RuneScape Mobile Adds Dinosaur Farming In Latest Update

The latest RuneScape update adds dinosaurs, a Farming Guild, increased skill caps, and a whole lot more.

RuneScape fans have a load of new content to explore thanks to the latest update, Ranch Out Of Time. This includes level cap increases from 99 to 120 for both Herblore and Farming, along with the ability to breed and raise 14 different types of dinosaurs.

Players are now able to raise dinosaurs from “adorable chunky babies to terrifying giant lizards.” As if owning dinosaurs wasn’t reward enough, you can also harvest “beak snot” from your new pets that can be used in the crafting of potions. To join all the prehistoric fun, travel to The Ranch Out of Time by using the Magic Tree on the western side of Anachronia.

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Each new animal has a special perk — for example, Corbicula Rex increases the critical hit change of Meteor Strike by 20% per tier. In order to house all these new creatures, you'll have to craft pens of various sizes — Small Pens, Medium Pens, Large Pens, and Breeding Pens.

Beyond dinosaurs, a Farming Guild has also been introduced to RuneScape. Here, newer players can learn the ropes from experienced players and take part in Farming Requests. These will allow novice farmers to get supplies delivered from other guild members, helping them move quickly through the ranks. These requests come in a variety of difficulties and give both rookies and veterans an incentive to work together.

Herblore has also seen a skill cap increase from 99 to 120. Ten new potions, three different Cooking potions, and Powerbursts have all been introduced as well. Powerbursts are “fly-by-night concoctions” that offer 4-10 second stat boosts. The raised skill cap also allows for the creation of bombs, items that provide powerful AoE benefits to anyone within range.

Dinosaurs, skill cap increases, bombs… but that’s not all! Yak Track is also being introduced. This is a new system that allows players to earn “loads of freebies while engaging in fantasy frivolity.” In other words, players have a list of tasks they can accomplish to earn rewards. There’s a bunch more to it than that — and the rewards do look worthwhile — so be sure to give it a shot if you’re interested.

For more information about the update, check out the official RuneScape blog.

Source: PocketGamer

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