Ruh-Roh: 25 Fan Pictures Of Daphne And Velma From Scooby-Doo That Make Us Want A Scooby Snack

Scooby-Doo is often looked at as one of cartoon history’s greatest successes. As one of the many shows produced by the great Hanna-Barbera animation studio in the late 60s, kids have grown up watching the talking Great Dane and his four teenage friends travel around the world in a psychedelic van while solving mysteries. Scooby-Doo has been a smash hit since the day it aired and is still seeing different incarnations through TV, comics and even movies to this very day.

While the titular dog might be considered the main character of the series, people who grew up watching Scooby-Doo may disagree. For many, the teens themselves are the characters they remember the most fondly and this is especially the case when it comes to Daphne and Velma. These two ladies serve as both the beauty and the brains of this mystery solving operation and boy, do we love them for it. If you ask around, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone who cites either of these two ladies as their first-ever crush and it’s not very hard to understand why.

With such a long history behind the two of them, we’ve gotten to see them sport quite a few different looks. Some of them are tame and some… not so much. Regardless, we can’t deny that Daphne and Velma truly look great and we want to take a moment to appreciate these lovely ladies.

25 Investigative Eyes

via: larienne.deviantart.com

We’re starting this list off with an amazing portrait of Velma. This piece by Larienne is great for not only capturing the cuteness that we all see in Velma, but for also making her look pretty darn cool as well. The way she’s holding up the magnifying glass with the ghost being seen through it? Amazing.

It should serve as a reminder that Velma always sees right through the culprit and solves any mystery that might come up.

The colors are also worth nothing when it comes to this piece. Velma’s hair looks especially nice thanks to the use of multiple shades. Looking closely, you can even see a slight bit of reflection in her glasses. All around, this is a top-notch look at Velma.

24 Ladies Of Action

via: dccomics.com

Daphne and Velma may have started off as the brains and beauty, but that doesn’t mean these ladies don’t kick butt as well. The Scooby-Doo comic series Scooby Apocalypse placed the gang in the near future during a full-on zombie apocalypse! This is quite unlike the Scooby-Doo gang that we’re used to, but we’re not complaining.

This world’s version of Daphne is a tough journalist who’s a lot sharper-edged. She does still have a soft spot though, especially when it comes to Fred. Velma’s doing especially well for herself, taking her genius to such a high level that she’s able to make Scooby-Doo. She doesn’t speak all that much but when she does, she’s always got a plan to stop the monsters. No matter what timeline they’re in, the gang is still solving mysteries.

23 Charming Eyes

via: sakimichan.deviantart.com

While she’s always looked great on TV, the animated series have never been able to really accentuate just how amazing Daphne looks. This art by Sakimichan certainly has no problem managing the task.

There’s a lot of charm to be found in the way that she’s smiling, and the hearts floating around her are especially cute.

What’s especially captivating about this art, however, are Daphne’s eyes. With the way that the original Scooby-Doo series was animated, all of the human characters had nearly identical black dots for eyes. It wasn’t until the Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated animated series where Daphne’s eye color was changed to a nice lavender shade. Sakimichan ran with that idea, giving Daphne purple colored eyes that are practically mesmerizing to look at.

22 Velma's Gaze

via: kyvshinov-ilya.deviantart.com

Speaking of eyes that mesmerize, Velma also has a piercing gaze. This amazing art done by Kuvshinov-Ilya gives us a great close-up look at Velma. Most of her designs obscure her eyes with her thick glasses, but this art finally gives us a chance to see them. Aside from her eyes, though, there is still a lot to be admired when it comes to Velma. She’s undeniably cute, and that sweet smile of hers really fits her bookworm personality. The stars in the background are also a nice touch along with the lime green shaded background. It matches perfectly with Velma’s classic orange outfit. Fans often claim that Velma is the more attractive member between herself and Daphne, and Kuvshinov’s rendition of her makes for a pretty good argument.

21 Stuck In A Bubble

via: eastcoastcanuck.deviantart.com

Scoob and the gang have run into all sorts of strange and creepy monsters. Naturally, this means they’ve come across some pretty unique traps as well. Unfortunately for Daphne, she’s usually the one being captured! Artist EastCoastCanuck gave us his rendition of the lovely Daphne being caught in the dreaded bubble-gum trap.

This bubble-gum trap may be a reference to a similar trap seen in The New Scooby-Doo animated series.

In an episode titled The Haunted Candy Factory, Daphne and the rest of the gang were briefly trapped in purple colored taffy. Something separating this art from most is that the Daphne we see here is based on her live-action movie counterpart, originally played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. The scariest thing about this trap is what it could potentially do to her hair!

