Rumor: Pokémon GO And Pokémon Sword and Shield To Be Compatible With One Another

It looks as though some kind of Pokemon GO/generation 8 functionality is going to be implemented.

What happens when an unstoppable Pokémon force meets an inevitably immovable Pokémon object? Well, they… become compatible with each other, that’s what happens.

That’s right, friends. The mighty Pokémon GO - which has become a whole lot mightier since Niantic realized that trading, PvP, and such would probably be quite a good idea in a Pokémon game - seems to be set to be compatible with the upcoming sensation Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Now, as we know, we’ve got quite a wait before the next mainline Pokémon titles arrive. Holiday season 2019 is the tentative release date, which gives Nintendo the best part of a year to corral us onto the hype train. The games are going to be milked to within an inch of their lives, as was the case with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

We can’t spend all of that time fawning over Sobble, though, undeniably adorable as the little guy is. All we’ve got to go on so far is that trailer from the game’s official announcement, but you know how it is. Dataminers have their ways of bringing us unofficial information.

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Back over in Pokémon GO, Nintendo Life reports, dataminer Chrales [has discovered that] the latest update for the mobile app – Version 0.143.0 – features a string referred to as "koala_settings," for a separate app.”  This may not mean much of anything at all to most of you, but the whole koala thing could be very telling indeed.

Koalas are also undeniably adorable, but we don’t have time to fawn over those little guys either. What’s important here is that the Pokémon games tend to be given animal-based codenames (Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee’s codename was “beluga,” the report goes on), and it’s likely that “koala” could be the one used for the upcoming Sword and Shield.

The upshot of all this is that it looks as though some kind of GO/generation 8 functionality is going to be implemented. This isn’t exactly surprising, given the success of the app, but it’ll be darn handy. After all, there’ll be so many different Pokémon at that point that different ways to access them will be invaluable.

What kind of link will there be between the two Pokémon experiences? We’ve no way of knowing for now. Something akin to Pokémon Bank would be very nice, but we’ll have to keep an eye on Game Freak’s reveals in the coming months to know anything concrete.

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