Rocksteady Is Hiring For A New AAA Title, Could We Get A New Arkham Game?

In the world of video games based on comic book characters, Rocksteady Studios' Batman: Arkham series stands above most. When Arkham Asylum released in 2009, it changed superhero games forever. Asylum's sequel, Arkham City, has been even more acclaimed. It has a 96 on Metacritic, putting it in the top 30 highest-rated games on the aggregator site. Arkham Knight then ended the series in 2015. Since then, Rocksteady has not released any notable titles, aside from Batman: Arkham VR. That could be about to change.

As ResetEra noticed, over at Rocksteady's official site, there is a very intriguing job listing for a 'Community Manager' role. It reads, "The successful candidate’s deep understanding of social media, highly developed presentation skills and experience in community management coupled with a love of video games will form the driving force behind an innovative and effective promotional campaign for a highly anticipated upcoming AAA title."  It doesn't end there. There are also other job listings, such as 'Lead Scriptwriter' and 'Senior Producer,' both of which mention working on an AAA title.

Of course, there are no specifics as to what this AAA title could be. It is easy to assume that the studio is working on a new Arkham title. After all, each of its main Batman games have received favorable reviews and sold well. However, Arkham Knight was meant to be the last one in the series. Back in 2014, IGN interviewed Dax Ginn, who worked at Rocksteady, and discussed Arkham Knight being the final part in the Arkham saga.

Dax Ginn: "Anything we do is a collective decision between Rocksteady, Warner Brothers, and DC Comics. But it was something that we were really pushing for because we had a really clear vision for how this story should end, and the way we wanted it to end."

"We’ve done all we can do here," "It’s…it’s kind of time for us to walk away from it."

Via kotaku.com

The Arkham series ended with Batman: Arkham Knight. But, things could change. Or, perhaps Rocksteady will work on a new Batman title separate from Arkham. It's tough to speculate with so little information. The company's co-founder, Sefton Hill, did say on Twitter back at E3 that Rocksteady would share details about its "next project" "as soon as it's ready." It seems like this "next project" could be the AAA title stated in the job listings.

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Many fans would welcome a new Arkham title. However, there is no real place the story can continue. At its core, the series was about Batman's struggle against the Joker. That conflict concluded in Arkham Knight. For other Batman ideas, it would be great to see Rocksteady tackle a Batman Beyond title. However, it's also possible that the rumored Superman title is in development. Or, perhaps there is another Warner Bros. property the studio is working on. (Could we see a big budget Looney Tunes title?) However, the game is more likely to be comic related, as the job listing for the 'Senior Producer' role states "Broad knowledge of comics, novels, games, cinema, and popular culture relating to video games" as a skill requirement. For now, fans can only speculate on what kind of game Rocksteady is working on.

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