20 A Mystery Awaits

via: alangutierrezart.deviantart.com

Velma hardly cowers in the face of danger and with her around, neither does the rest of the Mystery Inc gang. Here we have AlanGutierrezArt’s art of Velma, giving us all a very intriguing look. This art gives off more of the fantasy horror vibe of the Scooby-Doo series rather than its comedic or quirky sides we often see. The spooky-looking castle in the background along with all the fleeing bats makes it look like something straight out of the Castlevania series.

Rather than Velma’s usual nerdy style, she comes off looking much more like a mature teacher instead. Her expression also gives off an inviting look rather than one of fear. If Velma wanted to explore a haunted castle with you, would you go?

19 A Weird Time For A Picture

via: ct05.deviantart.com

They say there’s a time and place for everything. I think we can all agree that a monster investigation is not the right time to be stopping for a photo op. Artist CT05’s rendition of Daphne has her posing for the camera in the middle of the forest, unfortunately for her (or the monster), Daphne isn’t alone in the shot.

One of the more amazing qualities of this piece would have to be its vibrant colors.

Daphne’s hair, scarf, and purple top really pop out at you thanks to their bright colors. The same can also be said for Daphne’s emerald eyes. They’re wide open enough to make you question just how prepared she was to be photographed. I wonder how much more surprised she’ll be once she turns around.

18 Jinkies!

via: soul-drawer.deviantart.com

If there’s one thing we all remember Scooby-Doo’s Velma Dinkley for, it’s her famous catchphrase. Since the original Scooby-Doo animated series, Velma coined the now classic catchphrase, “Jinkies”. While the word has no real meaning, Velma uses it whenever something catches her by surprise.

Artist Soul-drawer gives us his own stylized take on Velma, giving her a much more rounded, curvy appearance. As a nod to Velma’s popular catchphrase, she can be seen holding and observing a clue in her hand with the word “jinkies” written on it. The lighting in this piece is amazing, the candles in the foreground giving Velma a slight glow as she holds the clue to the light. I can only imagine how creepy it must be to find a clue that relates so closely to you on a personal level Velma.

17 Groovy Daphne

via: kuvshinov-ilya.deviantart.com

One of the best things about the Scooby-Doo franchise is that it was created at the very start of the 70s. This has given the series a very organic 70s aesthetic, something that fortunately stuck around. Kuvshinov-Ilya really took advantage of that with this piece of art, Drawing a fierce looking Daphne in front of the gang’s Mystery Machine.

Owned by Fred, the Mystery Machine has served as the gang’s main source of transportation since the very beginning.

Sporting its signature blue and green colors, the van serves as the perfect backdrop for Daphne. With parts of the words “mystery” and “machine,” there’s no mistaking it for anything else. Daphne posing in front of the Mystery Machine only adds to her funky fresh appearance and we love it.

16 Serene Beauty

via: loputon.deviantart.com

All Scooby-Doo references aside, sometimes it’s good to simply admire a character’s design. Loputon’s portrait of Velma doesn’t feature any references or neat Easter eggs that date back to her mystery-solving adventures and yet still manage to display so much. Rather than seeing her as the girl constantly searching for clues wither friends and a talking dog, we get this chance to admire her beauty. Her hair, her eyes, the way she’s looking off with neither a look of happiness or sadness. It’s the sort of piece that makes you wish there was a proper story to go alongside it.

We’ve never been able to see this side of Velma in any of the numerous forms of media Scooby-Doo’s been adapted into but hopefully, Loputon’s art lets us imagine what could be.

15 The Mysterious Carnival

via: killbiro.deviantart.com

Daphne sure loves to remind us why she’s one of the best of the Hanna Barbera girls. Artist Killbiro gives us a look their take on more realistic Daphne as she works on a case at what appears to be an abandoned amusement park. One of the really cool things about this piece of art is the blend between the very realistic Daphne and the cartoonish background, properly replicating the art style of the animated series.

On a side note, Daphne’s hair reminded me a lot of Spider-Man’s own Mary Jane Watson.

With Scooby-Doo and the gang having met WWE wrestlers, Kiss, and even the cast of the Supernatural TV series, is it too crazy to imagine them meeting superheroes from the Marvel comic universe? Make it happen.

14 Girl Talk

via: geektyrant.com

As fun as it can be gushing about Daphne and Velma separately, it’s even better when we have them standing together!

Great fan art is always appreciated but there’s something even more cool about it when it’s fan art created by an official artist. This stylized piece of Daphne and Velma comes from none other than professional illustrator Otto Schmidt. Schmidt has lent his talent to famous comic book publications such as Marvel and DC in order to work on some of the most popular comic book superheroes out there. His rendition of the classic Scooby-Doo characters shares his signature style, giving them a sharper and sleeker look than most of us are likely to be used to. That Scooby-Doo Marvel heroes crossover just got a little more realistic.

