Rocket League To Enter Another Dimension With Stranger Things Halloween Event

Popular cross-platform title Rocket League will be hosting a Stranger Things event, also known as the Haunted Hallows featuring Stranger Things, for the next month, starting October 14th.

Similar thematically to the Radical Summer event, this event will be built, in Stranger Things-style, around 1980s nostalgia. Above all, however, the Stranger Things event will be one giant homage to the popular sci-fi Netflix original that has had viewers compelled by its intriguing plot and impressive cast for years.

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A trailer for the event can be seen below.

The video starts out with a rather ominous-looking vehicle speeding down a road when the camera then reveals the larger track, which has Hawkins, Indiana vibes. When the '80s music starts playing, the Stranger Things feeling immediately kicks in.

A bit of action shows a variety of cars, including a detail based on Dustin - one of the primary characters in Stranger Things. Another car is also adorned with a wizard's hat, which is something Will Byers, in touch with another dimension in the Upside Down, often wears. The car suddenly stops, with its front facing an ominous Stranger Things-style barn.

All the cars eventually come to stop. The camera then flips over and enters the Upside Down, showing the grim, empty version of the Hawkins, Indiana viewers are familiar with. The Mind Flayer is then revealed in the Upside Down scene.

While the event includes Halloween-related items, it also includes items referencing Stranger Things. They include the aforementioned Dustin-themed topper, called the Camp Know Where topper. Other items related to Stranger Things include the Demogorgon banner, the Scoops Ahoy avatar border, the Hawaiian Hopper decal (based on Chief Hopper), the Stranger Things rocket boost, and the Starcourt-themed wheels.

As Stranger Things is one of the most popular Netflix shows, this will likely be a successful event. Players who have a love for the Stranger Things series and have not played the game in a while are very likely to come back due to the event.

The event runs from October 14th to November 11th, so anyone who wishes to partake in the event has nearly a full month to do so.

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