Rumor: Nintendo To Release New Version Of The Switch In 2019

Nintendo is suggesting it will release a new version of the Switch in late 2019 in order to continue driving sales of the console.

So. Nintendo Switch released around a year and a half ago now (March 2017), and you know what that means down Nintendo way: it’s time to start working on a hardware revision (well, maybe).

The Switch hasn’t been available as long as its current-gen rivals, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but we’ve had lots of time with it. We know what makes the system tick. We know we’ve got to be a little wary with third-party peripherals. We know that the NES games that come with Nintendo Switch Online do not cause screen burn-in, despite the hysteria.

We also know that, despite 2018 being a bit of a questionable year for releases (finally picking up with the spangly new Super Mario Party), the system’s in a good place. It’s laid all those fears of another Wii U embarrassment to rest, and sales have surpassed a lot of expectations.

Still, though. As any super-smart business entrepreneur will tell you, it’s not enough to start to develop momentum. You’ve got to try and keep it up. Couple that with Nintendo’s famous how about a DS Lite? And then a DS XL? And then one with Pikachu’s eerie rictus grin slapped across the front? mentality towards hardware revisions, and it’s no surprise that talk of a possible Switch Pro has started to ramp up.

Via: Autorai.nl

According to NintendoLife (via The Wall Street Journal, if you’ve got a subscription to read their full report), the company is looking to bring out an ‘updated’ version of the Switch hardware in late 2019.

Unnamed sources suggest that this new version will be compatible with all current Switch titles; and is also going to sport a better-quality LCD display. OLED has been ruled out, it seems, but making the system "brighter, thinner and more energy-efficient” is the stated goal here.

Of course, there’s no official confirmation of this yet, but it’s certainly a very Nintendo move to make. Their handheld devices go through all kinds of revisions (Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro), and you could technically say that the Switch is a handheld system too.

Until Nintendo themselves speak up, we can’t count our metaphorical chickens, but a Switch system with improved battery life and other such improvements wouldn’t go amiss.

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