Sailor Moon: 25 Villains From Weakest To Strongest, Officially Ranked

Sailor Moon is known throughout the world for being a magical girl series. It is truly one of a kind and it is still regarded as one of the best manga and anime of all time. The story revolves around a girl named Usagi who finds a cat named Luna and later discovers she is one of the Sailor Scouts. If there is something that makes Sailor Moon memorable, it is the iconic transformation scenes when Usagi and others get ready to fight evil by moonlight. Not a lot of people mention this, but the villains in Sailor Moon are one of the best pieces in the story.

The villains, including Queen Beryl and the Black Moon Clan, start off with generic motives, such as world domination, but their goals and reasons are justified. Then when the Death Busters arrived, they wanted to destroy everything in their path. Despite being evil, Sailor Moon fans learn more about them and can even sympathize with them, well, most of them. Even Sailor Moon herself would do what she can to give some of the villains her sympathy and start a new life.

This list will cover villains that appear in the manga, 90s anime, and Crystal. Over the eighteen original manga volumes, two hundred episodes, and the currently running anime reboot, the Sailor Moon villains made their mark in the different adaptations of the overall story. Here are twenty-five Sailor Moon villains ranked from weakest to strongest.

25 All Monster Of The Day Villains

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This spot belongs to a category of villains. They might have a huge variety, such as Youma and Bonbon babies, they are next to nothing when it comes to strength. They are also creations of the more important villains, such as Queen Beryl and the Black Moon Clan.

These villains are a huge standout in the 90s anime adaptation.

Their designs are unique and aesthetically creative. Despite their memorability, they usually last for one episode and are pushovers once Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts use teamwork to defeat them.

24 Zirconia

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Zirconia was created from Queen Nehellenia’s fears of growing old and becoming ugly. As far as her overall strength, she fails in comparison to the other villains on this list. If you think about it, she acts mostly as a placeholder for Nehellenia while she is trapped in the mirror world.

She does help her out in giving orders to the Amazon Quartet and creating the Amazon Trio. Her role was finished when Nehellenia arrived on Earth, and she was never seen again.

23 Amazon Trio

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The Amazon Trio consisting of Tiger’s Eye, Hawk’s Eye, and Fish Eye are more of the sympathetic villains. They were turned into humans in two different ways; by PallaPalla in the manga, and by Zirconia in the anime.

Their roles in both versions are vastly different, as the anime gave them a bigger role, while given a much smaller role in the manga. What makes them pretty weak is that in the manga, they were defeated by Sailors Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter when targeting them. The anime, on the other hand, portrays them as loving their human lives and never wanting to be villains.

22 Ail And An

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This duo only appears in the 90s anime, but their roles as villains were a nice start to Sailor Moon R, even if the Sailor Scouts getting their memories wiped off is ridiculous. Ail and An came from a planet where the Makaiju Tree gives them life.

They only thought what they were doing is right, but they learned from their mistakes. The energy the tree was feeding off of made it sick, and it needed love. While not competent for strength, Ail and An were redeemed and dedicated their time to the Makiju Tree, leaving Earth in the process.

21 Jadeite

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Jadeite is the first of the Four Heavenly Kings, but he is the weakest. He barely lasts in the manga, as when Sailor Mars awakens, she is the one who took his life. The first anime has him be the one to create minions to fulfill Queen Beryl’s goal to find the Silver Crystal and take over the world. And all of the time, he fails.

In Crystal, he lives a bit longer, but his role was diminished greatly. He would make small appearances until he and the others regain their memories as Prince Endymion’s generals.

20 Nephrite

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Nephrite’s plotlines are very different in the manga and 90s anime. In the latter, he is struggling from his duty and his feelings for Usagi’s school friend Naru. He replaces Jadeite and does a better job than him, but his struggles prevent him from showing his true potential.

In the manga and Crystal, he controlled a youma that feeds on human love, but was defeated by Sailor Jupiter. He wanted to redeem himself to Queen Beryl but got ridiculed by Zoisite.

19 Rubeus

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Rubeus is the first of the Black Moon Clan to appear on this list, and his role is more of a pawn who uses the Ayakashi Sisters to do his biddings. He is also loyal to Prince Demande, but grows suspicious towards Wiseman, which would result in his downfall.

