19 Crazy Possibilities For Red Dead Redemption 2 (And 13 Epic Things That Got Confirmed)

Rockstar's latest open-world game looks like it's going to set a new standard for open-world games — this is what we know.

I probably don’t need to tell you that the long-awaited release of Red Dead Redemption 2 is right around the corner. With the first game being a runaway hit (technically the second game, a lot of people forget there was a game called Red Dead Revolver first) it makes sense that people are abuzz with excitement to get back in the saddle. One of the problems with people being abuzz is that they start to want to get their hands on something way before the actual release date, so outside of beta play, all they have is talking about the subject. And with news coming out more every day from Rockstar about all the crazy things you will get up to out in the old west, Rockstar has also been somewhat tight-lipped about any significant details, which is something we should be used to from them by now.

You know who isn’t known for being tight-lipped? The rest of the human race, especially when they have nothing significant to add to the conversation. Yes, when we actually know nothing about something we desperately want to discuss, we tend to pluck absolute nonsense straight out of the air. That is how rumors get started. While rumors about video games can be incredibly useful, as they can help developers see what fans actually want to see in the game, other times it is just one sad weirdo trying to shoehorn Rainbow Dash into every single franchise. So in that spirit, here are some of the more exciting rumors we’ve heard about RDR2, as well as some confirmed secrets you can look forward to.

32 Confirmed: First Person Mode

via: gamespot.com

A great addition to GTA 5 was first person mode, turning the more action-oriented segments of the game into a first-person shooter. Personally, I can find third-person or over the shoulder gameplay a little harder to navigate when caught in a firefight.

So now knowing that Rockstar has the ability to suddenly change from third-person to first-person off the bat is definitely an exciting addition.

31 Theory: John Marston Will Take Out Arthur Morgan

via giantbomb.com

Arthur Morgan, the new central character of RDR2 isn’t mentioned in any significant way during the previous game, which seems like a plot hole. If he was such an integral senior member in the Van Der Linde gang, you’d think Marston would mention him, even in passing.

John might know Arthur is already out of the picture.

The theory goes that when John was left behind by the gang in a failed robbery attempt, he took out a few of his traitorous comrades before he left, including Arthur Morgan. A good way to fill a plot hole.

30 Confirmed: Dual Wielding Weapons

via: rdr2.org

We already know that dual wielding weapons is something Rocksteady perfected in previous titles, it’s one of the main reasons the Max Payne franchise was so enduring. So of course, fans were over the moon when they found out this mechanic was back for this sequel.

What’s really strange is that this feature completely skipped over Redemption since there was the use of the twin revolvers in the very first game. Although nobody noticed it missing, since shooting things was so immensely fun in Redemption.

29 Theory: Nuevo Paraiso Is Back

via: reddead.wikia.com

Nuevo Paraiso, the explorable Mexican territory from the previous game, is a fan favorite. It’s slightly more violent, the characters are more morally ambiguous, and the gambling seemed to be more fun.

While Rockstar has refused to confirm many map locations outside of town names, it would make sense to give fans more of what they want. Alternatively, there are maps floating around the internet stating that RDR2’s map will have very little in common with the previous map, with only a slight overlap in West Elizabeth. So there are two rumors for the price of one.

28 Theory: The Stranger Will Be A Bother Again

via: youtube.com

Fans will remember The Stranger as the supernatural man from the side quest “I Know You.” I say supernatural because he knows everything about you and picks out your character’s grave spot, albeit ambiguously. Also, he is totally immune to bullets.

This well dressed and well-informed gentleman doesn’t seem to be constrained by mortal limits, so it’s been surmised that he is going to watch the events unfold in RDR2 that will lead to the eventual downfall to John Marston. Why he’s so interested is anyone’s guess.

27 Confirmed: GTA 5 Online Unlocks Loot For RDR 2

via: youtube.com

Recently there was a treasure hunt of sorts inside of Grand Theft Auto: Online, the end result of which was getting a golden double revolver as well as some cash. Turns out there is also a way of having that prize carry over into RDR2, which is a cool little bonus.

