Rumor: Next Arkham Game Titled 'Arkham Crisis,' Features The Court Of Owls

A person claiming to be a play tester has supposed leaked info regarding a new Batman game. It's called Arkham Crisis, and features the Court of Owls.

Late last year, it was rumored that a new Batman game featuring the Court of Owls was being worked on. From the Assistant Producer at Warner Bros. Montreal tweeting a picture of a shirt with an owl logo, to a senior game designer at WB Montreal saying an open world DC Comics game was being developed, we know something is coming. Now, a rumored leak claims that a new Batman title is indeed on the way for release in 2019, and the title will likely be Arkham Crisis.

YouTuber The Flix Fix breaks down this supposed leak. Apparently, a play tester at Warner Bros. gave this information on a Discord server. All of the information can be found in the video, but below are some core points.

The game has been in development for two years. It will feature the Court of Owls as the antagonist. The Court will not only attack Batman, but also Bruce Wayne, even bankrupting Wayne Enterprises. It is a 12 act storyline, with each act averaging about an hour. Dick Grayson will first appear as a sidekick, and later as Nightwing. Jason Todd will also appear. Gotham City will apparently be even larger than San Adreas from Grand Theft Auto V. There will be a day and night cycle (but after the story, it switches fully to night). The Batwing will make its playable debut as Batman's mode of transportation across the city. There will also be co-op, but only for side content. The Riddler content will be much different.

Via inverse.com

There will be 20 side missions. Apparently, these missions will be three hours long, meaning that side missions alone will account for 60 hours of the overall game's play time. As for an official announcement, the alleged play tester claims the game will be revealed in the March issue of Game Informer. There will be gameplay shown at E3. Warner Bros. would then be aiming for a midnight Halloween release, but it's possible the game could be delayed to late November.

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Everything you just read is a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. On one hand, all the hints from WB officials does leave credence into a Batman vs. Court of Owls title. We know a DC open world game is coming, and the owl logo on the t-shirt has to mean something. On the other hand, the alleged play tester's words sounds almost too perfect to be true. At the very least, March is only one month away. If there is no Game Informer reveal, this "leak" is likely fake.

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