15 RPG Games That Are Totally Overrated (And 15 That Are Worth A Second Look)

There are so many different types of video game out there, with some more popular than others. RPGs are one of the most popular genres out there, so we decided to put together a list that takes a look at one of the most popular genres available. Role-playing games are a chance for players to enter into a fantasy world that pits them against some creatures and monsters that we're glad don't exist in the real world!

Seeing as people love them so much, there are a lot of them out there, so it's important that we take a look at which ones are worth playing! We've pulled together some of the most overrated RPGs available, as well as some more that are definitely worth another look, the ones that don't get the recognition they deserve. We expect that some people out there won't be happy with the decisions we've made here, so don't take it personally! There are lots of RPG games out there, and obviously, not all of them are going to be winners. So we had to make some tough choices here, and you're free to disagree with the sides that we've put each game on.

So, it's about time that we take a look at the RPGs and decide which ones aren't as good as some people say. It's also important to give some love to the games that people don't talk about enough!

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30 Overrated: Final Fantasy XIV

via: steam.com

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular franchises of all time, so it's no surprise that the developers decided to turn it into an MMORPG.

This gave players the chance to pull together with friends and strangers while taking on enemies in the Final Fantasy universe.

Sadly, they ended up creating a game that was a real slog. People still played it for a while because that's how much people love the Final Fantasy franchise, but to even give it that much effort makes it overrated to us.

29 Underrated: Fallout 2

via: polygon.com

While gamers have always known about this series, it really hit the mainstream with the release of Fallout 3, a chance to take in a fully 3D version of the wasteland that had been detailed in the first two isometric games in the franchise. However, while people love those new games in the series, many of them have never bothered to go back and play the originals, which is a great worry to us, as they offer a truly original experience that every gamer should experience.

28 Overrated: Super Mario RPG

via: gametyrant.com

We already know that there are people punching their screens at the idea that this game is overrated, but we swear that it's nowhere near as good as so many people think it is!

It's repetitive and offers no real gameplay mechanics that haven't already been done better in other video games.

While in other RPGs we're offered up a new world to explore, we already all know about everything within the Super Mario universe, so there wasn't really much to surprise us or interest us in this one...

27 Underrated: Paper Mario

via: nintendo.co.uk

Now, this is how to do a Mario RPG! This game, and the sequel The Thousand Year Door offered players a look at the Super Mario universe that we had never seen before, while also including new gameplay mechanics to play around with as well, which is always welcome! They also got pretty weird, taking Mario to places that he had never been to before, and probably would never go to these days either. Still worth a look to this day!

26 Overrated: Final Fantasy VII

via: theverge.com

Another major RPG that people adore, but we've never truly understood why everyone loves it so much. We think it has to be a case of nostalgia blindness on this one because if you go back to play it again as an adult, this video game is seriously boring and repetitive.

There was likely a sense of scale to it back in the day, but now it doesn't offer anything that hasn't already been done numerous times since and much better as well! People who like it should be forced to go back and try to complete it...

25 Underrated: Secret Of Mana

via: polygon.com

We were so happy when this game got a remake that recently released, but it was a total flop, as it seemed to get rid of everything that people loved about the original.

It's a worry to us, because the original is a fantastic game, one that everyone should go back and play.

Seriously, put this game on your list, because it is brilliant, even to this day. Modern developers could learn a lot from what this game has to offer!

24 Overrated: Fallout 3

via: imdb.com

We cannot believe that people enjoy this game as much as they do. Not only is it nothing compared to the original games in the series, but it also doesn't offer the player a lot of things worth wanting! There is little to no choice in this game, no matter what video game reviewers may say, and the ending was just a massive let down that they ended up having to change through the release of paid DLC. How is it possible this game is still well remembered?!

23 Underrated: Suikoden II

via: polygon.com

The past few years have seen a lot of people talk about how this is one of the greatest RPGs that most gamers have not been through yet. We couldn't agree more. This franchise is known for offering a huge number of characters that players can take into their party, with just under fifty of them being open to combat roles.

Not only that, but every single character can move the story forward, giving players a chance to really immerse themselves in the world that they're playing in.

22 Overrated: Chrono Cross

via: alphacoders.com

Chrono Trigger was a fantastic game, offering people a new world to play through and is still a good game to play that allows people a chance to travel through time.

