25 Sailor Moon Fan Theories (That Are Too Good To Be True)

A show as amazing and in-depth as Sailor Moon is bound to have some incredible fan theories. Here are 25 for all you dedicated Sailor Scout fans!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think it would be too bold to state that the Sailor Moon series (the one from 1992, though the other ones have also received rave reviews) was, and still is, one of the greatest shows ever created in the history of television, animated or otherwise. The mix of horror and comedy, the subtle one-liners and epic burns, Usagi’s reluctant crybaby personality as well as her inability to recognize that Mamoru is Tuxedo Mask, and the otherworldly being that is Luna makes this show one of the greatest.

As a child, I would rush home in hopes to catch an episode of the show and had dozens of toys, backpacks, posters, and dolls dedicated to the characters of my favorite show. But when you have a show as complex and intense as Sailor Moon, created some plotlines and characters that cause fans to scratch their heads is to be expected.

When Queens, Senshis, other planets, and the Chibi characters started to be introduced and ingrained into the series, some fans found themselves struggling to catch up. But thanks to the popularity of the internet, modern fans have no worries of feeling left behind. Dozens of “Moonies” (as the fans of the series as called) have flocked to the internet to explain the show's complex plots and character backstories as well as to provide some of their own theories to fill in the blanks. So, without further ado, here are 25 fan theories that might help you navigate your way through the Sailor Moon series.

25 The Consequences Of Time Travel

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Whenever you play with time travel, you are playing with fire. Therefore, fans have gotten a little concerned with Chibiusa’s constant visits to her mother's younger self. When we first meet her, Chibiusa reveals that her relationship with her mother has always been... complicated. But after her trips to the past, Usagi and Chibiusa develop a deep connection. So, why would that connection cease to exist in the future? Some fans believe that her trips to the past permanently altered the future and erased their poor relationship. Others believe that these trips created two timelines.

24 The Scout That Was Never Meant To Be

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Sailor Moon is so tied to Usagi’s identity that some people refer to her solely by her Scout moniker. But what if I were to tell you that Usagi may have never been meant for the role that the world identifies her with? There is a theory which states that Luna mistakes Usagi’s princess power for an inherent sailor scout aptitude and that Usagi was meant to become Princess Serenity and use her powers to save the world by ruling over the Moon Kingdom rather than being Sailor Moon. This is why she lost her Senshi powers after assuming her princess identity.

23 Usagi Was Chosen From The Start

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On the other side of the spectrum, dozens of fans have created theories to defend Usagi’s supposed rightful claim to the role of Sailor Moon. This theory explains that Queen Serenity used Usagi’s Senshi crystal to keep her safe until Luna discovered her and gave her the power to protect herself to allow her to become the person she was always meant to be. This theory even goes as far to state that Usagi would have never even realized she was Princess Serenity without her Scout experiences. When one considers that the entire series is centered around destiny, it makes sense.

22 Inspired By The (Greek) Gods

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Greek/Roman mythology plays a big role in this series. I mean, it would be incredibly difficult to make a show which is centered around reincarnation and the planetary systems without bringing up mythology at some point. Queen Serenity claims to be the descendant of Selene, Pluto is some version of Chronos, Venus is Aphrodite, and Chibiusa might be Artemis. This theory claims that her genetic connection to the moon, fiery and impulsive spirit, and the nature of her chosen companions makes Chibiusa a likely candidate for this modern incarnation.

21 Sentient Crystals

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The fact that the Silver Crystal maintains a direct connection with Usagi’s soul, as well as her constant habit to beg it to perform whatever she needs it to, has gotten some fans to question whether or not the crystal may possess some form of sentience. Though the theory does not claim that this device may be a living and breathing thing, the theory explains that the connection to Usagi’s soul may be animating it in a way that allows it to perform actions that Usagi could not will it to do without assistance.

20 Clark Kent Syndrome

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Anytime a show, film, or comic book involves a case of dual identity people always wonder how no one close to the figure ever identifies their heroic alter ego. Fans have attempted to explain Usagi’s unquestioned and unidentifiable secret identity due to the fact that the actions of Sailor Moon and the person they know Usagi as being so different from one another. Sailor Moon is kicking behind and taking names while the girl that they know and tolerate spends her days whining and crying. The knowledge of her character prevents a permanent connection from being established.

