E3 2019 Rumor: Xbox Project Scarlett Is Less Powerful Than PS5

The PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than Project Scarlett. That was the word going around this year's E3 before Microsoft made their presentation.

Both Sony and Microsoft have made announcements regarding their next-gen consoles and the pair of rival companies are now set to go toe to toe over the course of the next 12 months. We can expect them to flaunt their consoles' capabilities and list the advantages getting either system will hand you just ahead of release. But, according to Game Informer's Andrew Reiner, the talk prior to Microsoft's Press Briefing pointed to the Sony machine presenting more power than the next-gen Xbox.

As to how much more power, that's still unclear. Yet anything more could possibly push Sony in the lead when these consoles begin competing next year, although more power doesn't necessarily mean that the PS5 will sell better based solely on that factor.

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There are many other things which determine how well a console sells and the most important of those should be titles. Sony clearly has the lead in that department and has maintained it rather well amidst the new generation of gamers due to its lineup of exclusives for the PS4.

PlayStation's more recent exclusives have proven to be hits, especially God of War, which surpassed 10 million sales last month. Days Gone, launched in April, is doing pretty well too and has already usurped GoW's lifetime sales in Japan.

Microsoft seems to be gearing up to compete in that very arena, having acquired multiple new studios, from which Double Fine and Ninja Theory are in, and could see to it that a smorgasbord of their own floods the market.

The reports on Sony having the more powerful console should still be treated as just a rumor, however. Neither company is likely to say much more on their systems over the next several months, so we will have to make do with leaks until more is known.

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