10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Romance With Cora In Mass Effect: Andromeda

We know that Mass Effect: Andromeda was not as popular as the original Mass Effect trilogy. It lacked the story-telling finesse that made the first games legendary. But if you're one of the few who picked up the game and enjoyed it, you might be curious to know what happened in the different romance options you could have taken.

Romancing is an infamous part of the Mass Effect games, and Andromeda is no exception. We don't know about you, but we always chose the alien love interests during our playthroughs, for novelty's sake. So, just to shake things up a bit, let's take a look at Andromeda's possible romance with human crew member, Cora Harper. Read on if you want to know how Ryder's romance with Cora goes down.

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10 She Wants Nothing To Do With Female Ryder

The members of Ryder's crew have set types, if you know what I mean. No matter who you play as, Sara or Scott, their preferences will stay the same. Cora Harper will reject Sara Ryder if you try flirting with her while playing as the female Ryder twin. Cora is as straight as clarinet. She will be polite about it at least.

You don't have to worry too much about Sara getting her feelings hurt, though as with any rejection, it's kind of awkward. If you approach Cora as Scott, she will be more open to your advances. Or rather, she'll be more open to his advances.

9 You Can Start Acting Smooth As Soon As You Get The Tempest

The Tempest is the ship that Ryder uses throughout the course of Mass Effect: Andromeda. It is essentially the Pathfinder's personal ship as the Milky Way settlers try finding habitable worlds to live on in their new galaxy. As you gather crew members, they all become quite comfortable on your ship. As soon as the Tempest is unlocked for your traveling pleasure, the flirtatious dialogue options for Cora are opened. What this means is that you shouldn't be trying to romance her at the very beginning of the game. It won't take. And can you blame her? Crashing onto Habitat 7 was a harrowing experience.

8 She Opens Up About Her Admiration And Guilt

As any veteran Mass Effect player knows, you have to spend a lot of time just talking to the crew members you want to romance in order for your love to flourish. Andromeda is no different. If you want Cora to fall in love with Scott, you have to take Scott up to her while on the Tempest and ask her questions about her life. If you do, you'll find out she has a deep admiration for the Asari Sarissa. That also means that when Cora finds out Sarissa is not who she thought she was, you can be there to comfort her with her guilt. Be as kind as possible to Cora in these moments, and romance will not be far away. (Though you should genuinely try to be a friend to her in these trying times. Don't be a jerk.)

7 She Apparently Likes Interruptions

Andromeda likes to "surprise" players with random quick-time events during serious conversations. This can be as simple as successfully giving someone a high-five or as morally dubious as shooting someone in the back. Twice during conversations with Cora, you as a player can interrupt her thanks to a quick-time prompt.

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The first time is to give her a hug, the second is to give her a kiss once you've got the romance locked down. You might be hesitant to press that button, thinking that interrupting Cora, even with a kiss, is just plain rude. Rest assured, after having played the game, there are no consequences to interrupting Cora. She seems to like it.

6 The Infamous Movie Night Snuggles

In an admittedly sweet moment for Andromeda, the crew of the Tempest plans a movie night in the midst of impending doom. Ill-timed, but sweet nonetheless. If you're romancing Cora successfully, then during the movie, she will lay her head against your shoulder. Or at least she will if she appears. Twice we have played this game, only to have the character model for our romance partner to just be gone, leaving Ryder to cuddle with an invisible ghost.

5 Cora's Garden In The Fairwinds Basin

Reaching the ultimate levels of love with Cora will have her take you to an area on Eos called the Fairwinds Basin. Despite her tough-as-nails demeanor and her thoroughly awesome fighting capabilities, Cora wants to have flowers in her life again.

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Living in a galaxy far removed from the Milky Way means that familiar flowers are a no-show. If Cora trusts you enough, she'll take you to the Fairwinds Basin and show you a spot where she plans to grow some flowers after converting the soil to something the seeds can flourish in. You and her can plant them together.

4 She Is Not A Settling-Down Type Of Person

As you can probably surmise from your time spent with her, Cora is not the type of person to want a steady home on one of the colony planets. Her heart is that of an explorer's. Why else do you think she followed in the footsteps of a Pathfinder? After all is said and done, toward the end of the game, Cora will let you know (and by "you," we mean Scott) that she doesn't think she's going to settle down soon. However, she is quick to follow this up with a maybe-in-the-far-future kind of statement.

3 Roaming The Stars Together, Just The Two Of You

If you want to know what Cora envisions as a possible future for the two of you, you must reach the highest romantic moment possible in terms of your relationship. (Mass Effect veterans know what we're talking about.)

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As you look out the windows of the Tempest, Cora talks about traveling out in the stars on a ship, just the two of you. Which, now that we think about it, is kind of what you do for the whole game. Admittedly, the rest of the Tempest's crew are around, but at least you and Cora are still star-roaming.

2 There Is No Lighting Malfunction In Your Room

When Cora decides to make a move on you, she does so in a very roundabout way. She asks Ryder to see her and then tells him there's a lighting malfunction in his room.

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Once the two of you make it to Ryder's quarters (a space you probably spent very little time in throughout the whole game), she will admit that she lied about the malfunction. She just wanted to get you alone. So if you're romancing Cora, your get-set-go signal should be when she tells you about that "malfunction."

1 Getting It On Or Cuddling In Bed

The pinnacle of romance for your relationship with Cora Harper will end one of two ways. As you guys share a quiet moment together in Ryder's room, you'll be prompted to choose between... well, doing stuff or cuddling. If you decide to... do stuff, you'll... well, you'll do the stuff. If you decide to cuddle, you and Cora will lie down together and look at the stars swimming past the window. It's romantic either way, really.

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