13 Timeskip Daphne

via: phil-cho.deviantart.com

While I wouldn’t trade Scooby-Doo’s 70s style for the world, that doesn’t mean I’m totally against seeing the Mystery Inc gang age. Drawn and colored by artists Phil-cho and DannyK999, we get a pretty good idea of how Daphne might appear as a fully-grown woman and the results are great

Daphne sports a style that reminds us all of where she came from but with a few upgrades, suggesting she might be moving up in the world.

It’s possible that she’s finally become a well-recognized journalist just as she talked about. Hopefully, her old friends have done nearly as well in their own fields! What do you think? Does this Daphne live up to your expectations or was there another direction you were hoping to see our Mystery Inc. lady go in?

12 Nerd Versus Prep

via: rosswinch.deviantart.com

The Mystery Inc gang has a unique dynamic among all its members. It’s a big part of why we’re able to relate to each of them. RossWinch manages to highlight the individual personalities of both Daphne and Velma with this piece of fan art. Daphne’s design is even more focused on highlighting her beauty, going as far as replacing her canon outfit with a new tight, low-cut purple dress. Velma, on the other hand, is wearing even clothing than normal. Her new dress goes down past her knees and gives her a far more reserved appearance. Adding to her look, Velma is even carrying school books. The stark contrast between Daphne and Velma has never been more apparent than it is here. On a side note, it’s nice to see one of these teens with some schoolbooks for once.

11 Zapped Again

via: coralwerks.deviantart.com

Some mysteries are a lot harder to solve than others. It should come as no surprise that a series as universally acclaimed as Scooby-Doo is going to have its fair share of fanfiction shared around on the web. Artist Coralwerks is one of many creating their own adventures for Scooby and the gang to go on.

In an attempt to escape the clutches of the evil Dr. Thelodontis’ secret lab, Daphne makes a run for it.

As a result, Daphne is zapped by… some sort of ray. It’s hard to say exactly what Dr. Thelodontis’ ray managed to do to Daphne, but we can tell she’s being turned into some sort of creature. I wonder what Fred is going to say when he gets a sight of this.

10 Scooby-Dooby-Desu

via: osy057.deviantart.com

Ever wonder what Scooby-Doo would look like if it were made into an anime? Well, now you don’t have to. Artists osy057 and Izaru have given us an answer to a possibly age-old question: What would Scooby-Doo look like as an anime? Velma transitions over pretty well, actually. Her classic design practically worked for an anime character, to begin with, and the scarf is a welcome addition in my eyes. Daphne, however, doesn’t fare so well. If I were to have seen a picture of her by herself, I’m not sure I’d ever have guessed that she was Daphne. Without her orange hair, she loses a lot of her unique flair and that’s a shame. Still, I’d love to see a crossover between the anime Mystery Inc. gang and Detective Conan.

9 Scooby-Dooby-Desu: Zoinks-Hen

via: madokkc.deviantart.com

The Mystery Inc. gang has been fractured. After the loss of Scooby-Doo and the capture of Daphne, Fred has lost all hope. Now, it falls on Velma and Shaggy to solve the greatest mysteries of all; their own hearts.

Seriously though, it seems as if people can’t get enough Scooby-Doo anime.

Artist Madokkc drew their own eastern style rendition of Velma and Shaggy, side-by-side. This piece takes a few more liberties than the last, swapping out Velma’s popular sweater for an oversized t-shirt and a pair of red tights with brown boots. Shaggy’s also seen some changes, replacing his green t-shirt with a white one and adding a green jacket. On top of that, he’s got a sweet new gold chain. Will they ever find Scooby-Doo? Find out next time on Scooby-Dooby-Desu!

8 New Scooby-Doo Bros.

via: princesa-daisy.deviantart.com

On the topic of strange fanfiction, we’ve got residents of the Mushroom Kingdom becoming the cast of Scooby-Doo. Artist and Scooby-Doo fan Princesa-Daisy drew their own version of the Scooby-Doo gang, with Princess Peach and Princess Daisy taking the roles of Daphne and Velma respectively.

While it technically isn’t them, they do fit the roles pretty well. Daphne and Peach share a lot in common, wearing similar colors and being considered “the pretty one” in their casts. Velma and Daisy would be considered the more spunky, sporty types. Shaggy is a dead ringer for Luigi, being as cowardly as possible and Mario shares the leadership role with Fred, even having a relationship with the proper counterpart. I wouldn’t immediately relate Yoshi to Scooby, but the two of them do both have bottomless pits for stomachs.

