Rumor: Fortnite X Splatoon Crossover Found In Datamine

Fortnite looks set to continue its year of crossover events by teaming up with Nintendo to bring Splatoon to its island.

We can't think of a game that is complained about more, yet still played by as many people as Fortnite. The introduction of B.R.U.T.Es to Fortnite Island has marred the majority of Season X. Every time Epic tries to nerf the mechs, it inadvertently makes them stronger. The developers are simply messing with us at this point, right?

So if we all hate Fortnite and its changes so much, why do we keep playing? Well, one reason is Fortnite's continued mainstream crossover events. This year alone we have seen Thanos, John Wick, and Stranger Things pay the map a visit. More recently, Fortnite crossed swords with a rival game for the first time, Borderlands. Skins, back bling, and even a new rift zone from Borderlands were featured on Fortnite.

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Unearthed code reported via Fortnite Intel might hint at which gaming series could be teaming with Fortnite next... Nintendo's Splatoon. Fortnite Leaks and News revealed on Twitter that a Splatoon-themed skin and back bling had been discovered in a "secret place" in Fortnite's code by data miners. There are also a few weapons which could be featured should the crossover event take place.

Splatoon might seem like an odd choice to some Fortnite players, but the game's popularity cannot be understated. Splatoon 2 is the sixth best-selling game on Nintendo Switch with over 9 million copies sold to date. Only Mario, Pokémon, Smash, and Zelda titles have managed to outsell it so far. That's pretty good company to be in, hence Epic's possible interest in teaming up.

As always with hints found within Fortnite's code, we need to take a moment to relay that none of the above has been confirmed. Right now, it seems likely that a crossover event is coming, but it could also be nixed or we may just be mistaken. The good news is that Epic moves so quickly when it comes to rolling out this sort of thing that if it is going to happen, we probably won't have long to wait for official confirmation.

Source: Fortnite Intel

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