Rumor: Reliable Smash Bros. Leaker Says Next Characters Are Pokémon's Incineroar And Street Fighter's Ken

Vergeben, a reputable leaker in the Smash Bros. community, says the next character's coming to Ultimate are Incineroar and Ken.

And so the curious tidbits about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate keep on coming. If the latest rumours are to be believed, Street Fighter stalwart Ken and seventh generation Pokémon Incineroar are going to be playable characters.

Well, Nintendo, you brought this on yourselves. If you’d have just stuck with the whole don’t expect many more secret character reveals line you gave us in the wake of this year’s E3, we might have been content with the game’s huge roster as it is. We wouldn’t really, because we’re Smash Bros. fans, but still.

The much-ballyhooed Ridley was revealed at E3. The arrival of King K. Rool and Simon and Richter Belmont followed in early August. We’ve gone from just about everyone in Smash Bros. history is already in the game, so don’t expect too many newcomers to a trip down a bizarre and magical rabbit hole where anything’s (or rather, anyone’s) possible.

Earlier this month, an obscure fan theory came to light, suggesting that Isaac of Golden Sun fame may be added to the roster too. He has already appeared in the game as an assist trophy, but it’s just possible that he may make the jump to being a full-blown combatant. After all, Nintendo did just file a new Golden Sun trademark last week. Was that just to re-enable them to use the series’ music in the new Smash Bros., or could it be something more than that? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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In the meantime, here’s another intriguing morsel to chew on. Vergeben, a reputable leaker in the Smash Bros. community, was correct that Animal Crossing’s Isabelle was going to be announced. This past weekend, he made the following statement on GameFAQs:

“The gen 7 Pokemon that isn't Decidueye, Lycanroc, or obviously not Mimikyu is Incineroar.

I finally heard that it is Incineroar from all my main Smash sources so there you have it.”

"As for the roster, in the very least, Incineroar and Ken are left… I have been in contact with my sources about it. There's no confirmation as of this moment whether or not that will be it for the launch roster.”

Now, of course, this isn’t official confirmation of anything. The important thing to note, though, is that it’s not just another fan sharing their wishlists with the rest of us, either.

So what do you think of all this? Pokémon additions have always be a controversial topic, but would the Fire- and Dark-type starter from Pokémon Sun and Moon be a reasonable choice? Its wrestling style of combat would certainly bring something new. And how about Ken, perhaps as a shadow fighter for Ryu? Hop into the lively Reddit discussion on this supposed leak for much more.

Maybe they will be added to the roster from launch. Maybe they’ll be added later as DLC. All we know for sure is that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to be one heckola of a ride.

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