7 Velma And Shaggy Expecting

via: pla-sama.deviantart.com

When Scooby-Doo fans aren’t pairing Velma with Daphne, they’re usually pairing her with Shaggy. Pla-Sama took things a step further with this art piece of Velma and Shaggy, preparing to have a little one of their own. This pairing didn’t just come out of thin air.

Hanna-Barbera has been dropping hints at the these two getting together for some time.

In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Velma confronted Shaggy about their feeling for each other but Shaggy worried that he might hurt Scooby Doo’s feelings if the two got involved. That, however, didn’t stop the two from going through plenty of romantic trials and tribulations before ultimately deciding to stay friends. Still, fans will continue to wait for the day where these two finally get together for good.

6 The Jones Family

via: pla-sama.deviantart.com

Velma and Shaggy aren’t the only ones working to expand their family. Fred and Daphne are also preparing for another baby. It appears that a glimpse into Velma and Shaggy’s potential future wasn’t enough to satisfy Pla-sama. Here we have a piece showing us the continued expansion of the Jones family. Unlike Velma and Shaggy, Fred and Daphne becoming a family is no surprise to anyone. The two have hinted at attraction as well as romantic tension in multiple movies and animated series. While the two never officially tie the knot, they never hide any discomfort they feel from watching the other flirt with anyone else. Hopefully, these two will sit down and a nice talk one day as well. I have a feeling it’ll work out better than how things between Velma and Shaggy went.

5 Scooby's Princesses

via: piggie50.deviantart.com

We’ve got one more weird crossover for our Mystery Inc. girls. This Disney princess edit done by Piggie50 gives us a chance to see Velma and Daphne in a similar style. Quite frankly, the two of them would fit in quite well. It’s hard to tell which exactly, but Daphne looks a lot like Cinderella and guessing by the book in her hand, I’d assume that Velma is based on Belle.

Regardless of who they’re based on though, the two make the looks their own.

Daphne’s outfit barely needed to be changed and Velma models that dress really well. It makes me wonder what a true Scooby-Doo Disney film would be like. I’m sure Shaggy and Fred would make for great princes for these two.

4 Girl Power

via: adrianathegirlonfire.deviantart.com

Going back to basics, we’ll be looking at Daphne and Velma posing together. This is another wonderful edit that was done by AdrianaTheGirlOnFire. The piece was made through a website known as Dolldivine.com. The site allows users to create nearly any character, so it should come as no surprise that someone would create Daphne and Velma eventually. What is impressive, however, is just how accurate the two look. Nearly every part of Daphne and Velma look perfect and if not for the identical poses, AdrianaTheGirlOnFire could’ve attempted passing this off as original art without being found out. The pieces’ haunted forest background also helps to Scooby-Doo’s overall themes, even with the different art styles. Both ladies look powerful, a fitting visual for the women of the Scooby-Doo franchise.

3 Lady Bosses

via: robotnicc.tumblr.com

Let’s face it, there’s a good chance that Daphne and Velma could handle running Mystery Inc on their own if they needed to. This piece of fan art features our dynamic duo, Daphne and Velma, posing enthusiastically in front of the Mystery Machine. The two of them may be small but where they lack brawn, they make up for it with brains and pluck.

Without Velma, there’s a good chance that nobody would ever figure out who the true culprits behind most of the mysteries were.

This classic take on Scooby Doo’s Mystery Inc. girls is yet another welcome addition to fan art that appreciates our favorite girls. Now, all we need is some sort of series dedicated to adventures between Daphne and Velma. That would be great.

2 The Gang's All Here

via: jackiepainting.deviantart.com

Nothing beats seeing the whole gang together, happy as can be. JACKIEpainting gave us a unique rendition of Scooby and the gang, with an art style quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. What really gets with one going is just how close everyone is to each other, expressing just how close this group of friends really are. It is a little sad to see Scooby-Doo himself so excluded from the group hug.

Daphne looks especially content with her arms wrapped around her man and possible future husband. Velma doesn’t look quite as happy as Daphne does with only one of Shaggy’s hands on her back but it’s hard to say that she isn’t enjoying the moment either. JACKIEpainting’s piece does a good job of showing Daphne and Velma enjoying time with their friends outside of work.

1 Run Away!

via: pinterest.com

The last picture gave us a glimpse at the Mystery Inc. gang when they’re off the clock, but this piece does just the opposite. This last piece of fan art shows our crew running for their very lives from an unseen monster.

You can tell from the look on Daphne’s and Fred’s faces that this thing is definitely something worth fearing.

Velma’s expression, on the other hand, is a bit more of a question mark. If anything, she looks more interested in investigating the situation rather than running from it but I think that’s what we’ve all come to expect from her. The only other questions that this piece leaves me with is where did Scooby get that sandwich and why doesn’t Shaggy have one too? Learn to share, Scoob.

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