Rumor: ALL Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters Can Be Unlocked With Amiibos

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will allow players to unlock characters with the right Amiibos, according to rumors.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a big game for many reasons, among which is its incredibly large roster.

Over 60 characters have been confirmed. In Nintendo's recent direct, the company confirmed Simon Belmont and King K. Rool as new fighters. Also, Richter, Dark Samus, and Chrom were announced as Echo Fighters. More newcomers will presumably be announced before December 7th. Interestingly, as translated by Nintendo Everything from the Japanese publication Famitsu, series creator Masahiro Sakurai stated that the starting roster would be the characters seen in the first Super Smash Bros. In the original game, there was altogether 12 characters. So, it seemed like players would have a lot of unlocking to do in Ultimate. However, if you have been collecting (or plan to) all the current and upcoming Smash Bros. Amiibo, it might be possible that unlocking the characters will be a very simple process.

According to Best Buy of Canada's description for the upcoming Wolf Amiibo, it seems like simply tapping a Smash Bros. Amiibo on your Switch will unlock said character. Below is the Wolf Amiibo description from Best Buy, with the last part being the truly interesting aspect.

Best Buy of Canada: "Access a whole new level of fun and smash the competition with this Super Smash Bros amiibo. A former fighter in Andross' army, the Wolf now leads his own mercenary team, and he's not one you want to cross. Simply tap the amiibo accessory to the NFC touchpoint on your game system to unlock this Space Pirate."

What is fascinating is that the description is completely different from Best Buy of America. There is no indication from the American description that using the Amiibo will grant full access to the character. It's tough to say if the Canada description was an oversight, or even a mistake, because this ability has not been confirmed by Nintendo. But, the implications of the supposed unlocking ability is interesting to analyze.

Via supersmashbros.wikia.com, cnet.com

Obviously, Nintendo is not going to force players to purchase Amiibo to unlock characters. Still, some might see this as a business tactic to get people to buy the figurines. On the other hand, it gives incentive to use all the Smash Bros. Amiibo one has collected the last few years. Also, if your favorite character from previous Smash Bros. is not one of the original 12, and you need him/her to train with right away, unlocking via Amiibo is an instant way. (Plus, if you already had plans to buy certain or all compatible Amiibo, you'll be able to unlock the characters as an added bonus.) So, if this turns out to be accurate, having the ability to unlock characters via Amiibo can have benefits, rather than being a tactic to get more money out of players.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released on December 7th for Nintendo Switch.

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