Saints Row 2 Is Getting A Performance Patch On PC (10 Years After Its Initial Release)

The people who bought Saints Row 2 back in 2009 can finally rejoice, as the PC version of the game will actually function in the near future.

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The people who bought Saints Rowback in 2009 can finally rejoice, as the PC version of the game will actually function in the near future.

Saints Row 2 was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. A port of the game for Microsoft Windows was released in 2009 and it quickly became regarded as one of the worst PC ports of all time. The PC version of Saints Row 2 was notorious for how often it crashed and for a horribly inconsistent speed which could drop to single-digit frames or become unplayably fast. The reason why it has yet to be fixed is that the source code was believed to have been lost when THQ went bankrupt.

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It seems that the PC version will finally work as intended, as Volition has promised that a performance patch for Saints Row 2 is currently in the works. The announcement was made during a livestream that was held to celebrate the game's 11th anniversary. According to DSOGamingthe original source code for Saints Row 2 has been discovered, which means that a patch is now possible. The DLC from the console versions of the game will also be added, along with Steamworks support.

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Saints Row 2 is a game that is fondly remembered by the fans who were looking for a traditional Grand Theft Auto-style experience during the period of time when Grand Theft Auto IV took the series in a serious and somber direction. Saints Row 2 also represents the time when the series was still transitioning from a straight Grand Theft Auto clone to going off the deep end in terms of wackiness.

The fact that the source code for Saints Row 2 is available could also mean that updated ports for modern systems might also be in the works, especially as Saints Row: The Third was recently ported to the Nintendo Switch. It's possible that both Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third could receive remastered editions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One further down the line.

The patch for the PC version of Saints Row 2 is currently in development.

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Source: DSOGaming

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