A hunt which hasn’t been announced, but has been unlocked by the more savvy GTA Online players, is the quest to get the Stone Hatchet. A brutal looking weapon that, after indulging in a little violence, carries over into the world of RDR2.

26 Theory: You Can Commandeer Locomotives

via: rdr2.org

It’s difficult to discuss the lawlessness of the old west without bringing train robberies. Heck, there was even a mission in Redemption titles “The Great Mexican Train Robbery” but sadly, it involved stealing an army train and not sticking up hapless passengers.

Rumors are swinging all over the internet about the new style of locomotion system, with many believing that not only will you now be able to rob a train, but in some instances, you could steal one, just as you would a horse. How do you stage a getaway on a linear track, though?

25 Theory: Coming To The PC

via: windowscentral.com

Still a sore spot amongst PC gamers is the fact that the previous game was only ever out on consoles. People couldn’t understand why Rockstar wouldn’t tap into that vast market, although most people theorize it was due to the incredible difficulties the programmers had coding the game.

Well, after the massive success of Redemption it is safe to say that Rockstar has the time and resources for a much smoother development of RDR2, which should me it would be much easier to port the code to PC.

24 Confirmed: Over 200 Animals

via: twitter.com/rockstargames

Still a sore spot amongst PC gamers is the fact that the previous game was only ever out on consoles. People couldn’t understand why Rockstar wouldn’t tap into that vast market, although most people theorize it was due to the incredible difficulties the programmers had coding the game.

Well, after the massive success of Redemption it is safe to say that Rockstar has the time and resources for a much smoother development of RDR2, which should me it would be much easier to port the code to PC.

23 Theory: Multiple Protagonists

via: polygon.com

Rockstar has been pretty adamant that RDR2 will not be following in the footsteps of GTA 5 and will not have multiple protagonists. That being said, Rockstar has been known to be full of lies in the past to throw off audiences.

Some people believe this is just classic misdirection.

It would be easy to play out, as you have the whole Van Der Linde gang at your side. Having to play out all their stories instead of just Morgan’s wouldn’t be too difficult to pull off.  Also, ethnic diversity would be a nice addition.

22 Theory: More Native Lore


People with far too much time on their hand over at Reddit were quick to point out that a dreamcatcher is at the forefront in some of the footage shown so far . This led them to assume that Native culture will feature far more prominently than in the previous game.

Of course, the presence of that canoe also makes that theory ring true. There’s also the fact that one of the gang seems to be an Aboriginal person, so maybe we will explore more of his roots too.

21 Confirmed: Familiar Faces

via: reddead.wikia.com

There were a lot of memorable characters from John Marston’s checkered past that we only got to meet in Redemption. Rockstar has confirmed the presence of some of those folks you met and shot in the previous game will be in RDR2.

We have old enemies (although we presume they will be friends at this point in the timeline) such as Bill Williamson, Javier Escuela and, of course, Dutch Van Der Linde. Even a friendly face will make a return, as Uncle is shown to also be in the game.

20 Theory: Jack Marston Is The Narrator

via: reddit.com

I’ve always thought the naming convention for this series is a little off. Why call the first game Red Dead Revolver and then call the second one Red Dead Redemption? Actually, I think that’s a clever naming system, but then they throw it out the window with Red Dead Redemption 2.

The logical deduction probably indicates that Rockstar just wanted to cash in on fan excitement. But some theorize that this is an indication that these two stories are written by Jack Marston, John’s son, since he would only have access to the stories his father would tell.

19 Theory: PlayStation Exclusive Content

via: playstation.com

We all heard the recent announcement of the PS4 Pro being bundled with RDR2 and frankly, I was kind of bored. It’s just, a game coming with a console, which is pretty standard fair, is it not? I feel like I’m crazy here, since people are acting like that is actual exciting.

Anyways, there’s been a few murmurs circling the internet that there will be a few Playstation exclusives. What those will be is anyone’s guess, and frankly, there will probably be Xbox exclusives as well.

18 Confirmed: Pre-Order Bonuses

via: n3rdabl3.com

Love them or hate them, pre-order bonuses are here to stay, so the best we can hope for are ones that don’t rob casual players of main story content. Luckily, Rockstar promised to avoid that exact problem, and also offered up some actually useful treasures.

