Rumor: Crackdown 3 Pre-Orders Cancelled At Amazon Spain, May Be Delayed To 2019

Recent rumors suggest that Crackdown 3 will be suffering another delay. A trail of bread crumbs leading from Reddit to Twitter to various message boards shows that Amazon Spain has been canceling pre-orders of the game. This led fans to speculate about the fate of Crackdown 3, with some even reaching out to more knowledgeable industry folk. The conclusion: Crackdown 3 is probably being delayed until 2019.

It all started when someone posted on the Xbox One subreddit, a section of Reddit where fans of Microsoft’s console gather, saying that their pre-order of Crackdown 3 was canceled by Amazon Spain. While the replies on that thread didn’t corroborate the story, the incident did inspire some fans to use Twitter to reach out to those in the know.

One particular voice in the Xbox community that should know is Jez Cordon, an editor for the site Windows Central. Since it’s his job to be abreast of what’s going on with Xbox and its exclusive games, fans have been paying attention to his comments on Twitter. Unfortunately, he could only offer the guess that the game has been delayed to a point that it won’t release in 2018.

Crackdown 3 has had a shaky history, to say the least. It was first revealed during Microsoft’s 2014 E3 press conference. That event was rather infamous due to Microsoft’s heavy focus on the cloud and its impact on gaming. Crackdown 3 was one of the games that was supposed to take advantage of the Xbox’s planned persistent online features, with a tentative 2016 release date. Then it got delayed to 2017, then to a vague 2018. Now, it seems to be being pushed back again.

Reaction from the fans has been a mix of disappointment and humor. Some lament the constant delay, and others express frustration at yet another Microsoft exclusive going down the drain while PlayStation and Nintendo are having a strong year. A few are even recalling the “power of the cloud” joke used to criticize Microsoft in 2014. Whatever is happening with Crackdown 3, Microsoft needs to say something soon. The Xbox is rather starved this year, and its fans need something to cling to.

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