10 Sailor Moon Characters Reimagined As Avengers (And 10 Marvel Heroes As Scouts)

Sailor Moon is a well-known touchstone when it comes to Japanese anime. The powerful series tells the story of Usagi Tsukino, a 14 year-old girl charged with the responsibility of saving the world. Usagi is joined by the Sailor Scouts, an evolving group of girls with special abilities who also take up the challenge of protecting the world and its Moon Princess. The plot is well thought-out and has gained the show legions of loyal fans for decades. Along the road, Usagi finds love, deep friendships, supervillains, and even her own daughter —from the future!

Sailor Moon made such a big impact in the 90s that it’s still regarded as one of the most iconic anime series in the world. It’s also one of the best, and is revolutionary even by today’s standards. Sailor Moon took femininity and embraced it! Unlike other animated shows of the time which emphasized conflict and battle, Sailor Moon told a high stakes story of a different kind of hero. The famous series put the spotlight on vulnerability, friendship and love.

It was inevitable for the Internet to make mash-ups of the Sailor Scouts and the Avengers, which are our generation’s strongest pop culture phenomenon. Even though the Avengers have existed for a long time in the comics, they’ve never been as famous as they are now, with many movies telling their stories.

Check out 10 images of the Sailor Scouts as Avengers and 10 more where the Avengers rock the Sailor Scout outfits:

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20 Avenger: Electric Soldiers

via Jei-Shepard.tumblr.com

Sailor Jupiter as Thor makes perfect sense, not only because both heroes manipulate the power of thunder and are super strong, but because of their similarly large and sometimes overwhelming personalities. Thor and Sailor Jupiter can both get in trouble because of their temperaments, starting fights and thinking only after they’ve already run at someone. They’re also both very tall, although Sailor Jupiter is taller on the Japanese version of the anime than in the West.

The design of the Thor Senshi suit is awesome!

Instead of being faithful to Thor’s original outfit, the artist decided to be faithful to Sailor Jupiter’s outfit and keep her emblematic green color. They also added a few adjustments like the protective vest, the metallic boots and the cool armbands with dashes of green.

Art by Jei-Shepard.

19 Sailor: Making Eyes

via danigrillo.deviantart.com

Can you believe how great this piece of fan art is? Also, can you believe Deadpool is an Avenger? Yep, I'm not making this up, as he officially became an Avenger in Marvel's "All New, All Different" comic book universe. No one wants him there because he's a pain, but he's finally a member of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Deadpool even got an ID card signed by Barack Obama. Anyway, this fan art is amazing, not only because Deadpool would make an incredible Sailor Moon, but because of how great the drawing looks. The colors are amazing! The iconic Sailor Moon pose is done to perfection, including the squinty and adorably threatening eyes.

A crossover series where Deadpool saves the world with love and optimism sounds like what we need, right now.

Art by Dani Grillo.

18 Avenger: Flaming Arrows

via Jei-Shepard.tumblr.com

Sailor Mars as Hawkeye is genius because both characters have matching powers. No one can forget how cool Rei looks every time she threatens to shoot a fire arrow with her bare hands, so this adds a healthy dose of Mars power to the character mash-up.

The color red is perfectly chosen for her remodelled outfit, which is a nice mix of both characters.

While Sailor Mars' personality isn’t very similar to Hawkeye's, she still embodies an important part of the Sailor Scouts, and she was one of the first members to join the team. This mirrors Hawkeye's position as one of the first Avengers.

Sailor Mars is arguably Sailor Moon’s closest friend and advisor, even though she’s always her toughest critic. I don’t think there’s a character in the Avengers that fulfills her role, so Hawkeye will do just fine.

Art by Jei-Shepard.

17 Sailor: A Well-Dressed Archer

via fyeahclintnatasha.tumblr.com

This is an amazing piece where we see both Natasha Romanova and Clint Barton reimagined as a couple of Sailor Scouts! Black Widow's red hair clearly gives her away, and we love her reimagined Sailor Scout outfit. However, it's Hawkeye we're interested in.

Check out that cool rose-tipped arrow! Tuxedo Hawkeye is totally awesome.