19 Second Verse Same As The First

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Remember that series of confusing episodes that occurred at the end of the first season where everyone literally perishes during a battle against Beryl and the rest of the doom and gloom gang but Sailor Moon is able to “reset the world,” effectively bringing everyone back to life by taking us all back to the pilot? There are two theories about what actually happened following that event. The first theory claims that Usagi effectively eliminated everyone's past selves and they were all reborn with no knowledge of any events prior to the pilot. They were essentially factory reset.

18 Thanks For The Memories

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The second theory is a little bit darker. This theory explains that everyone maintained a degree of knowledge of their past selves (and their misery) even after being reset and they had to live with the knowledge of what happened to them during that battle. Though dark, I feel as though this theory ends on a happier note. Since they retained that knowledge, they would be able to avoid making some of the same mistakes as they did the last time and could become slightly improved versions of their past selves.

17 Mamoru And His Sun

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Each one of the original Sailor Scouts are protectors of different elements of the known universe. But what about Tuxedo Mask? What is he the protector of? Well, one theory claims that this mysterious figure is actually the protector of the sun. First off, I think we can all agree that the sun is the most important object in our galaxy, so why doesn’t it have a guardian? Since Mamoru is the Prince of the Earth and the Sun is pretty vital, some fans believe that this would also entitle him to be the protector of the Sun.

16 Source Of The Cat Forms

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What’s the deal with Artemis and Luna’s cat forms? In the Manga, both creatures present the ability to transform into humans when needed but prefer to remain in their feline figures. Is the cat version of themselves their true selves or is it simply the most comfortable shape to possess? Are all other beings on Planet Mau cats as well? I mean, since the planet is named after the Egyptian word for cat (a civilization which literally worshipped the four-legged creatures), one could only assume it true.

15 Who Is Sailor Cosmos (And Does She Even Exist)?

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There is a lot to unpack when it comes to Sailor Cosmos. So let’s narrow it down to two questions: who is she and does she even exist? One theory states that Cosmos is the person that Usagi is doomed to evolve into after losing everyone and everything. However, we all know that Usagi becomes Neo-Queen Serenity in the canon timeline instead. Therefore, both creations cannot exist at once. Therefore, this theory states that Sailor Cosmos no longer exists in the show's main/canon timeline due to the fact that Neo-Queen Serenity does.

14 The Corruption Of Beryl

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This theory is an intense one. This theory claims that the golden crystal was broken up into two halves, one useless due to residing inside someone (Prince Endymion) who has no way of accessing its power and the other half ended up inside Beryl (which gifted her with magical abilities). She became an Earth witch, fell for Endymion, and was eventually brainwashed by Metalia which turned her into the bad witch we know today. After her demise, the part of the crystal that resided inside her was returned to Endymion and he united it with his own.

13 Aged-Up Transformations

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There is a theory floating around the interwebs which states that the sailor scouts become a slightly older version of themselves when in their transformed states. They look taller, older, and almost unrecognizable when compared to their youthful human selves. This is so that they can access the physical and emotional strength that their older selves possess to aid them in battle. This could also be the reason why no one connects Usagi to Sailor Moon and could be intentional in order to protect their civilian identities.

12 Manufactured Offspring

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Lineage has always been a bit of a confusing thing when it comes to the Sailor Moon-iverse. This theory covers the question of who Usagi’s father is... or if she even has a father. Spoiler alert: In this theory, she does not. This theory claims that her mother, Queen Serenity, created Usagi solo style. She knew she needed a descendant to carry on her name and protect the universe but she never felt the need to include a partner as her immense powers allowed her to simply create a clone version of an offspring to send out into the universe.

11 As Destructive As Venus

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Remember how I said that Sailor Venus was a descendant of Aphrodite? You know, one of the most vengeful goddesses in the Greek pantheon? Well, this theory states that Venus may have inherited a bit of that fire and it might have caused her to destroy the Earth after the fall of the Silver Millenium. According to this theory, Venus did this neither intentionally, nor knowingly, as the rage and grief within her overtook her and she unleashed her heartbreak and pain on the world.

10 Endless Timelines

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This theory simply states that Chibiusa’s constant time meddling created dozens of timelines complete with events, victories, and disasters unique to that specific timeline. I mean, it makes sense. Few people can meddle with time successfully without there being consequences to those actions. Why would Chibiusa’s actions be any different? Since she directly interacted with the lives of people connected to her future in their own pasts, there is no way that her meddling could be an exception to this time travel rule.

