Rogue Legacy Gets Its First Patch In 4 Years As Part Of 5 Year Anniversary Update

To celebrate its 5 year anniversary, Rogue Legacy is getting patched for the first time in 4 years. Additions include cloud saves and mouse controls.

Adorable but brutal dungeon-crawler Rogue Legacy is joining the modern age of gaming with its first patch in four years. The patch brings with it fan-requested features like multiple languages, cloud saves, and long-awaited mouse controls.

Cellar Door Games announced the surprise patch on the game's Steam Community Page. It's considered a part of the game's 5-year Anniversary Update. After thanking the fans and playtesters, the developer gets right down to the list of changes the patch brings.

Starting off the changes is the fact that the game is now available in eight different languages. Players can now enjoy every last bit of text in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portugese, Russian, Polish, and Simplified Chinese.

via: steamcommunity.com

As for gameplay, Cellar Door Games has added quite a few things to make the game more functional, more amusing, and more challenging.

First is the addition of cloud saves. While it's a feature many gamers expect from every game released in recent years, it's been missing in Rogue Legacy. A pity, because a game that's built to be replayed constantly lends itself well to being accessible on several devices and taken on the go. Thanks to the patch, the adventure can finally continue everywhere, or as Cellar Door puts it "Now you can play on a plane!"

In a self-aware joke, Cellar Door also added the ability to control the game using a mouse. This addition references a Steam thread that's almost as old as the game itself. When one user wrote a rant post about how the game couldn't be played using a mouse, other Steam users continued to comment and keep the thread alive as a joke. After over 2,000 comments spread out over years, Cellar Door said "we finally got the message. I hope you degenerates are grateful!"

via: steamcommunity.com

Aside from those larger changes, the patch also addresses several long-running bugs, adds two more random traits, and throws in a "spooky" mystery portrait. For achievement hunters, there's a new achievement called Thanatophobia. It challenges players to complete the game in 15 lives or less. For those who have already obtained 100% achievement and don't feel like jumping back in for Thanatophobia, Cellar Door threw in a special code to instantly unlock the achievement.

It's always nice to see a developer care so much about their game that they invest in it five years later. Or even two years, as recent No Man's Sky news shows. Response to the Rogue Legacy patch has been positive overall, with several lapsed players declaring interest in returning to the game. It's also a great time for new players, as the game is currently on sale to celebrate the anniversary.

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