Roombo: First Blood Review: Who Says Cleaning Has To Suck?

Roombo: First Blood is a simple, light-hearted home defense game that features hilarious, over-the-top gore.

Samurai Punk may not be a household name as far as game studios go, but you’ve likely at least heard of some of their games. Most notably, the studio is known for Screencheat, a multiplayer game in which players have to look at other players’ screens - lovingly referred to as “screen watching” - to know exactly where they are and where to shoot. Samurai Punk (which sounds like a game title in and of itself) returns with Roombo: First Blood, a simple, light-hearted home defense game that features hilarious, over-the-top gore.

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A Modern Day Kevin McCallister

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In Roombo: First Blood, players take on the role of a robot vacuum cleaner tasked with fending off burglars on Christmas Eve who have broken into the house. This is accomplished through the stealthy robot’s ability to hack into other smart-home devices, such as lights, appliances, and doors, and turning them into weapons of mass destruction (with an emphasis on “mass”).

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When a burglar falls victim to one of the weaponized gadgets - such as a falling, spinning ceiling fan - you’ll know it. Blood splatters from their body, painting the floors with the red substance. The exaggerated amount of bloodshed only adds to the hilarity of the moment, which increases as more burglars make their way into the home as players move through each level. Roombo can even plow directly into the masked intruders, sending them flying across the room. What happens once the burglars are finally defeated? Roombo simply sucks up their lifeless bodies, hiding any trace of their existence, other than the blood that covers every corner of the house.

Clean Up Your Act

That’s when Roombo really gets down to business, cleaning up as much of the blood as it can before the family returns home. It is advised to try and keep up on cleaning the bloodshed while progressing through the level, rather than trying to clean it all up at once.

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This is because players are rated as to the effectiveness of their Roombo play. The more accurate you are with your traps and the more blood and footprints you’re able to clean up, the higher your rating will be once the level is completed.

During my gameplay, there were a few encounters with in-game glitches, such as somehow managing to get outside of the map, which resulted in having to restart the level. The plowing action also seemed to be a little inconsistent; sometimes it worked properly, sometimes it failed to work at all. Of course, at a price point of less than $3, it was easy to overlook the issues and brush them off as something that will probably be fixed in future updates.

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Roombo: First Blood is a fun game for whenever you have a few minutes to kill. According to the game’s Discord server, the game will eventually receive controller support, as well as potential future content depending on how well the game sells. Personally, I think that Roombo: First Blood would be a perfect addition to the Switch. Samurai Punk has ported other games to the handheld device, so it’s certainly not out of the question. Heck, I would even go so far as to say that Roombo could be a solid Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He’ll just need to be added on the console first.

3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

A copy of Roombo: First Blood was purchased by TheGamer for this review. Roombo: First Blood is available now on PC.

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