• There are new developments in the mysterious development of another Resident Evil project 1 / 8

  • It is not yet clear if we are seeing news relating to the remake of Resident Evil 3, or the next game in the series, Resident Evil 8 2 / 8

  • The news comes from Biohaze, a website dedicated to all things related to the Resident Evil series 3 / 8

  • A recruitment email to Resident Evil Ambassadors in Japan, a group of the most knowledgeable Resident Evil players in the world 4 / 8

  • The email is looking for play testers among them 5 / 8

  • This means that the rumors must be true, as a game is far enough into development to be tested 6 / 8

  • Still, we have no idea if the game is the remake of RE3, or perhaps the next chapter in RE8! 7 / 8

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