Rumor: Pokémon Sword & Shield Leaks Include Starter Evolutions, Galar Dewgong

As Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield's November release draws near, the leaks are emerging. It's been a dual tradition for the last few Pokémon games now. Legit leakers with early copies were responsible for early knowledge of generation six's starter evolutions, and dataminers revealed the gen seven PokéDex ahead of release. On the flip side, trolls have posted fake leaks to sites like 4chan to get fans riled up. A new set of leaks appeared on 4chan could be fact or fiction, but they claim to answer some urgent questions.

The alleged leak appeared on 4chan on Thursday the 17th. The user says that they've played the game through to at least the end of the story. They then drop a list of observations and story details. When pressed further by other users, they also answer the biggest question on fans' minds: what are the Galar starters' final evolutions? While they don't provide pictures or even details, they say the types and appearances are accurate to previous leaks. That means that Scorbunny will be a pure Fire-type kicker, Grookey will become a big Grass-type gorilla, and Sobble will be a Water/Psychic type with a spy theme.

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They also reveal some exciting (if they're true) new forms for old Pokémon. Dewgong apparently gets a Galarian form that makes it an Ice/Poison-type. The popular Shinx will get a Galarian form that turns it into a Normal/Dark-type. That might not be the most optimal type combination, but it does lend itself to a cool design for Luxray. Finally, Bisharp will get a new evolution. That alone will make many want to believe in this leak.

They wouldn't be entirely silly to believe, either. Users of other discussion boards like Resetera are finding reasons to give the leak some credence. The main supporting point is the mention of Meteordita, a supposed legendary Pokémon that has yet to be officially mentioned but is in several leaks. The fact that this leaker arrived at Meteordita's existence separately from others gives them some legitimacy.

Another point in their favor is the sharing of bad things about the game. They mention "cringey voiceacting battle music" for a rather important segment. The fact that they would put time into breaking bad news instead of hyping up only good things sets them apart from most troll leakers who tend to lean towards utterly amazing or tragically terrible announcements.

Still, a 4chan leak is a 4chan leak. It's best to assume they're fake, especially without any picture or video involved. It's okay to hold out hope for a Bisharp evolution, though.

Source: Resetera

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