Anthem: Everything We Know So Far

From javelins to pvp, here's everything we know so far about BioWare's Anthem.

With the arrival of Bioware’s new IP, Anthem, releasing in just a few short weeks (February 22, for those following along at home), there’s still quite a bit of mystery surrounding the new title. Are you curious as to what type of customization features the game will include? Wondering whether or not cross-play is a feature Anthem will have on launch day? Well, whether you’re a little wary to jump into a javelin or you’re just looking for validation before diving head first into what looks to be an expansive and gorgeous world, let’s get into some of the nitty-gritty details that will hopefully help you decide whether Bioware’s new venture deserves your time and money

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8 Customization

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With a mantra like “Our world. Your Story.” going around the Bioware offices fuelling their direction for Anthem, you can bet that customization was an important part of game design. From the Javelins themselves to in-game settings like damage number size adjustment, Anthem is aiming to give players the kind of customization options that will truly allow the player to make the game their own experience. So if you’re looking to change up how your Javelin looks or plays, you can. If you’re looking to change up the display for a more immersive experience, well, you can do that too. Bioware has seemingly put a lot of effort into making Anthem an experience that any type of player can enjoy.

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7 Javelins

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One of the key elements of Anthem’s gameplay will be the mobility provided by the Javelins, the exoskeleton suits each pilot wears when traversing the world of Anthem. When a player begins, they will have access to the Ranger Javelin, a well-balanced Javelin, used for mid to close combat situations mostly. However, as the player progresses through the game they will unlock the Colossus (Tank), Storm (Spellcaster), & Inceptor (Assassin) Javelins to use as they like throughout the course of the game. There is no official word yet, but it is likely we’ll see updates or DLC containing new Javelins to roam around with.

6 Cross-Play

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With games like Fortnite leading the way with cross-play features, one big question people have had for the folks over at Bioware is “Will Anthem have cross-play?” Sadly, at least as we inch closer to launch date, the answer seems to be no. However, Bioware has not ruled out the possibility that it will release an update adding the feature later. Like many things, it really depends on whether or not that is a feature that fans of the game will make a loud enough request for. But, at least for now, the hope of cross-play with friends from different systems is still a far off twinkle in the cosmos.

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5 Difficulty

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One major concern with any new shared-world title is whether or not the title will live up to a proper level of difficulty. With several players on screen at any given time, Anthem’s difficulty settings are a gameplay aspect that can make or break the experience for some players. Many players go into a game like Anthem hoping to find a controller-throwing level of difficulty in order to hone their skills and prepare to battle against the very best the game has to offer, while other players simply wish to experience the expansiveness of Anthem’s world. Well, with difficulty levels like grandmaster 3, Bioware has worked incredibly hard to make sure that Anthem players will find a difficulty level to their liking.

4 Strongholds

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With all the comparisons to Bungie’s Destiny, many fans are wondering how Anthem plans to take on the raid, one of Destiny players' favorite gameplay aspects. Bioware’s answer to the raid missions in Destiny are called strongholds. These lengthy and difficult missions are designed to test the player (and his or her squadmates) by pushing them to their very brink against some of the dynamic enemies and bosses in stronghold missions that are unlocked throughout the course of the game. These missions require a team to really consider the strengths and weaknesses of their individual Javelins while devising a plan and working as a team to survive these brutal fights.

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3 Loot

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Much like it’s Bungie counterpart, Destiny, Anthem is all about the loot. Players will travel the diverse and ever-changing world of Anthem while fighting off new types of enemies, gather resources, and building better, more power Javelins capable of taking players even deeper into the world of Anthem. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your Inceptor Javelin to get that next bump in speed or your player with some friends a few levels below you, you’ll always get loot that is specifically associated to your character and their level. The only thing left to worry about is how exactly you plan on getting all the resources required for that legendary gear.

2 Dynamic World

The team over at Bioware couldn’t stand to make just an excellent game with an expansive open-world system, they also made sure that no two mission would ever play out the same way. Even if you’re replaying a mission you’ve already beaten. Anthem’s dynamic world means that no matter where you head to, or when you're heading there, you’re all but guaranteed to bum into something you haven’t seen before. So whether you’ve decided to venture out into the great expansive wilderness of Anthem on your own, or you’ve decided to bring a group of friends along with you for the ride, the world of Anthem will rise to the occasion, providing you with new and challenging adventures everytime you hop into your Javelin.

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1 Multiplayer/ PvP

With a game like Anthem, nailing the multiplayer aspects of the game is paramount. The folks over at Bioware are hoping to keep players traversing the vast open and dynamic worlds of Anthem for hundreds, if not thousands of hours. Part of the draw to a game like this is being able to pop in and out of a friends game and see what they’re up to and maybe even help them out a little. Anthem’s team has aimed to make the multiplayer experience as seamless and easy to operate as possible. While PvP is not something that will be available at launch, Bioware has discussed the likelihood of adding some PvP elements in with further updates. Whether you have a group of friends you’ll travel through the entire game with or you happen to be looking to meet some new squadmates using their matchmaking system, the folks over at Bioware seem to have thought of everything. But we’ll have to wait until the game is released to find out- - for anyone too impatient for that, the demo goes live Feb. 1 of this year.

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