Anyone who ordered a digital copy before July 31 will get an exclusive treasure map. Other, non-digital bonuses include upgrades horses, a special bank robbery mission, some sweet outfits and of course, some serious in-game money.

17 Theory: Online Will Have Three Modes

via: vg247.com

Not many details have been revealed about the Online play (and what has been is revealed elsewhere in this article) so most of the internet has had to fill in the blanks themselves. We can be sure that Rockstar pulled out all the stops, seeing how crazy successful GTA: Online ended up being.

There are whispers on the wind that there will be three modes in online play: Revive And Survive, Money Grab and Battle Royale. That last one needs little explaining, but it would be interesting to see how Revive and Survive would function.

16 Theory: Weapon Building

via: neoseeker.com

One of my favorite parts of a good RPG is always a crafting bench. Gathering up materials, gaining skill in your craftsmanship, finally having everything you need to obliterate everything in your path. There’s nothing quite so satisfying (and time-consuming.)

When fans saw the eclectic bunch of guns that seem to be offered in RDR2 as well as how some of them look extremely ornate, it led many of them to surmise that there will be a gun crafting ability in game. Usually, that’s something you’d have to rely on the gunsmith for.

15 Confirmed: More Horses With Better Mechanics

via: ladbible.com

I assume you’ve all heard that new detail about how your horse will react to cold temperatures in RDR2 so I won’t even touch on that. I will talk about how maintaining your relationships with your horse will be as important as maintaining your relationship with your fellow gang members.

Not only are there plenty more horses to tame, all with their own strengths, but apparently there’s much more to breaking them than just a simple mini-game. The longer you spend with them, the more they trust you, the harder they fight for you.

14 Theory: Swimming, Kayaks, And Canoes!

via: pcgamesn.com

Can you remember the first time you tried entering the water as John Marston? If you are unfamiliar, John was completely unable to swim in the previous game, resulting in you instantly getting a game over the moment you got your toes wet.

All that nonsense is out the window in this game, hopefully, as we’ve seen people up to their necks in water, as well as some background folks getting around in some water-based vehicles. It looks like our time being landlocked is over.

13 Theory: Sharing Your Inventory

via: gamingbolt.com

When I say sharing inventory, I don’t mean with your allies (although that may be a feature, so we may as well start that rumor right here.) No, what I mean is sharing your burden with an accompanying animal, such as a donkey, mule or even a horse.

After all, I remember my inventory getting pointlessly full a few times during my playthrough of Redemption so it would be a nice change to be able to hold as many bullets, pelts and treasure maps as is possible between me and my entourage.

12 Confirmed: Online Will Be Available In November

via: mspoweruser.com

Usually on a huge RPG like this, with a massively sprawling map and storyline, it takes at least six months for the distributor to get their servers and coding to the point where it is good enough for multiplayer. That’s why it’s pretty welcome news to hear that multiplayer for RDR2 will be up as soon as a month after release.

Apparently, they had some good beta testing.

I’m actually somewhat nervous about this announcement, because it sounds like a perfect recipe for a bug filled multiplayer. I’m willing to be proven wrong.

11 Theory: Branching Storylines

via: vg247.com

The previous entry in the franchise was fairly linear. Sure, it was a sandbox and there were side missions, but for the most part, everyone was stuck making the same decisions. This resulted in a very similar experience for everyone who played it, which doesn’t have a lot of replay value.

The new game will, according to rumor, be more about picking who’s side you are on within the game. Do you stay faithful to Dutch, branch off, help out a friend in need? Maybe you can even sell them all out to the Federal Agents.

10 Confirmed: Interact With Every Single NPC

via: shacknews.com

This is news hot off the press: Rockstar now claims you can interact with every single person you could possibly encounter within RDR2. I assume that conversation may not be an option if they are in the middle of shooting at you, but what do I know?

This is a cool step up from the last game, where you could occasionally give a nod hello if you mashed the interact button while passing someone. It would make the world seem that much fleshed out to be able to have something of a conversation with everyone.