That being said, the game that came afterward was not something we enjoyed playing, despite the fact that so many gamers out there love it. 

This game did not live up to the original, and while it may have been a good game in its own right, we don't think that it was worthy of the original game in the series!

21 Underrated: Golden Sun

via: goombastomp.com

Nobody ever really places this game or any of the game in the franchise in their list of favorite RPGs, which it definitely should do, as it offers up an interesting cast of characters, along with an entertaining story.

While the turn-based combat is nothing new, the game allows players to interact with the world through the main character's magic powers.

This adds a whole layer of gameplay that isn't really seen in other games that have a similar combat system. The story is still worth a look now.

20 Overrated: Pokémon

via: nintendo.com

We may have all had a lot of fun with these games when we were younger, but as an adult, they're really boring. The story is made for children, and that's clear to see. The story even tells the narrative of a young child as they go on an adventure with their favorite little monsters. Which young kid wouldn't want to play out that fantasy?!

Unless you're into it for the competitive element, there's really nothing here worth returning to if you ask us. It's just the same game over and over again.

19 Underrated: Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

via: gog.com

This is not a flawless game, and many would recommend that it was played with a couple of mods that offer a chance to play as it should be, but it doesn't mean that people shouldn't be playing it. It's one of the most immersive video games we have ever played, and it doesn't offer immersion in the same way as many other video games. This is the game people should be playing instead of Fallout and Skyrim...

18 Overrated: Skyrim

via: ign.com

When this game first came out, people couldn't really explain how much they loved it, their enjoyment of the game too much to put into words. Now, we would really like someone to start explaining it because we still don't understand how the video game came to be seen as the modern masterpiece that it's still seen as. The combat is shallow, the voice acting is bad, and the player is offered little to no choice in how to enjoy the narrative.

17 Underrated: Wild Arms 3

via: playstation.net

Most RPGs don't offer a chance to play in a Western setting, but Wild Arms does! This is a franchise that decided to go a different way to other games at the time, and we respect it for that.

A lot of RPG fans have never played one of these games, but we think that they should, and the third in the franchise is by far the best!

The good news is that this game can now be bought and downloaded onto the PS4, so we say go for it! It's well worth the money and gives players the chance to enjoy some gaming history.

16 Overrated: The Witcher

via: cbr.com

Okay, so we've got no real problem with the third game in the series, but has anyone actually gone back to play the original game recently?! The story is hard to enjoy, with the lore getting annoying, while the combat is as boring as it is in the first Witcher game. We would like to see a remaster of these games that change everything to the third game's engine!

The third game solved everything, but if people want to know the whole story, they're going to have to slog through the rubbish first games in the trilogy.

15 Underrated: Skies Of Arcadia

via: segabits.com

It's no surprise that a lot of people didn't end up playing this one as it was developed for the Sega Dreamcast, a console that a lot of people didn't end up buying.

However, it was then released on the GameCube two years later, and we think it's worth going back to play this if people still have this Nintendo console!

While it used the same combat system as many other RPGs at the time, this game tasked players with exploring a huge 3D space, which was fairly new at the time.

14 Overrated: Kingdom Hearts

via: ign.com

Even the people who like this franchise make jokes about how they don't really know why they enjoy it. At first, the idea of a Final Fantasy game that allows players the chance to fight alongside their favorite Disney characters sounds like a lot of fun, but it really isn't.

Just as people start to enjoy the game, the control is wrenched from the player's hands, where they're forced to watch yet another long cutscene that is genuinely impossible to understand without a screen open that explains it all.

13 Underrated: Arc The Lad

via: mobygames.com

This tactical RPG is a great view at the foundation laid down by many RPG games in the past, with people's favorite video games in this sort of series taking on many of the things found in this one. We think that anybody who loves tactical RPGs should spend some time going back and playing things like this. Not only will they have fun, but they'll get a better grasp of video game history, unlike many others.

12 Overrated: Deus Ex

via: gog.com

Have people actually tried to go back to play this game recently? It is an absolute mess that we would never force on anyone out there. It's sad really, as this game was genuinely groundbreaking, offering a level of player choice that couldn't be found in any other games on the market at the time.

However, to enjoy that choice, players have to take part in a game that has aged terribly, to the point where we think it's pretty much impossible to enjoy.

