Saints Row: Ranking The Members Of The Saints Street Gang From Worst To First

With the huge success of the Grand Theft Auto series, it didn't take long for similar open-world games to be released. While many GTA-like games failed, the Saints Row series thrived. One way it differentiated itself from the Rockstar series was by focusing on gang warfare. Although gangs have appeared in GTA, they've never truly been the focus of the series like in Saints Row.

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The franchise's main protagonist group is the 3rd Street Saints gang, and this list ranks its members from the worst to the best. It's worth noting that some major characters are omitted from the list because they aren't technically members of the Saints, such as Matt Miller and Asha, who are really Mi6 agents.

18 Troy

Troy is an important member of the Saints for most of the first game. Yet he still ends up on the bottom of this list solely because it's later revealed he is actually an undercover cop. You could question if he should count as a member at all.

17 Donnie

With the Saints wiping out the first two gangs he associates himself with, Donnie showcases an 'if you can't beat them join them' mentality as he appears as a member of the purple gang in the Enter The Dominatrix DLC.

While not a vital part of the crew, Donnie does provide some funny lines throughout his limited appearances.

16 Keith David

Respected actor Keith David joined the Saints in the fourth game when the protagonist became President (that is a very real sentence).

The mere fact it's Keith David, and he's acting as your vice president would usually put him high in the rankings, but at one point he does betray the gang by helping the Zin attack them, so he's not very loyal.

15 Benjamin King

In Saints Row, Benjamin King was the leader of rival gang The Vice Kings. It wasn't until he became the protagonist's Chief of Staff in the fourth game that he joined the Saints.

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He's a true badass that would've appeared higher on this list if he'd had more to do while in the gang.

14 Dex

Dex's level headed approach to missions is a nice contrast to his reckless purple brethren. Although, he is another character who ends up betraying the protagonist by setting them and Julius up for an ambush in a secret mission in the second game.

13 Carlos

There's no questioning the loyalty of his character, as Carlos gets himself stabbed just to meet the protagonist and help them escape from jail.

Beyond that, he's not seen much before the Brotherhood gang kills him by dragging him through the streets attached to one of their trucks. Still, he was helpful when he was around.

12 Julius

The founder of the Saints isn't an easy member to rank. There would be no 3rd Street Saints without him, and his idea of creating them to rid Stillwater of all the other gangs was a noble one.

However, he still betrays the group by attempting to kill the protagonist by blowing up the boat they were on.

11 Viola DeWynter

When Killbane kills her twin sister, Viola joins the 3rd Street Saints for payback. She's not as light-hearted or as friendly as most of the others in the gang.

Yet, she does prove herself useful by providing valuable information about the Saints' enemies as well as helping kidnap Josh Birk and stopping STAG.

10 Angel De LaMuerte

Speaking of non-light-hearted characters, the former Luchador Angel De La Muerte spends most of the third game upset after having lost his mask to Killbane.

A wrestler is an odd choice to be added into a street gang, but he is a nice guy and plays his part in taking down Killbane and his Luchadores.


CID and the Saints share a mutual hatred for Zinyak, which leads to the AI joining the crew.

The bot's biggest contribution to the team is opening gateways between simulations so the protagonist can rescue their friends. Although the comedic value CID brings shouldn't be overlooked either.

8 Lin

Finally, someone from the first game that doesn't betray the Saints and/or the protagonist. Lin instead works undercover in the Westside Rollerz for the 3rd Street Saints.

She is cold-blooded, confident, and she gets things done. Unfortunately, the Westside Rollerz find out her true allegiance and kill her.

7 Zimos

When going up against and trying to overthrow a gang empire, a pimp wouldn't be the first idea for an ally. Zimos though is a valuable asset to the gang in the third game given his knowledge of the Saints' main enemy the Syndicate.

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Also, he uses his connections to set up multiple activities for the protagonist to do to help take over Steelport.

6 Oleg

In terms of pure muscle mass, Oleg has every other Saint beat. His insane strength makes him a great option in a battle as he runs through cars and goes toe to toe with brutes.

He's no meathead though, as he regularly quotes historical and literary figures, which nicely sets him apart from the rest of the gang.

5 Pierce

Now we're getting into the really significant members of the gang. Pierce somehow always manages to be a comic relief character in an already comedic series. No matter how bad things get, he can be found still telling jokes and proving himself to be the funniest member of the gang.

He does try to contribute to planning and organizing missions as well, but everyone either ignores him or takes credit for what he comes up with. Despite this, he still never betrays the Saints.

4 Kinzie

Since her debut in the third game, Kinzie has been essential to everything the Saints have accomplished. She is the brain behind the gang, as she regularly sets up missions and guides the protagonist through them.

Also, even though she's not a traditional gang member, she isn't afraid to stand up to the gang's violent enemies (or her equally violent homies).

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3 Shaundi

Throughout the games, Shaundi develops from a fun-loving stoner girl to a tough-talking ruthless woman (then into someone with a robot arm). It's not just an attitude change either, as she also becomes a lot more capable than she used to be. No douchebag DJ would be able to kidnap the new Shaundi.

Her new capabilities and increased focus allow her to rise up the ranks of the Saints to become a more integral part of the organization.

2 The Protagonist

This character might not have a name, but the whole series is about their rise from a gang member to the President of the United States. In the first two games, the protagonist is merciless as they put down anyone that wrongs them, including their former mentor Julius who they kill in cold blood.

After the Saints become a pop culture phenomenon though, the boss starts to soften up and messes around a lot more. Regardless of whether the protagonist is cracking heads or telling jokes, they're always committed to helping the 3rd Street Saints thrive.

1 Johnny Gat

Johnny Gat IS the 3rd Street Saints. He is one of the original members, and his loyalty has never wavered; which is lucky for them because anybody who gets in this psychopath's way ends up dead.Even the all-conquering Zinyak made sure to abduct Gat when the latter was injured as he feared the gang member could stop his plans on his own.

He may command fear from his enemies, but he receives an incredible amount of respect from his purple brethren for his longevity and everything he's done for the gang. Therefore, nobody else could have taken the number one spot on this list.

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