge, with the game having become just the second PlayStation 4 cross-play title as part of the "PlayStation Cross-Play Beta Program."

Season 10 kicked off on Tuesday and is offering more than just the luxury of matchmaking across different consoles. An auto-generated RocketID allows players to search for and add friends to parties and clubs, also letting them view a list of 25 recent players met online.

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Below are notes from the update. The full list can be found on the game's official website.

- Fixed a bug preventing players from reconnecting to a match after a disconnection from the server

- Fixed a bug causing spectator camera control UI to reappear after any goal is scored

- Tournament creators no longer receive an error when trying to spectate matches

- [Xbox One] The game app will no longer crash when returning from a suspended state when using Instant-on Mode

- Fixed a bug causing trades involving 80 or more Keys to fail

- Goal Explosions should no longer play on repeat after backing out of the Crate preview screen

- Unrelated Customization Items will no longer appear under the ‘Body’ tab after rapidly opening and closing the Garage menu

- Chat sound no longer plays when entering Training while in a Party

- Items will appear correctly in the trade window after removing and re-adding to the trade

- Keys obtained through Rocket Pass will now stack with other Keys in your inventory

- [Switch] The UI will no longer lag when scrolling through a long list of friends

- The Special Edition label now appears when a Special Edition item is unlocked in Rocket Pass

It has also been announced that all rewards from Season 9 will be dished out.

The cross-platform update was something the Rocket League community was crying out for and the developers, Psyonix, were actually ready to roll it out a year ago.

Sony's intransigence over cross-play kept this from going live earlier but, thanks to the backlash from Fortnite players, they've since given in.

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