9 The Origins Of The Amazoness Quartet

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Alas, another reincarnation theory. The constant themes of demise and destiny in the series makes the ideas of reincarnation incredibly important to the overarching storyline of the show. This theory states that the Amazoness Quartet is a future reincarnation of the inner Senshi that were sent to act as the protectors of Chibi-Moon. Whenever the inner senshi are eliminated, they seem to be immediately reincarnated; therefore, fans have theorized that the elimination of Neo-Serenity and her senshi resulted in the Amazoness Quartet.

8 A Planetary War

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There is a recurring theme of distrust between the “Moonies” and the “Earthlings” and some fans have suggested that this distrust came from an intergalactic war between the galaxy that belonged to Queen Serenity and the one which housed Usagi’s true father. And that he was eliminated during this conflict, which caused Queen Serenity great pain (which is why his identity was concealed and Usagi was sent to Earth). This theory follows the themes of star-crossed lovers, loss, and destiny, as well as explaining the distrust between these two peoples.

7 An Orphaned Prince

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Orphaned princes are so common in anime that they are practically a cliche. I mean, what better way to provide someone with a mysterious backstory/persona and a reason to be brooding yet protective than to make them alone in this world? In the series, Mamoru has no solid memories of his parents (neither in his civilian form nor when he assumes his identity of Prince Endymion). They are figuratively never mentioned by anyone at any point in the series. So the only logical conclusion that one can come to is the fact that he never had any parents.

6 The Tyranny Of Neo-Serenity

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I am sorry to say anything bad about anyone that has anything to do with Usagi as she is the precious cinnamon roll of the series, but there is a theory floating around the internet that has pointed to possible evidence of tyranny on behalf of Neo-Serenity. Though this will be explained in depth later in the article, evidence of this is found in the theory that she banished Nehelenia to the dark side of the moon to establish herself as the true ruler and enforce a peaceful reign. Hold on to your seats because now we are in "double theory" territory. Theory-ception.

5 Dark Kingdom's Demotions

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Remember when they declared that Pluto was no longer a planet and it broke the world's collective heart? Well, the fans of the Sailor Moon-iverse have made a playful theory which claims that we can all thank the Dark Kingdom for this demotion. There is no evidence or further information to this theory. It simply states that the Dark Kingdom did so to insult and invalidate Sailor Pluto for their own amusement. I wonder how she feels about this whole demotion. Make Pluto a Planet Again!

4 Master Of All The Moons

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The planets are all covered, but who has got those moons covered? Turns out, it’s none other than the one and only Usagi, herself! There is a theory which explains why Sailor Moon has the power that she does and how she was able to be both a Sailor Scout and, later, Princess Serenity. This theory states that Sailor Moon is not the protector of Earth’s moon, but rather the protector of every single moon belonging to every single planet in our known galaxy. The reason given to this theory is simply the fact that, to our knowledge, these other moons remain unguarded.

3 Usurped By Usagi

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In a series filled with grudges, royalty, and destiny, someone is bound to be usurped at some point or another. And this popular online theory claims that Nehelenia was the one who was usurped by the one and only, Queen Serenity. This theory claims that, when chaos was in command, Nehelenia was the ruler of a darker and malevolent version of the moon. But Serenity eliminated chaos and then banished Nehelenia to the true dark side of the moon in order to remove evil from the kingdom and establish a peaceful rule. This is the reason why Nehelenia vehemently despised Usagi.

2 There Can Be Only One

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There is a theory floating around the interwebs which attempts to explain the confusing world of senshi-inheritance and loss of power within the series. This theory claims that a person can only embody one celestial position at a time and that, by accepting one, you are denying another. Therefore, when Usagi becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, she has to let go of her Sailor Moon identity, which gets passed onto the next descendant in line. Which makes this decision an incredibly big one to undertake as it seems irreversible (I mean, it’s not like the cosmos can demote the next Sailor Scout… can they?).

1 What Exactly Is Chibi Chibi?

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In a show dominated by traditional styles of anime, the sudden addition of Chibi styles would be jarring to any viewer. But the addition of the creature of Chibi-Chibi made several fans question who it is. The show revealed that this new addition was actually the physical manifestation of the most powerful guardian, the star seed of Sailor Galaxia, and the light of hope needed to defeat the biggest threat in the series. Um, wow. There is a theory that states that she never truly existed in the first place and was merely a manifested spirit that existed to help the girls.

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