Saber Interactive CEO Praises Epic Store Exclusivity Ahead Of World War Z Release

Another month, another Epic Game Store announcement. This time it’s Saber Interactive’s co-op shooter World War Z, whose PC distribution is going to be exclusive to the platform.

In a blog published on gamesindustry.biz, Saber Interactive CEO Matt Karch talks about the decision to take the company's latest game to the Epic Game Store and why he feels the move will be beneficial.

Karch speaks in depth about the platform and his opinion that it “has the potential to be one of the largest and most positive forces for change our industry has seen since the transition to digital distribution.”

In the blog he outlines several benefits for developers in choosing the platform over rival distribution giant Steam. They include reduced distribution fees and increased visibility. He also mentions how Steam incorporates a large amount of features that many studios simply don’t need.

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You can tell he’s a convert and it makes sense. Epic is offering terms which are incredibly beneficial to studios of all sizes. The store's commission percentage is just 12%, a fraction of the 30% developers have been accustomed to paying. Combining this with added visibility, something which has long been complained about on Steam, and you’ve got a winning combination that means Epic is beginning to see its store grow.

Since its launch in December 2018 the Epic Games Store has been making waves in the digital distribution market. Currently dominated by Valve Corporation’s Steam platform, the market has long been in need of a shake up and it appears that Epic has stepped up to provide it. Its favorable terms, combined with its recognizable name, have meant more studios are beginning to step out and take a chance on the fledgling store.

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World War Z is just one of several big name games the Epic Games Store now boasts. Others include Metro Exodus and Division 2 and, with the terms being so good, this list is likely to grow.

Being a games studio, it makes sense that Epic knows what studios want when it comes to a digital distribution platform and so far it seems to be going in its favor.

How this all plays out long term remains to be seen but one things for certain, the Epic Games Store is gaining momentum.

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