Rumor: Apple Is Working On Monthly Gaming Subscription Service For The App Store

Apple is discussing a new gaming service with potential partners as they look to launch a premium games subscription for its App Store.

That is according to a report from Bloomberg, which claims that the company wants to generate more revenue from iPhone and iPad users by offering a bundle of top titles that can be had for a monthly fee.

With Google having announced its arrival on the gaming scene with the new Stadia revelation at the Gaming Developers Conference last week, news of other companies - like Walmart - aiming to make a splash of their own has emerged.

Apple, though, isn't keen on starting up a game streaming service. The company is simply hoping to get users of their devices to buy into a program that will see them part ways with a certain amount on a monthly basis in exchange for some gaming.

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Bloomberg's report claims that the company will divide the fees into revenue which will be handed to developers based on how much time people spend playing their games. Given the intention to provide a premium service, free-to-download games such as Fortnite and The Sims are unlikely to be part of the bundle, as opposed to the likes of Minecraft, Football Manager, and Plague Inc.

Apple is expected to make an announcement regarding the above on Monday, but could also save it for the developer conference set for a later date.

As for their reasoning behind the decision to start up a gaming subscription, Bloomberg reports that the company has been under pressure to make more money from existing iPhone and iPad users due to stagnating hardware sales. As such, games won't be the sole undertaking here; announcements pertaining to a streaming video and news subscriptions are also expected on Monday, as Apple is now said to be keen on transforming itself into a digital services provider.

"This is a pivotal shift for Apple and in our opinion, the biggest strategic move since the iPhone was unveiled in 2007," Dan Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, said. "There is massive pressure on [Tim] Cook and Apple to deliver on services, with streaming content a potential linchpin of growth."

Per Bloomberg, Apple has already signed Verge, SBNation, and Eater publishers Vox Media as a partner for the provision of news content, but the trio above won't be part of their services quite yet.

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