This Might Be What The New Fable Looks Like

Concept art has surfaced that may belong to the next installment of the Fable series.

Update (11/28/2019): The original artist has requested that their name and work be removed from this article. We've updated it to reflect these changes.

Do you find yourself often missing one of the quintessential RPGs of the 00s? Now, there is a supposed leak of concept art from an RPG developed by Playground Games, who is rumored to have taken over the creation of the fourth installment in the Fable franchise.

The art certainly looks like it could have come straight from Albion (or a similar world - more on that below), but with female character art - in both the second and third game in the series, players could choose their gender, so having the same option again should come as no surprise. The costume itself on the character does not give much of an indication as to when the story could be set, since it seems to be a mishmash of various fashion styles and eras, especially considering that there are both masculine and feminine elements present.

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First reported by Seasoned Gaming, the art does not really tell anything about the game - if it's even from Fable 4, anyway. Considering that the previous titles in the franchise covered a fantasy reenactment of historical periods like the Middle Ages, Enlightenment, and an industrial revolution, it is natural to expect that the new game will be set even later than that. Also pointing in that direction is the video, leaked this summer and promptly deleted, that tells a story about both Albion and Aurora being "lands reduced to fables" and the new game taking place in the future.

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However, a "Mood Board" that surfaced shows 16th century European visual styles, which places the game at a time period way before the industrial revolution. It's too early to tell whether this is a hint or just artistic license. The character supposedly has "almost an assassin vibe, but not in disguise" - featuring Assassin's Creed female character art - and is "sociable [and] cheerful." She seems to be heavily influenced by actress Anne Hathaway in terms of looks, but the previous leak hinted at a character creator.

To make matters even more intriguing, the concept art has since been removed from the board. This seems to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned video, but it begs a serious question: are Playground Games trying to generate more hype around the title by making us feel like we've tasted forbidden fruit, or did their employees not receive the memo about when they can share information pertaining to the game?

Regardless of which it is, both seem rather sloppy. However, we're not complaining, as it's almost been a decade since Fable III, and more than five years since the remastered version of the first game.

Source: Seasoned Gaming

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