Hawkeye has discarded his modern outfit and high-tech accessories in favor of a more classic and elegant choice. Indeed, Hawkeye is rocking the Tuxedo Mask look! We especially love the redesigned bow, with its really cool hand-carved details. Artist LettieBoBettie employed such a sweet, naive artistic style, and it really stands out in comparison to the other, equally gorgeous art pieces on this list.

Art by LettieBoBettie.

16 Avenger: Sailor Stars And Stripes

via Jei-Shepard.tumblr.com

Sailor Moon recast as Captain America is totally adorable but above all, completely logical. Of course she’s Captain America! She’s the heart and soul of the team, the leader capable of saving everyone in the nick of time. She reminds them of their job as heroes, and why they’re together in the first place.

While few things from Sailor Moon’s original outfit remains of this design, I understand the artist's choice to focus on the Avenger outfit.

Captain America’s suit is incredibly iconic and hard to mix with other designs. This is especially true regarding a Sailor Scout outfit, which might be its total opposite. I might have enjoyed a more seamless mix of the two characters, but that sounds like a super complicated task, since Sailor Moon has had a new transformation every season and her theme colors change often.

Art by Jei-Shepard.

15 Sailor: Blonde Heroes Unite

Via nna.deviantart.com

While the colors don’t necessarily suggest that this Sailor Scout is inspired by Thor, the big hammer Mjolnir does— even if it personally took me an embarrassingly long time to recognize it.

This reimagination of the thunder God Thor is great, and the dark orange outfit reminds me a bit of Sailor Venus. With his matching really long blonde hair, Sailor Thor could totally pick up the Moon Prism and shiny bows of the Sailor Scouts.

What’s most interesting about this piece of fan art is the fact that the artist isn’t bound by any narrative, be that of the Avengers or Sailor Moon. As linked below, she created her own characters which borrow pieces from both forms of media, resulting in art that’s extremely original and that honors all the references it’s making. We shall see her awesome work a few more times on this list!

Art by Nna.

14 Avenger: Golden Chains

via Jei-Shepard.tumblr.com

Sailor Venus as Black Widow actually makes a lot of sense, come to think of it. Black Widow is the only girl of the team, therefore she’s almost every character’s love interest. This can be annoying, but it also suits Sailor Venus well since she represents the planet of love.

Her superpowers were always the toughest to understand in Sailor Moon lore.

While the other Sailor Scouts generally harnessed the power of an element —like the planets they represent— Sailor Venus was stuck with golden hearts, which were also somehow really strong.

Still, I can picture Black Widow wielding a golden chain of hearts and using it to fight all the bad guys. It would be cuter and lighter than what she generally does, but it works for me.

Art by Jei-Shepard.

13 Sailor: Galaxy Guardian

via twitter.com (@TenaciousBee)

Hailing from the Guardians of the Galaxy comics, Peter Quill would surely make a fantastic Sailor Scout. We all know the Guardians finally make an appearance in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movies, but they actually also show up in the Defenders Comics.

We honestly can't think of a better Avengers character to take up the mantle of a Sailor Scout. Peter Quill is a well-travelled spaceman, he knows how to work in a team of fellow enhanced individuals, and he's never one to shy away from a fight.

We also need to talk about what a cute Luna we see in Rocket Racoon. We're sure Rocket knows how to dispense wisdom just as well as Sailor Moon's faithful furry companion. Everyone loves a bit of well-placed honesty.

Art by TenaciousBee.

12 Avenger Recruit: Metallic Sailors

via Jei-Shepard.tumblr.com

Out of all of artist Jei Shepard’s "Marvel Moon Series", Sailor Mercury as Iron Man is our favorite. Not only is the design of the costume incredible, but showing us how Sailor Mercury looks inside the suit makes a ton of sense.

Sailor Mercury was always the one with the gadgets, capable of solving problems for the Scouts even though fighting wasn’t her strongest asset.

The fact that we can see her looking things up while in the middle of a fight is brilliant. While her personality comparison to Iron Man is spot on, both characters are still extremely different. Amy is shy and has some trouble socializing while Tony Stark is outgoing and charming. However, they both share the fact that they’re geniuses, and they both love computers.

Art by Jei-Shepard.

