Rumor: SEGA And Google Are Working Together On New Console

We have known that Google is entering the gaming sector for a while now, but the latest rumors suggest they have backup: Sega.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Jonathan Downey, who posts under the channel name Spawn Wave, has outlined all the reasons why he thinks Google is about to enter the gaming market with a console. He also talks about their upcoming streaming service, and how Sega is involved.

The rumors about a console announcement are hotting up, mostly thanks to a patent for a controller, filed by Google on January 31. While no images of the controller officially exist there is some concept art, drawn up based on the features in the patent.

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In the video, Downey draws all the rumors together and talks about alleged leaked developer kits for the new streaming service and a new console. He also mentions different companies said to be working with Google, one of which is Sega.

We already know that Ubisoft is on board with Google, since a public beta of their upcoming streaming service featured Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. However, it makes sense that other software partners would also be involved in such a large-scale project.

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When it comes to Sega, the rumors are that it’s a major partner of Google and is heavily involved in the process.

While this is all pure speculation, many people will be excited to potentially see more content from Sega. The partnership makes sense in many ways and isn’t a totally crazy idea.

These days Sega are focused on software but they're no strangers to the console market, having previously released a string of consoles including the Genesis and Dreamcast. Their history puts them in a strong position to help Google break into the gaming hardware market, assuming the rumors are true.

The main information we know for sure is that Google is set to make an announcement at GDC, the game developers conference, on March 19. They have announced a press conference and have invited a large number of gaming media, suggesting the announcement will be in this area.

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We already know they are likely to be giving us more information about their streaming service, Project Stream, which had a public beta late last year. While the rest of the rumors, including Sega's involvement, are still just rumors, it won’t be long before we find out for sure.

The Game Developers Conference is set to take place in San Francisco on March 18-22.

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