Rumor: A Nintendo Direct Might Be Coming On The 13th - SNES Games May Be Inbound!

A leaker with a good record called King Zell predicts that a Nintendo Direct is going to happen on the 13th, and SNES games might be coming to Switch.

Nintendo fans have been waiting patiently since New Year's Eve for word on the next Direct, yet they have only received disappointing news (in the form of the Metroid Prime 4 retooling announcement) and have seen release dates for games being given out over Twitter, which suggests that we may not be getting a Direct anytime soon.

There may be some hope for a Direct yet, as a ResetEra user with an amazing track record for leaking correct information has revealed in a thread dedicated to Direct speculation that something is going to happen on the 13th.

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ResetEra user King Zell has previously leaked information concerning Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee and predicted the reveal date for Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch, so his word holds more credence than many of the other leakers online.

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If a Direct does happen on February 13th, then it will coincide with the day when the next games are being added to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Kirby's Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 2 are due to be released on February 13th, which may be more than a coincidence.

Data miners have uncovered proof of Super Nintendo games being added to the Nintendo Switch Online service in the future and it seems as if Nintendo is planning on dropping a bunch of them at once (in the same way that they did with the NES games when the service launched), in order to attract more subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online.

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Nintendo badly needs a Direct in order to flesh out the 2019 line-up, which is so far composed of a bunch of names and very little gameplay footage, save for Yoshi's Crafted World. With Metroid Prime 4 out of the picture, for the time being, Nintendo needs to reassure the fans that there are some quality first-party titles coming in 2019, especially as we know almost nothing about Animal Crossing or the next generation of Pokémon games, both of which are due to be released this year.

The next Direct may also see an announcement for the rumored Switch Mini, which is something that will almost certainly be released in time for the next Animal Crossing or Pokémon title.

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