11 Sailor: A Flawless Loki

Via nna.deviantart.com

Loki is wonderfully recognizable here, wearing the most unique outfit out of all of the Sailor Scouts. Instead of wearing a shirt and skirt like most of the other girls, this Loki is wearing a one-piece armor with a separate pair of green boots. Sailor Loki is also wearing her traditional horned helmet, and is carrying his iconic scepter with the infinity stone.

Out of all the outfits, Sailor Loki is also the one with a more distinct color, wearing a golden uniform instead of the assigned colors worn by the other Sailor Scouts. This gold color is shinier and much more distinct. It has also some shades of green that are present on all versions of Loki, be that in movies or the comics.

We love that she totally rocks her own style!

Art by Nna.

10 Avenger: Looking Great In Metal

Via tencentticker.com/projectrooftop

Sailor Mars is depicted here as Iron Man with a cool take on the traditional outfit. The outfit follows the look of the original Sailor Scouts’ costumes, complete with long gloves, shirt, skirt, and tall boots.

We know the Iron Man suit is traditionally one solid piece, but it gets split in several parts for Sailor Iron Mars. We now have the gauntlets to help her float, the armored shirt with Iron Man’s traditional symbol as well as the classic skirt and jet boots.

Sailor Iron Mars also has Iron Man’s iconic mask, which is open to reveal her face. This artwork is really awesome and creative. If you want to check out more of Joel Carrol’s stuff, you can check out this link which features more of his sketches and drawings.

Art by Joel Carroll.

9 Sailors: The New Avenger Scouts

via more-like-bestpersoneverpool.tumblr.com

This piece of fan art is the strangest out of all the entries on the list, but it’s also the most original one. Probably intended as a prank, this comic depicts all the members from the Avengers movies as Sailor Scouts, with their gender unchanged.

Nick Fury is wearing his trademark eye patch as Sailor Moon, laughing at the front of the team, while Hawkeye rocks his new looks with comfort. Tony Stark also looks pretty comfortable as Sailor Mars and Hulk doesn’t even know what’s going on. We do like Hulk as moody Sailor Mercury, though.

Thor is just confused and Loki looks incredible, but that’s no surprise. Also, Black Widow is this world’s Tuxedo Mask! That makes some amount of sense, but we still prefer Tuxedo Hawkeye.

Black Widow just hangs out around the team, but we still think she's more relevant than Tuxedo Mask!

Art by more-like-bestpersonever.

8 Avenger: Sailor Thor!

via tencentticker.com/projectrooftop

This piece of fan art is part of a series created by Joel Carroll, where the Sailor Scouts are reimagined as Avengers —as the Sailor Iron Mars pictured above. Here, we see Sailor Venus donning the power of Thor, and we couldn't be more excited.

The hammer looks a little tiny, but very effective! She has wings on the sides of her crown! The cute red bow that attaches her cloak to her armor is a perfect fit for the color scheme. She has Thor’s traditional breastplate with the cool metallic circles, Thor’s arm bands, and some really cool grey boots with golden finishes.

With their pudgy shapes and red cheeks, these Scouts are meant to be adorable. Even though they’re not super similar to the Sailor Moon series style, the designs work really well.

Art by Joel Carroll.

7 Sailor: A Rogue Scout

via cartooncookie.tumblr.com

X-Men's Rogue takes her place as an Avenger as well at one point, which is amazing! She also looks wonderful as a Sailor Scout. Her power would prove to be super helpful but also rather intense, when compared to the other Sailor Scouts.

We can all agree that Rogue holds some very important abilities.

Along with Sailor Storm below, this piece of fan art is done by Robby Cook, AKA Cartoon Cookie. This artist reimagined some of the X-Men ladies as Sailor Scouts, and they're all super cool.

Each artwork highlights the character's abilities and reimagines them with their own personal Sailor Scout outfit, reflecting each individual's powers and personalities. Rogue's outfit has a cool X instead of the classic Sailor Scout brooch and her white streak of hair looks as amazing as always.

Seriously, where is this crossover show? I need it.

Art by CartoonCookie.

6 Avenger: The Iron Scout

Via nna.deviantart.com

While it’s great that artist Ann Marcellino's style wasn’t tied down by either Sailor Moon or the Avengers, it’s also nice to recognize a character immediately. Sailor Mars is present through and through, with her signature black hair and her confident and charming posture.

