Rumor: The Last Of Us Part II Is Coming Out Before End Of This Year

Former IGN editor Alanah Pearce claimed in a recent tweet that The Last Of Us Part II is definitely coming in 2019, then deleted the tweet.

You know how the saying goes: new year, new games. At least I think that’s how it goes. Whatever it is, the fact is that 2019 is already shaping up to be a great year for gaming. Kingdom Hearts III is actually, finally going to be a thing. Animal Crossing will make its way to Switch. And Resident Evil 2 is getting the remake it deserves.

Yet there is one very anticipated title that seems to be in limbo. The Last Of Us Part II promises to bring us a lot more Ellie and maybe a little bit of Joel, but we still don’t know exactly when. The latest news puts the game sometime in 2019, but with no set date. Now, however, one fairly reliable source has claimed the game is 100% coming this year.

Alanah Pearce, a former editor for IGN, recently chimed in on a Twitter thread about the most anticipated games of 2019. She expressed confusion as to why The Last Of Us Part II wasn’t included on the list. When someone corrected her by saying the game isn’t confirmed for 2019, she argued that it definitely is.

via: xtra IE

After many outlets used her tweet to speculate about the game’s release date, she deleted it. The above screen cap is courtesy of Extra IE.

A deleted tweet is often cause for interest. After all, if she was just expressing her opinion, she’d have no reason to try and bury it later. Her cover-up attempt only makes it seem more likely that she exposed information she shouldn’t have. Pearce has been known to break news before the official sources have in the past. Of course, Sony and Naughty Dog have said nothing. As they are the only true official sources, and Pearce no longer works for IGN, her tweet is still the stuff of rumors.

One interesting piece of fuel to this fire is that Sony recently released a “Coming Attractions” trailer showcasing several games coming out this year. The trailer ended with footage of The Last Of Us Part II. Again, no date was given, but it definitely invites speculation.

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