He does manage to capture Sailors Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, but before he could get Venus, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask defeated him. If he were shown to do more stuff on his own, he could have been more powerful.

18 Esmeraude

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Esmeraude slightly beats out Rubeus, but their power is arguably equal. In the manga and Crystal, she is more focused on taking out Sailor Moon and the others when they arrived in Crystal Tokyo, but she ends up biting the dust when she went by herself to attack them.

In the 90s anime, she is in love with Prince Demande, and her jealously of Sailor Moon motivates her to turn to Wiseman for more power. This would backfire greatly, turning her into a dragon and being defeated by the Sailor Scouts.

17 Witches 5

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Don’t let the name fool you; there are actually six members. They are named Eudial, Mimete, Viluy, Tellu, and Cyprine, who shares a mind and body with Ptilol. They are loyal to Professor Tomoe, who also created them, and Kaolinite.

In the 90s anime, they are extremely incompetent.

They want the professor’s attention but end up taking out one another while trying to take down the Sailor Scouts. In the manga and Crystal, they put up a challenge and were defeated, but were revived by Kaolinite. The Outer Sailor Scouts were essential for them to be defeated for good, since they captured the Inner Sailor Scouts.

16 Professor Tomoe

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This was once a man who founded the Infinity Academy and was even a famous scientist. Professor Tomoe follows the mad scientist trope down to the book and he is despicable for making Hotaru have cybernetic body parts and have a Daimon Egg in her.

In the 90s anime, he is more sympathetic since he wanted to save his daughter, but like with the manga and Crystal, he serves under Pharaoh 90. He might not look like he does much, but the Germatoid Daimon that resides within him gives him more time to do insane experimentations and create the Witches 5.

15 Zoisite

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The third of the generals, Zoisite might seem feminine and non-threatening, but he is incredibly cunning and did a lot compared to Nephrite and Jadeite. He actually disguised himself as a female professor to hypnotize viewers watching her broadcast about the Silver Crystal and its ability to give eternal youth in the manga and Crystal.

The 90s anime has him and Kunzite as a couple and he was just as smart. However, he disobeyed Queen Beryl by hurting Mamoru, so she slew him.

14 Kaolinite

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As the commander of the Witches 5, Kaolinite is a Magus after being struck by lightning in the lab alongside Professor Tomoe and others. The Witches 5 respond only to her, unlike the anime, where they go to Tomoe.

She was able to bring the Witches 5 back to life and when she awakens as a Daimon, she grows more agile and resistant against the Sailor Scouts’ attacks. Unfortunately for her, she does not compare to the partner of Pharaoh 90.

13 Kunzite

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Out of the four generals, Kunzite is the strongest. Being both the general of Prince Endymion and Queen Beryl shows that he is a capable leader. He can be cocky at times, but his confidence knows no bounds.

In the first anime, he goes out of his way to make sure he captures Sailor Moon for Queen Beryl, and that motivation became stronger when Zoisite was offed by Queen Beryl. Even though he and the other generals perished, they still remain in their respective stones to give Mamoru advice in the manga and Crystal.

12 Queen Beryl

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With the power she received from Queen Metaria, Queen Beryl made sure she would get what she wants, which is Mamoru, due to her love for him. She was never of royalty, but without Metaria, she would not have started a war against the Moon Kingdom and take out her enemies.

She really owes Metaria for letting her become the queen of the Dark Kingdom and take control of the four generals that were obedient to Prince Endymion.

11 Ayakashi Sisters

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The Ayakashi Sisters are tricky to determine how strong they are since they have different circumstances in the 90s anime and manga/Crystal. In the 90s anime, they tried their hardest to impress Rubeus, and their goal is their downfall in capturing the Sailor Scouts.

In the manga and Crystal, they were more focused on their goals to take out one Sailor Scout separately and they succeeded. Even though they were taken out one by one, the Ayakashi Sisters had their time to shine and put up a good fight.

10 Prince Demande

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Prince Demande is the leader of the Black Moon Clan who led an attack on Crystal Tokyo. He is incredibly dedicated to Wiseman and infatuated with Neo-Queen Serenity. After realizing that Wiseman was using him all this time, Prince Demande turned against him. This sadly results in him taking the life of his brother, Saphir.

However, he tried to use the Silver Crystal from the past and future to destroy the time-space continuum. After the fall of the Black Moon Clan, Prince Demande got what he deserved for almost destroying time and space together.