11 Underrated: Grandia 2

via: n3rdabl3.com

Another video game that was originally released on the Dreamcast, a lot of people missed this classic when it then appeared on the PlayStation. People can move around in the combat system of this game, which was not usual for RPGs at the time. It was important that people were trying new things, and this attack and retreat worked well.

The good news is that a remaster is on the way, being released on Nintendo Switch and PC, so people now don't have any excuse for not playing it!

10 Overrated: Ni No Kuni

via: amazon.com

Sure, it's easily the most beautiful game on this list, and continues to be beautiful despite being years old, but does that make up for slow gameplay?

The story goes at a snail's pace and when players finally do get a chance to enjoy the gameplay mechanics, there's nothing much there.

We don't understand how people can enjoy taking part in such a messy experience. It is almost impossible for us to find this game entertaining.

9 Underrated: Lost Odyssey

via: wikia.com

Unlike some of the others game on this list, Lost Odyssey decided to keep the combat system similar to many other RPGs that came out at the time, so they could mess around with the story as much as possible. We think that this is important, as these games were originally created to allow people the chance to escape into a fantasy world, unlike anything they would ever see in the real world. That's exactly what this game offered people.

8 Overrated: World Of Warcraft

via: digitaltrends.com

One of the most popular video games of all time, we think that this one is actually pretty terrible. It takes advantage of the addictive part of a human being's brain, convincing them to stick around and put their entire life into it. This is despite the fact that it continues to use graphics that have been out of date for over a decade and has little to no real gameplay. Without a doubt, one of the most overrated video games of all time, never mind just RPGs.

7 Underrated: Persona 3

via: technobuffalo.com

Despite the fact that it actually started out as a spin-off series of Shin Megami Tensei, this was the video game that proved to gamers that it had what it took to be its own famous series. The most recent installment in the series, Persona 5, was a critical and commercial success in the Western regions, so we think that people should go back to earlier games in the series.

Persona 1 and 2 are difficult to get into, but the third one is a brilliant piece of work that everyone can still enjoy to this day.

6 Overrated: Ocarina Of Time

via: medium.com

To some people, this is the greatest action RPG of all time, and while it certainly is a good game, this game isn't anywhere near as good as it has the reputation for being.

Not only have the graphics aged terribly, but this game is a lot slower than people remember, forcing players to take their time in a very boring way.

Honestly, there's enough in this game to enjoy and have fun with, but people are way too ready to ignore the more boring aspects contained within.

5 Underrated: Vagrant Story

via: twincitiesgeek.com

We don't know many other gamers that have played through this game, and that's a real issue, as it offers an interesting story with a rather different combat system to many others, essentially asking the player to take part in a rhythm game to properly fight their enemy. The graphics look very bad these days, but if people can push that part, they will find a world rich in lore and a main character that is a joy to control.

4 Overrated: Planescape Torment

via: dualshockers.com

Despite the fact that this game didn't do well when it was first released, many people have gone back to it and it has become a cult classic. Even though it's certainly not the most terrible game on this list, it's also not the game that people should bother going back to play if they're looking for an older RPG to have fun with.

It never managed to hit the heights of Baldur's Gate, another gamer favorite that closely resembles what this game was clearly trying to achieve...

3 Underrated: Legend Of Dragoon

via: moregameslike.com

The problem with a lot of RPGs is that they rely on a turn-based combat system, which allows the player to sit back and not really take part, which is the opposite of what we should want from a video game!

This game doesn't do this, instead expecting the gamer to push buttons throughout the combat, keeping an eye on the screen at all times.

If people are looking for an old RPG that expects more from the player, then this is the game that they should be playing, as we know they'll have a good time.

2 Overrated: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

via: steam.com

While RPGs do offer players the chance to throw themselves at a world that doesn't really exist, we think it's fascinating when these worlds are based on some truth, such as this one.

This fantasy RPG has a much more sci-fi feel than most of the games on this list, and while the setting works well, the combat and story leave a lot to be desired. Seriously, we were so sad to find out that this game didn't turn out well, as it offered something that most other RPGs don't, but really dropped the ball...

1 Underrated: Valkyria Chronicles

via: polygon.com

Taking place in a world ripped apart by war, this game allows players the chance to work as a team, fighting against other teams too. The story may be slower than a lot of other games, but people should have come to expect this from RPGs at this point! That being said, the players will find a story that allows them to properly get to know the characters involved, rather than just some mannequins to put their own personality onto.

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