Rocksteady's New Game Remains A Mystery As They Won't Be At E3

Rocksteady decided to let fans down easy by simply saying they won't be at E3, and so won't be revealing anything soon.

If you've patiently waiting to hear about what Rocksteady has been up to, well, you're probably gonna have to keep waiting.

The Arkham games are widely regarded as some of the absolute best superhero games ever created (even if Arkham Knight and its Batmobile were a little wonky). Its combat system was so innovative that since the series came out, several other developers have low key ripped it off for their own games. It's no wonder that fans are chomping at the bit for another Rocksteady experience.

It's been nearly four years since Rocksteady Studios released Batman: Arkham Knight, and since then the studio has been suspiciously quiet about their next project. Speculation has been running wild about what their next game will be, and it looks like that speculation will continue, because we're probably not getting an announcement about it anytime soon.

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Sefton Hill, who is the co-founder of Rocksteady, announced today on Twitter that, once again, they will not be present at this year's E3. They're working hard on their next game, so they didn't have anything to show at this year's expo. It's the same kind of announcement that the company has made for events like The Game Awards, probably as a way to let fans down easy, rather than letting them get unnecessarily hyped.

It's a bummer since everyone wants to play another cool superhero game, which is what Rocksteady seems to be working on. The incredible thing is that throughout the rumors and potential leaks, the company has yet to really confirm anything about their next game. We've long heard that it could be a game based on Superman, who's games have been so bad in the past, that they've retroactively made people assume all superhero games must be trash. That rumour seemed to morph into the idea that a Justice League game is in the works, but Rocksteady hasn't confirmed that either.

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There's even a chance that their next game could be a followup to Arkham Knight, and could be the next entry in the Arkham series. Arkham Knight was a pretty definitive ending for the series, but as other franchises like Halo, Mass Effect, and Gears Of War have shown, just because your story has reached it's conclusion, doesn't mean you can't milk that cash cow for even more money. So another Arkham wouldn't be out of the question, although it would be nice for Rocksteady to prove that they're more than the studio that makes Batman games.

It's also very possible that, after all this development time, the next Rocksteady game will be a next-gen affair.

Unfortunately, all we can do for now is continue to guess what Rocksteady is up to. There's a chance that even though they won't be at E3, we may get some kind of surprise announcement during, or after the event that will shed some light on what they're been up to. Let's just hope that whatever it is, it doesn't involve flying through any rings.

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