9 Black Lady

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Wiseman certainly knows how to convince people to confide to their desires. Chibiusa was very lonely, and he manipulated it to make her transform into Black Lady. She has grown to be beautiful, but extremely dangerous.

Her powers were corrupted, but very strong.

She went as far as to hypnotize Tuxedo Mask and even kiss him, which is messed up. To the relief of the Sailor Scouts, if Sailor Pluto had not sacrificed herself, then Chibiusa would not have been able to escape from her evil version.

8 Queen Nehellenia

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While the villains from the Infinity Arc are more threatening compared to the Dream Arc, Queen Nehellenia is the standout villainess around that time. She might have a vain goal, which is to become eternally beautiful, she will go to full lengths to get what she wants.

She created the Dead Moon Circus as revenge, and even brainwashed Chibi Moon’s future guardians, the Sailor Quartets. Not only that, but Queen Nehellenia is essentially the dark mirror image of Queen Serenity, so her strength is nothing to sneeze at.

7 Wiseman

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When it comes to being a puppet master, Wiseman embellishes that role as a villain. He acts as an advisor to the Black Moon Clan, mostly Prince Demande, and encourages them to destroy the Silver Crystal. He even has a true form, known as the Death Phantom.

He was able to control the Black Moon Clan and even corrupted Chibiusa in order for her to become Black Lady. Wiseman had great intentions to manipulate those who will benefit him, but having followers is what makes him strong.

6 Amazon Quartet

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Consisting of VesVes, CereCere, JunJun, and PallaPalla, the Amazon Quartet are Queen Nehellenia’s most powerful followers. With their Amazon Stones, it keeps them young. While it is strange to think of them more powerful than their former leader, they will eventually become a part of Chibiusa’s team once she awakens as a full-fledged Sailor Scout.

Plus, thanks to Sailor Moon, they were healed and they could take on their former master without any trouble. After being restored, they returned as the Sailor Quartet, who are truly known as Sailors Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta.

5 Queen Metaria

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Some of the more powerful villains in Sailor Moon are often formed as energy beings, and Queen Metaria is one of the first to appear in the story. Being the true mastermind and leader of the Dark Kingdom, she would eventually corrupt her minion Queen Beryl.

With the power of the sun, where she was created from, she can absorb energy to expand her body and overall power. If she were to spread all over Earth, innocent people can become corrupt and eventually hurt each other.

4 Mistress 9

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You can take one look at Mistress 9 and she will give you shivers with her demented smile. She is fiercely loyal to Pharaoh 90 and helped him open the gateway to Earth. Possessing Hotaru’s body also shows how dangerous she is.

Scarily enough, her true form is more intense. For what she is capable of, Mistress 9 was able to leave Hotaru’s body and become a more imposing enemy, being able to produce crystal spikes from herself and harm more people.

3 Pharaoh 90

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The strongest villain in the Infinity Arc is without a doubt, Pharaoh 90. He created the Daimons, the monsters that serve the other villains in the same arc. In the manga, his goal is to make Earth his second home, starting with taking the lives of people in Professor Tomoe’s lab, except for himself.

He is like a parasite, being able to infect the host and corrupt them. While he does not exactly have a physical form, his power was still intimidating enough to make it into the top three.

2 Sailor Galaxia

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Arriving in the final arc of Sailor Moon, Sailor Galaxia put up an intense and heart-wrenching fight against Sailor Moon and her allies. She is responsible for causing destruction around the galaxy to obtain more power.

In the manga, she resurrected the other Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask to fight against Sailor Moon.

With that kind of power, it is no wonder why she was one of the antagonists in the Stars Arc. Even so, there is just one more villain that manages to beat her for the most powerful villain in the series.

1 Chaos

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Ask yourself this question if you aren’t convinced for Chaos to be the most powerful villain in the Sailor Moon universe. Who is the influence for all of the villains throughout the series to take on their malicious goals?

Chaos is responsible for causing the many battles for the Sailor Scouts to fight in.

Villains such as Pharaoh 90 and Queen Metaria were incarnations of Chaos. Unlike other villains, Chaos cannot truly perish in the galaxy. Its influence, however, can be suspended. It might be immortal, but Sailor Moon and her future lives will always be able to save the galaxy.

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