9 Theory: Manage Businesses

via: redbull.com

One of the cooler rumors I came across was one that suggested you would be able to own and run businesses, either in the story or even maybe in the multiplayer. The rumor even went so far as to suggest the kind of business you could have to rake in money.

I heard names like ranches and oil wells thrown around. At the same time, the person saying this offered no proof, just a “trusted source” so maybe take this rumor with a grain of salt.

8 Theory: Specialized Enemies

via: giantbomb.com

Like in most of Rockstar’s sandbox games, the more infamous you become, the harder the enemies become. In the previous game, the more wanted you are, the more law enforcement they send after you, in greater numbers. And even if you fight all of them off, you will have a bounty on your head.

Upping the game from simple bounty hunters is the rumor that being truly fully wanted results in you incurring the wrath of a singular special enemy, such as a Pinkerton agent. Basically, you incur a difficult boss fight.

7 Confirmed: Keeping Morale High Is Important

via: vg247.com

Things are not going well for the Van Der Linde gang at the start of the game. They all have a bounty on themselves, and they are being chased from territory to territory. So it stands to reason that when tensions are this high, a bunch of outlaws will be at each other’s throats.

That’s why Arthur Morgan needs to keep everyone happy and healthy, so nobody loses their heads and ignites this powder keg. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out, because we know certain key figures will survive these events.

6 Theory: Red Harlow Returns

via: rdr2.org

While Red Harlow, the protagonist of Red Dead Revolver, never actually appears in Redemption you can hear the sad events of his story a few times at campsites. This establishes that he is a big presence in Rockstar’s vision of the old west.

With this shared universe established, and since RDR2 takes place closer in the timeline to the events of Revolver, many fans believe this opens up the possibility of Harlow showing up again. Who knows, maybe we will see how his story finally ends.

5 Confirmed: Your Base Constantly Moves

via: usgamer.net

There never was much of a base of operations in the last game. You camped where you could, you rented rooms, and later you got your farm back. In this new gang, a gang as big as yours needs somewhere to put up their feet.

Unfortunately, you are on the run, and continue to be on the run every time the law catches up to you. This results in multiple places acting as home base, and it also sounds like every time you get comfortable, you’re due for a gunfight.

4 Theory: Undead Nightmare DLC

via: rdr2.org

The Downloadable Content of the last game was some of the best, transporting John Marston into an aptly titled “Undead Nightmare.” This version of Rockstar’s old west is teaming all manner of zombie, Sasquatch, and unholy steeds.

Everyone is looking forward to see what Rockstar is going to crank out with this sequel. The smart money is on them extending the whole zombie adventure, considering it would be just like printing free money, albeit in a slightly less than artistically enriching way.  I'm personally hoping for something new.

3 Confirmed: No HUD Mode

via: gamespot.com

If you are like me, you love RPGs for the immersion, the escapism. The ability to get out your own lives, just for a little bit, and do something fantastic, or maybe something devious, horrible even. So you need the world you escape into to be as real as possible.

A Heads Up Display (HUD) can take you out of that experience, since most of us don’t go through life knowing how little health and ammo we have left. So Rockstar solved that by offering up a way to play the game without a HUD!

2 Theory: Alien DLC

via: youtube.com

Of course, the Internet being the well of creativity that it is, anyone who thought Rockstar wasn’t going to do zombies automatically assumed that they would do aliens instead. They’ve seen Bethesda do the exact same thing, so why wouldn’t Rockstar?

Again, this is not something that I want, only because it is so easy to guess. Maybe a time traveling adventure, heck even old west vampires that only come out at night would be a more creative idea. Let’s not just pluck the low hanging fruit.

1 Confirmed: So Many New Towns

via: reddead.wikia.com

While we don’t have solid confirmation on what the map will look like, we do have some seriously solid leads on a whole slew of new towns. Firstly, we have a familiar name like Blackwater.

Then we have Strawberry, Annesburg, Valentine, Mount Hagen, Lagras, Saint Denis, and Rhodes.

That’s just what’s been confirmed. These places range from a mining town, a town torn apart by warring families and a backwater marsh town full of beggars and thieves. Sounds like a fun place to explore.

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