Roger Clark Had To Redo Arthur's Dialogue In RDR2 After Speaking Too Intimately With His Horse

According to Clark, the Red Dead Redemption 2 team told him, "It doesn't really sound like you're talking to a horse."

Roger Clark, the voice actor behind the main protagonist in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan, recently revealed that during production he was asked to rerecord portions of Arthur's dialogue after the recordings sounded just a bit too intimate. Specifically, the Rockstar team was referring to Clark's dialogue recorded for when Arthur would speak to a female horse in the game. According to Clark, they told him, "It doesn't really sound like you're talking to a horse."

The original "Arthur speaks to female horse" recordings took two days to complete, so Clark was understandably frustrated that he had to do it all over again. Apparently though, he completely agreed with the decision after hearing his dialogue played back to him. The last thing that Rockstar probably wanted was a slew of fan theories suggesting that Arthur had a thing for his horse, so the decision to rerecord the dialogue was most likely for the best.

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Overall, the entire production process behind Red Dead Redemption 2 took Rockstar roughly five years, but it seems as if the time was worth it. The game sold 17 million copies in its first two weeks after release, received positive reviews by almost every major critic, and even beat out the massively successful God of War for 2018's Game of the Year according to several major publishers.

Roger Clark has become a sort of celebrity himself since the game's release, receiving a 2018 Game Award for Best Performance, and establishing a successful YouTube channel where he frequently uploads videos filled with Arthur Morgan performances and backstory on the game's production. It seems as if Clark also plans to continue his acting career, appearing in a comedy short titled, Rawmouth, just this year.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has continued to add content to Red Dead Redemption 2's online multiplayer platform, Red Dead Online, and after a rocky start, the game's online component seems to be doing much better at offering players entertaining adventures for their characters. Unfortunately though, it seems that this means Rockstar is unlikely to release any story DLC for the game, meaning the Arthur Morgan origin story that we'd all love to play won't be seeing the light of day any time soon.

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