The color red is also predominant, and the fact that Mars works best as Iron Man is confirmed once again in this piece. Even though Tony Stark has many different abilities, he is also confident, headstrong and sure of every decision he makes. This combination with the equally strong Sailor Mars really works.

The one thing that doesn't really jive with Sailor Mars are the heart earrings, which might suggest the presence of Sailor Venus in there, too.

Let’s buy all of these prints, I want them in my room.

Art by Nna.

5 Sailor Recruit: A Stormy Scout

via cartooncookie.tumblr.com

It’s easy to forget that Storm was a member of the Avengers, but she was. She was also married to Black Panther and was queen of Wakanda. We wonder how that deal with Disney and Fox will affect this character! Storm was indeed a member of the Avengers for a few battles, very much like Wolverine who partnered with the team whenever they faced big trouble.

This fanart reimagines the iconic character of Storm as a Sailor Scout, wearing deep purple clothes and a white bow. She also has her signature white hair and translucent eyes. She’s seen using her famed manipulation of the weather through the use of some thunder.

I suspect Storm would be one of the outer ring Sailor Scouts, because she’s too strong and cool to make appearances during every episode of the series.

Art by CartoonCookie.

4 Avenger Recruit: The Cosmic Avengers

via toshinden-fanclub.deviantart.com

This adorable piece of fan art stands out because it depicts the whole team together in one drawing, as Sailor Scouts recruited and clothed by the Avengers themselves. Are they the Sailor Avengers, or the Super Sailors?

In the image, Sailor Moon plays Captain America and is obviously the leader of the team. Sailor Jupiter consistently plays Thor, having the ability to fly and control thunder. Sailor Mars is Iron Man because of her bright red colors and her presence as second in command and co-leader beside Sailor Captain America.

There’s also Sailor Mercury as Hulk, which we can totally see. Finally, Sailor Venus makes sense as Hawkeye because her outfit is purple.

This whole team is awesome! When are they saving the world?

Art by Toshinden-Fanclub.

3 Sailor: An American Scout

Via nna.deviantart.com

After writing this list, we can safely say that artist Ann Marcellino made one of our favorite collections of fanart with her Sailor Moon and Avengers crossover.

Mixing an aspect of each franchise into a seamless and very unique whole takes a lot of skill. For starters, her style is her own. She’s not trying to mimic the artwork of the Sailor Moon franchise or The Avengers. She’s doing her own thing, which really works.

Depicted above is a Sailor America Scout, merging the most important parts of each franchise into the final product. Captain America has kept her emblematic colors and displays her logo proudly in the middle of her chest, while also sporting her traditional Sailor Scout skirt, shirt and high heels. She also added some bows on the back of the skirt that are reminiscent of Sailor Moon’s hairstyle, which is a wonderful touch.

Art by Nna.

2 Avenger: Neptune Hulks Out!

via tencentticker.com/projectrooftop

I don't think it's hard to accept Sailor Neptune as Sailor Hulk. I never knew I wanted Sailor Hulk until I saw this piece of fan art, but now, no one can take this away from me! This would be awesome to see, preferably as a live action TV Show or as an anime.

Sailor Hulk is the perfect combination of Bruce Banner —post-Gamma exposure— and of Sailor Neptune! She sports that classic carefree Banner haircut, and a similar version of her own Scout outfit.

She looks totally pleased with her upgraded size and extra large muscles. It’s really adorable! Loki has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters but now Sailor Hulk is really close, even though she's not real. Also, her name is Sailor Hulk!

How amazing is that?

Art by Joel Carroll.

1 Sailor: To Loki's Amusement

via cl0ver.deviantart.com

Does it really surprise anyone that Loki is such a fan of Sailor Moon?

While this piece is definitely the most playful entry on this list, boasting cute doodles and Thor's gangly legs, it's in no way less amazing than the other pieces of fan art that you've already scrolled through. We've already agreed that Thor fits perfectly as Sailor Jupiter, in terms of the characters' personalities.

It's also hilarious because Loki would definitely mastermind a plan exactly like this one.

This could show up on an Avenger's movie and I wouldn't be surprised one bit, except for maybe the progressive attitude of it all.

Sailor Thor would be great under the leadership of Sailor Moon, helping save the world and protecting his friends in the meantime. I love him, and he needs more fan art!

Art by Cl0ver.

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