Rumor: Netflix Is Making A Diablo TV Series With Hellboy Movie Writer On Board

Rumors suggests that Netflix is looking to turn Diablo into a series, with the Hellboy remake writer tackling the script.

Diablo is set to hit the Nintendo Switch later this year, but it might also be showing up in your Netflix queue. A new rumor suggests that Netflix is looking to adapt Diablo into an animated series much like it did with Castlevania. Not much else is known at this stage, but talk suggests that the writer of the upcoming Hellboy movie will be writing Diablo.

The rumor is being reported on by Revenge of the Fans, and claims that the Hellboy remake is getting a lot of positive buzz in Hollywood. It's a thing in the industry that those responsible for the "next big thing" almost instantly get courted by every studio out there. The new Hellboy's writer, Andrew Cosby, seems to be no exception. Netflix has apparently aggressively pursued him to work on the script for Diablo.

Via: anonymousgeek.com

To be fair to Cosby, this isn't just a case of one good project launching a career overnight. Revenge Of The Fans points out that he has a good deal of experience in both the movie and comic book worlds. He's written for the show Haunted, and has done several comic adaptations of movies. So he has the pedigree, and a grasp on spooky supernatural settings, needed for a project like Diablo.

That still doesn't change the fact that video game adaptations are always a challenge. The interactive nature of game stories just doesn't translate well to a standard movie script. Yet Hollywood seems particularly interested in games as of late. A series based on Vampyr has been ordered by Fox. Live-action Detective Pikachu is bafflingly a thing And even Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a shot at stardom alongside Jim Carey.

At this point, it really looks like anything goes. Fans can take some solace in the fact that Diablo is a property with decently rich lore. And the animated format, which Diablo is speculated to be using, is more compatible with video game worlds. Finally, Cosby has the skills needed to bring that world to life. Maybe, just maybe, this can be one of the good ones.

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