Rumor: PlayStation Productions' First TV Show Could Be Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal

PlayStation Productions’ first television show might be based on the vehicular combat game franchise Twisted Metal.

Sony is getting into show business. Well, they were already in showbiz, what with a major film studio and all, but now they’ve decided to start leveraging the creative IP of their video games division to form a brand new television show division called PlayStation Productions, which was announced earlier this week.

And Sony has tons of great IP to choose from for making their first show. God of War immediately comes to mind thanks to the franchise’s many awards and instant recognition, but there are plenty of others like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, or Driveclub. Even Ratchet and Clank would make a great cartoon series.

One name that didn’t immediately come to mind was an almost forgotten Sony IP: Twisted Metal. The vehicular combat game was the darling of the first PlayStation console, managing to get four sequels on that system alone. Then things started tailing off around the PlayStation 2 era, and by the time the PlayStation 3 came around, the series reboot didn’t quite catch the wave of nostalgia that Sony had been hoping for. After the 2012 Twisted Metal, Sony canceled all remaining projects and shelved the IP seemingly for good.

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However, it looks like a Sony exec decided to dust off the Twisted Metal name and see if it finds better success as a TV series. A rumor on Resetera reveals Sony Pictures' Tony Vinciquerra told investors at a recent meeting that the first show that PlayStation Productions is working on will be based on Twisted Metal.

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While this is welcome news for fans, the rest of us are probably wondering exactly how a Twisted Metal TV series will work. The overall plot merely follows a series of unique contestants as they enter into an underground car combat tournament called “Twisted Metal,” the winner of which is granted one wish by a mysterious person known only as “Calypso.”

One of those drivers just happens to be a psychotic serial killer dressed in a clown suit and driving a missile-toting ice cream truck.

We’re not saying that a Twisted Metal TV series is impossible, but we are saying it will likely appeal to a very specific audience.

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